Washington, DC

Sadly, a stock photo from an incident in 2015

From a press release:

“Advocates and community members from across the DC region are expected to gather on Thursday, Nov. 8 at 5:15 p.m. to hold a memorial walk in memory of the 10 pedestrians who have been killed by drivers on DC roads this year. The organizers are demanding the District government to improve pedestrian infrastructure and enforce violations like blocking the box or crosswalks in the hopes of preventing future fatalities.

The ride will honor the memories of:

Marcelina Yanez, 84, who was killed at 400 Michigan Ave. NE on Jan. 4.
Roderick Scott, 60, who was killed at 1300 Rhode Island Ave. NE on Jan. 8.
Vincent Childs, 42, who was killed at 3200 Wheeler Rd. SE on Mar. 2.
Kenneth Clarke, 19, who was killed at 5300 Western Ave. NW on Apr. 6.

An unidentified pedestrian who was killed at 1300 New York Ave. NE on May 7.
An unidentified pedestrian who was killed at Suitland Parkway and Firth Sterling Ave., SE on May 28.
Sherron Pressley, 51, who was killed at 1600 Kenilworth Ave. NE on Aug. 30.
Johnson Woolo Doerue, 67, who was killed at North Capitol St. and Channing St. NW on Sep. 12.
Ramona Williamson, 49, who was killed at 5500 Central Ave. SE on Oct. 2.
Carol Joan Tomason, 70, who was killed at 1500 H St. NW on Oct. 12.

Participants are encouraged to wear white. The 3/4-mile route will take pedestrians from the corner of 13th St. & K St. NW down 13th St. to the Wilson Building. Participants will walk slowly and silently, and end the walk with a moment of silence for the victims.

Since January, pedestrians have been killed in five of the District’s eight Wards. Ward 5 has the highest pedestrian fatality total with four fatalities. In addition to the 10 pedestrians, three cyclists and one e-scooter rider have been killed in DC this year. A complete list of all vulnerable road users killed this year.

More information about the DC Pedestrian Memorial Walk can be found here.”


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