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Dribble, dribble – water cannon:

“Chef Ryan Ratino is proud to announce the opening of his first restaurant in Washington, D.C., Bresca, a concept born out of his passion for the bounties of earth and years of studying European cooking techniques.

Bresca is inspired by the European movement of “bistronomy”, (a combination of the words Bistro and Gastronomy). The trend is characterized by a more vibrant, experimental and informal approach to cooking than traditional French cuisine. It is a simple style with the focus being the food, its bold flavors and the feelings that these combinations evoke.

An Ohio native, Chef Ratino has cooked in some of the most lauded restaurants in the country.

Before embarking on this project, Ratino worked as executive chef of Ripple, an acclaimed DC restaurant which gathered several great reviews under his leadership and landed him a nomination for a 2017 RAMMY award in the category of rising culinary star of the year. Prior to joining Ripple, Ratino spent several years in New York City where he was executive sous chef at the Michelin one-star restaurant Caviar Russe, which consequently earned three stars from The New York Times. His fast-track career also landed him several stage opportunities including Wylie Dufresne’s innovative, norm-challenging WD-50 as well as Dovetail NYC and minibar by José Andrés.

“I did not grow up making perogies with my grandmother. My family is a working-class family, so growing up our meals did not necessarily translate into good food. Then I went to culinary school, where I became fascinated with European techniques and the importance of sourcing the best products for the perfect meals. So, with Bresca, I want to marry these two experiences and create a concept that builds on this culinary past to create new traditions that everyone can enjoy,” said Ratino.

Guests will set the agenda of their evening by making the menu their own: an a la carte experience to do as they please. The evolving menu will showcase the best produce and ingredients at their prime in recipes that translate into culinary art. Guests will enjoy dishes like Sea Urchin Linguini, with a sauce composed of leavened yeast, aromatics, summer truffles and chili; Cured Ocean Trout, a two-stage course where ingredients are served in two preparations: one hot with a dashi broth made from the fish bones, and one cold with seasoned raw or slightly pickled vegetables. Ratino is also working on bringing some childhood favorites to the menu such as a Walleye dish, a fresh water fish he used to fish with his dad. Price range for dishes is between $6.00 to $51.00

For the beverage program, Ratino teamed up with cocktail expert Juan Coronado. Seasonality, ingredients and modern techniques will take center stage with the cocktail program as fresh herbs, fruits and flavors combine to elevate original and classic recipes. Sample concoctions include: Dihedral, beeswax infused tequila reposado, Manuka honey, genepy, verjus, elder flower foam, bee pollen, and micro flower; Benzing, dark rum, coconut syrup, black tahini, coconut milk, vanilla syrup, lemon, and edible gold. Price for all cocktails is $14.00. To complement the seasonal menu, Bresca will also feature a small but carefully curated selection of world wines that will be constantly rotating.

The restaurant is slated to open in the Fall 2017 in Washington, DC at 1906 14th St, NW. It will be open for dinner Tuesday-Thursday and Sundays from 5:00 PM to 10:00PM and Friday-Saturday from 5:00PM to 11:00PM. The restaurant will close on Mondays.

Bresca, which in Spanish means honeycomb, pays homage to one of nature’s most ubiquitous shapes, the hexagon. From the biggest planets to the most microscopic organisms, the entire universe is composed of hexagonal galleries. The shape is a symbol of strength, efficiency, harmony and a bit of mystery – embodying this new restaurant concept.
About Bresca

Located at 1906 14th St, NW, Bresca is open for dinner Tuesday – Thursday and Sundays from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Friday to Saturday from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The restaurant celebrates the bounties of nature, creative flavor fusions and deepened dining experiences. Reservations for Bresca can be made by visiting www.brescadc.com”


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