Washington, DC

8th and H Street, NW across the street from the Carnegie Library and the coming Apple Flagship store

Techworld!! I worked here way back in the day in my previous life and I feel like there used to be a gym here – anyone remember which gym that was or am I losing my mind? Ed. Note: I realize that is not mutually exclusive. Anyway, thanks to Bry for sending the news that an Equinox is coming!

From Equinox:

“Dedicated to the art, science and style of living well, the Equinox fitness clubs in Washington are transforming the experience of gyms in the DC-area. With soothing spas, exclusive boutiques and innovative classes that test your limits, these health and wellness sanctuaries deliver a holistic approach to looking and feeling your best. Truly, Equinox represents the Washington, DC fitness experience at its finest.”


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