Washington, DC

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Samantha reported around 9pm last night:

“Sounds like rapid gunfire on Lamont St. in Mt Pleasant just now — anyone know what’s going on? Fireworks or at least three rapid-fire gunshots.

Cops are collecting multiple shell cases on Lamont and 17th — searching now in the alley for the shooter who took off running.”

Jake replied:

“I heard this too, four or five shots. Sounded like 18th and Lamont or so?”

Gus reported:

“There were 4 shots fired. 2 teenagers involved, one ran after the other who was on a lime scooter. Nobody hit, both took off by foot in opppsite directions.”

via google maps

Nick reported around 8:45pm:

“Shooting on Kansas NW and Longfellow. SUV back window shot out, casings on Kansas. Didn’t seem to be any injuries.”

Nate also reported:

“Last night about 8:00pm there were 5 or 6 shots fired in the 5600 block of Kansas NW. I head the shots and what sounded like bullets hitting rocks or something. I saw no people or cars at the scene. The police showed up right afterward.”


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