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If you have any animal/pet photos you’d like to share please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and your neighborhood. AdoPtville is run by two volunteers who compile the pets weekly from local shelters.


When you think of Pie, what do you think of? Do you think of apple pie, with its hearty filling, warm essence of cinnamon, delicate top crust, and a sweet scoop of vanilla ice cream on top?
Well, this kitty is the embodiment of apple pie.
*Hearty filling: Pie is a hearty fellow (euphemism for “on a diet,” on which he is doing quite well) who loves to find a comfy place to snooze or to look out the window.
*Essence of cinnamon: Like cinnamon, Pie is gentle, but not a pushover. He gets along with other cats, and we’ve been told he gets along with dogs.
*Delicate top crust: Pie is a snuggler. Not a lap cat, per se, but a next-to-your-lap cat. He loves a good lie-down touching his person, and hopefully getting belly rubs at the same time!
*Sweet scoop of ice cream: This is Pie’s adorable white nose stripe. Like the ice cream on a slice of apple pie, it isn’t necessary, but it adds so much.
Pie is adoptable through the Humane Rescue Alliance.  To see more photos of Pie, check him out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kittelach/.  To learn more or to meet pie, email his foster at [email protected].

Sasha Fierce- 
Hey there! Sasha Fierce, here! If my sweet face doesn’t melt your heart, my story surely will.  I was picked up by Animal Control Officers when someone saw me lying on the side of the road.  I was laying on the sidewalk and the Officer was easily able to leash me up and get me to the shelter.  When when I was in a lot of pain, I was still super sweet and wagging my tail.  I have been at the Humane Rescue Alliance since mid-April, and I’d really like to find a forever home where I can get lots of love and relax on a big bed.
While I enjoy short walks, I am always down for Netflix and a cuddle.  Unlike my namesake, I am definitely not a diva! I am a calm pup who loves nothing more than a belly scratch at the end of the day.  My favorite activities include pigeon-chasing, playing tug of war, snuggling, and sprawling out on a cool floor after a hot walk.  I am very quiet- but not shy! I am friendly with all humans and I like to go up and say hi when I am out and about.  I am very polite and always let my human know when I need to go outside for a bathroom break.
Everyone at HRA loves me and can’t believe I haven’t found my forever home yet.  Maybe I can go home with you?  As an extra “thank you” for considering taking me home, my adoption fee has been waived! (Standard adoption procedures apply).
Sasha Fierce is adoptable through the Humane Rescue Alliance. To learn more, contact her foster at [email protected]!

Hi! My name is Rosalita and I am having such a great time in my foster home while I wait for my forever home.  Did you know that I live with four cats?!  I think they are pretty great.  I don’t know if you have ever tried to herd cats, but it’s really hard!
I found the shelter a little overwhelming but now that I”m out, I’m pretty excited about everything, especially all of the fun new things I get to meet on walks! My foster dad says that I walk really nicely on leash even thought I get excited about people and dogs.  I got to go to my first house part recently and loved getting to say hi to everyone – especially the kids! I love to play with kids! My foster dad also says that I’m an athlete with my zoomies and tug-of-war skills.  But- even though I like to run around the yard, I also really like snuggling with my toys or my humans.  I like to gather all of my toy friends for my naps in my crate or on the couch with my people.  Snuggling with people on the couch is my favorite! My foster dad says I have great table manners and learn new things really quickly.  I love training, so I hope my forever home will like it too!
Rosalita is adoptable through the Humane Rescue Alliance. To learn more, contact my foster at [email protected] to meet me!

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