Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth June 14, 2017 at 9:15 am 58 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • MaebysMom

    Rant/request: Does anyone know a good product liability/injury law firm in DC? I was recently injured in an accident at home by a faulty product and would like to explore options on a contingency basis… any suggestions?

    • SinSA

      I have a friend who is a personal injury attorney in DC. Would you like me to put you in contact?

      • MaebysMom

        I would very much like that- Dan has my email! thanks everyone

    • Sorry to hear this. Contact Dan for my information and I’d be happy to connect you with a quality attorney.

      • MaebysMom

        Thanks! will do

    • Allison

      I used to have a professor who also practiced at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll. I don’t have any personal experience with them. They might be more interested in catastrophic injury and large class action kind of stuff though.

  • wdc

    What happened this morning on 14th at Randolph? Given how much space was taped off, I assume shooting? I passed by at 7:45 and saw a dozen cop cars, and a bike lying on its side on the sidewalk, but the cops were relaxed and joking, so it must have happened much earlier.

  • SinSA

    Rave: Reviews DO work! Last night, I heard from another owner from the counter company who wants to send someone out to repair the messed up back splash after reading my reviews of his company. I sent him photos, and we’ll see what happens.

    Rant: Unit flooded yesterday because of a clog in my pipe that the chief building engineer suspects was from my contractors dumping grout/tiling stuff/cleaning their tools by putting it down the drain. He can’t prove it, but he said that it was the worst clog he’s ever seen in 30 years of doing this.

    Rave: Luckily, he and the rest of the staff got there in time to ensure no major damages and things are drying out now, so things should be on track for the arrival of one of my oldest/best friends tomorrow. He also only charged me $25 for everything, and he fixed the garbage disposal that was also apparently leaking (installed by the contractors) and didn’t charge me for that. Thank god for my maintenance staff.

    Rave: Oldest/best friend arriving in DC tomorrow! It’s her first time here!

    • Andie302

      Holy crap – that is the worst! Contractors used my dyson one time to suck up a bunch of stuff and then it hardened in the hose. I thought THAT was bad. I’m glad your issue wasn’t worse, that it was fixed, and that it’s going to be cleaned up in time for your guest to arrive! Have a blast during your visit!

      • SinSA

        Definitely relieved that it wasn’t worse. I got a message about “standing water in the kitchen, dining room and hallway” so it could have caused a LOT of damage.

    • textdoc

      Ugh on contractors behaving badly, especially on the disposal-of-materials front.
      I had some roof contractors who replaced a gravel porch roof with a non-gravel one… and stuffed most of the gravel down the drainpipe. Facepalm.
      (They also affixed the new roof with really deep nails that went through the other side and are now visible on the porch ceiling. Grrr.)

      • Andie302

        That would be a good Friday QUOTD – worst service experiences (maybe without naming names lol) Our last contractor is still trying to wrap up a lingering problem from TWO YEARS ago.

        • SinSA

          I hate that this kind of stuff is also happening to you guys but I am relieved to know that this happens to other people at the same time.

  • topscallop

    Rant: shooting at Congressional baseball practice
    Rant: this incident probably won’t do anything to get those on the right to consider gun control
    Rave: I think I can say I’ve started a workout habit and I’m feeling good about it!
    Rant: my hamstrings hurt
    Rave: my company is promoting LGBTI inclusion and Pride this week through a lunchtime discussion today and happy hour tomorrow
    Rave: lovely cuddle session this morning with my fiance before I got my butt to the gym. I should probably offer him the chance to be the little spoon more often, but I love it so much!

    • hiphopanonymous

      So I’m taller than my husband, which makes me always the big spoon! We fit perfectly like this, and I lvoe it, but sometimes a gal just wants to be cuddled.

      • topscallop

        I’m only 5’2″, so when I try to be big spoon I feel like he’s wearing me like a backpack, or Luke with Yoda in the swamp, but something about having that comforting pressure on your back feels so good, so I do want to reciprocate!

        • AnonCT

          +1 Yoda reference.

        • Anong

          Another +1 for Yoda reference. Made me laugh out loud!

