Washington, DC

Florida Ave just east of 14th Street, NW

Right behind that cool little bridge behind La Colombe in the Manhattan Laundry building:

The liquor license placard for Maydan says:

“New Class “C” Tavern serving Middle Eastern food and offering alcoholic beverages. Total Occupancy Load of 135. Offering Live Entertainment.”

Also a reader writes:

“I follow the chefs of Compass and Maydan on Instagram. They are doing this crazy ass trip to Morroco, Lebanon, and Marrakesh to explore food for their new restaurant, Maydan. I’ve been watching their live feeds and photos since the trip started a few days ago, and, needless to say, it’s pretty fucking cool. If the food for their new restaurant is anything similar to their trip, DC is in for quite a culinary treat. I thought some other Washingtonians might want to know about it! Their instagrams are @maydandc @cmorgasbord @gmladdison.”


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