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The Roof Deck at Rito Loco is Gonna Be Sick – Pre-Preview

by Prince Of Petworth June 13, 2017 at 10:22 pm 21 Comments

606 Florida Ave, NW

Back in February we first learned about Rito Loco’s roof deck plans. They’re really far along now. I’m told they could be open in just a few weeks if not sooner. Also stand by for an upgrade to their menu – I’m hearing paella could be in the mix. In the meantime – see how the deck is shaping up:

Check out the view after the jump.

  • JohnH

    You had me until the fake turf wall. Just say noooo. This place is underrated…too casual I guess for the Shaw-ers.

  • LMFB

    Looks awesome!!!! DC loves rooftops!!!

  • Truxton Thomas

    This looks great!

  • Joshua

    Hope they did a better job with their structural engineering than the place down the street where the roof deck collapsed on Sunday.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Do tell.

  • Tom

    I used to be happy I lived just a few blocks from this place. Now I’m borderline ecstatic. This looks promising.

  • Lion of LeDroit

    Cheers to them; each time I’ve gone in, the owner(s) and/or the employees have gone out of their way to be friendly and gracious, and exemplify the best of what makes for a local business a positive influence in a community. Wishing them the best of luck as they expand their operations and space! Roar.

  • ryan2499

    If you are a carnivore and haven’t tried their Rib Rito, you are failing at life.

  • John

    Sort of off topic, but does anyone know the progress on the bar that was planned for the basement of the house next door? I’ve seen people working off an on while eating at Rito Loco but it’s been a while since PoPville first posted about it.

  • ST21

    I hope they put a TV somewhere behind that bar. Anyone else kinda hate the no TV trend at some bars? It’s a bar, just one TV please so I can post up and watch sports for a few hours.

    • There will also be a projector for sporting events!

      • ST21

        Nice. That’ll do. Still wouldn’t mind a TV behind the bar to boot.

      • L2

        Do you know what will they be projecting onto? The huge painted wall to the right of the bar, or something else?

    • jcm

      I’m the opposite. I hate TVs in bars or restaurants. I find it incredibly distracting.

      • ST21

        Restaurants I get it. If the restaurant is high end and has more of a cocktail bar component to it then ok i’ll give you a pass. But it feels like I see more and more bars not providing TV’s. Example: The Smith in Penn Quarter. The place is pretty casual American fare grub with a relaxed atmosphere. It has a really cool bar as well but no TV to speak of… All I need is 2 TVs in opposite corners and I’m good. You can do it without creating a distraction.

    • Anonymous

      No. There are still plenty of bars that have TVs where you can “post up”. It’s nice to also have a bunch that don’t.

    • John

      I don’t mind bars not having TVs, but I do find there’s a lack of spots to watch sports outdoors. Lou’s, DC Reynolds, and the back of Exiles comes to mind, but in Rito Loco’s area nothing comes to mind.

  • DeafWilly

    Met the owner last week when eating lunch there. Really nice guy. Sounds like he went through a red-taped nightmare trying to open this. He won a significant city grant and the city hemmed and hawed for years before actually granting the grant. Looking forward to seeing it open.


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