  • Revel: first day of summer vacation.
    Rant: in the world’s most boring workshop

  • skj84

    Rant: My Dad would like me to help with finding a coworkers son a place to stay while in town for an internship. I really want to help, but I’m so swamped from work and finding a roommate for my own house that I really don’t have time. I feel bad, and don’t want to let him down. On that note, if anyone knows of or has a sublet for July to mid August please let me know!
    Rant: Brother still will not let the rooming situation for vacay go. He has no standing here and its stressing me out. He thinks he should have one of the nicer loft rooms over my sister and her boyfriend since, he is married and they are not. He paid less than everyone else, and indicated he’d be fine with anything when we were planning, so for him to change his mind last minute is really aggravating. I paid more than him and i’m stuck in converted den room on a trundle bed. He can handle sleeping in a double bed for a week.

    • anon

      Local universities rent out dorm rooms for the summer for this exact thing! Good luck

    • Send co-worker’s son a brief email with a link to Craigslist & Padmapper, suggest he post his own ad on CL under “housing wanted,” mention a few neighborhoods he should look at and advise on a reasonable price, then you’re totally done. Nothing more.

      For the vacation place – it sounds like you did discuss in the beginning people paying more or less for nicer rooms? If so. It’s done. Deflect, don’t stress. If he thinks a double bed is too small, suggest he bring an air bed.

      • skj84

        I’ll pass the rooming suggestion on to my dad! If anything I can vet neighborhoods, but I just can’t do a full search right now. You are correct on the rooming. 10ppl, 3 of which are couples made finding an affordable place with enough rooms a challenge. I made a compromise(I wanted at least a double) and I think he can too.

  • dcd

    Rant: I am astonished by the number of posters, many of whom appear to be level-headed and thoughtful, who believe it is OK for an ANC to flex its regulatory muscles to micromanage the inventory of a grocery store for the express purpose of protecting other neighborhood retail establishments. How is this OK?
    Rant: Terrorism in Alexandria.

  • Clueless

    Rave: The “Doughboys” podcast
    Rant: Lost/misplaced one of my favorite pair of earrings. Lose one part = lose it all

    • AJSE

      The Doughboys are the beeeest.

  • Anonamom

    Rant: Work. The new hire just is not working out. We have reached that point where having them is taking more energy than it would to not have them. My other co-workers share the same opinion. We started a three week project on Monday that I am already having to take home with me at night, and we are already behind schedule because of this co-worker. She called out today. So now I have to make up the work she didn’t do yesterday, and do her work today so that we don’t call behind even further. Efforts have been made to improve things, and they just have not worked. The kicker? She has more experience and education than anyone on the team. Just goes to show, aptitude and work ethic are not easily captured on paper.
    Funny Story: When I got home last night, Littlest Anonachild was so excited to tell me he is now, officially, a 1st grader having “Congraduated” today (they do not do kindergarten graduation at his school, but apparently the teacher staged a little thing for the kids). He promptly asked what he was getting for his graduation, and I promptly told him nothing. He was absolutely indignant, and gave me all the reasons he should get something, then turns on his heel, hands on hips, and stalks away with an “ah, hell!”. It was hilarious.

    • Ha ha! That’s a great Anonachild story. And good for you to not be raising an entitled (whatever the name is for the post-millenial generation) who demands a reward at every phase of life.

      • dcd

        This is not to impugn Anonamom’s parenting at all – I don’t know her, but she gives every indication of being an excellent parent. But, isn’t that exactly what Littlest Anonachild did?
        Also, if you believe this is any different than kids in every other generation – asking for gifts their parents aren’t prepared to give – I think you have some selective memory going on. I badgered my parents endlessly for a Honda 250 ATC. As did all my friends.

        • mtpresident

          I suspect the point was that by not having a gift and not apologizing for not having one, Anonamom wasn’t reinforcing that expectation–which should dampen future expectations. (Even if the ask still happens, the feeling of entitlement should be less as a result)

        • Oh, certainly, there is entitlement in every generation. But there are also parents like mine (and I suspect Anonamom is) where the default answer was always no, so I honestly cannot remember a time badgering them (i.e., going beyond a one-time ask) for anything. And I don’t believe I’m worse for wear because of it.

          • dcd

            Good point, though often it’s not that simple. Has this worked when you did it on your kids?

          • Well, my only kid is of the fur variety, and alas, it does not work at all on her :)

          • womp

            yeah, ditto binntp. i think it helps instill a sense of expectation in children. my rewards for doing exceptionally well in school, sports, life, was the pride my parents had in me and their encouragement and congratulations. I wasn’t really rewarded (in the sense that some of my friends were for good grades; i.e., $10 for a B, $20 for a 100, etc.) because that was just expected. I would never have dreamed of asking for a reward for something like this, likely because working hard and excelling was just “an is” in our household and I subconsciously knew the answer would be no. And I also was aware of my family’s financial means and never wanted to add unnecessary stress to that.

          • Anonamom

            I hate to admit it, but I am a ‘no’ parent, and it largely has to do with means and just not wanting to raise little people who expect everything to be handed to them that they ask for. One of the children in my household has this sort of complex, and it annoys the shit out of me. However to be perfectly honest, by virtue of her other parent’s family, she may not have to hear the word ‘no’ in many contexts, certainly she won’t hear it as much as my kids will, so maybe it really doesn’t matter if she has the idea that everything will be handed to her – it most likely will be. So I can see how this would largely depend on familial context.

    • I want to know all the reasons he gave!

  • textdoc

    For Artemis and anyone else who was looking for therapist recommendations:
    I posted some links to past threads in yesterday’s RRRR (at https://www.popville.com/2017/06/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-1842/#comment-1289727 ), but it was in the late afternoon, so I’m reposting ’em here:
    This was Artemis’s original therapist-seeking query: https://www.popville.com/2016/12/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-1719/#comment-1215863
    A thread from Dec. 2015: https://www.popville.com/2015/12/from-the-forum-therapistpsychiatrist-recs/
    Two threads more about marriage/couples counseling:

  • hiphopanonymous

    Rave: At this time next week I’ll be two days from vacation! Leaving next Thursday night!
    Rant: I’ve probably ranted about this before, but vacation isn’t really VACATION. Instead it is driving halfway across the country to see as many family members as possible in a short amount of time. And hauling back some furniture.
    Rant: My brother is being uncooperative and doesn’t want to bring his kids down so we can see them. Instead, he thinks that we – after already driving halfway across the country to my mom’s – should drive up to see THEM. Come on, we only get home twice a year!
    Rave: New couches came yesterday and they are, indeed, awesome! (and not at all cold, like I feared)
    Rant: Our fish – just one little beta – is costing us so much money! Lord almighty, last night we went out and bought him a brand new tank with filter and LED lighting, and then needed more gravel and more plants to fill it! I guess this is good practice for a kid?

    • H_E_Pennypacker

      LOL @ a fish being practice for a kid! I love fish tanks though, so great. We used to have a 75 gallon fish tank. The fish would produce eggs, other fish would try to eat them, some fish would form gangs, it was so entertaining. Also, expensive :(

  • textdoc

    Rant: Ineffective street sweeping. My street really needs to be VACUUMED to pick up the litter in and next to the gutters — not spritzed with water and brushed.
    There was so much litter left in the gutters on Monday night that I was wondering if Monday’s scheduled street sweeping had actually occurred. Usually it seems to pick up SOME of the litter, even if it leaves lots of objects behind.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: To the cyclist I hit this morning (while I too was bicycling):

    1: I hope you are okay, you did take the brunt of the fall.
    2: Next time, don’t make a right turn from the left side of someone. Yes I know it looked like I was a full car length behind you, but people bike at different speeds. The fact that you came around me at the red light to my left side and then cut me off to make a right turn is poor form. At the very least, a simple arm turn single would have helped.
    3: You did actually damage my front wheel and tire, which will now both need to be replaced.
    4: Wear a helmet

    And to the a-hole in the car behind us who proceed to honk when there was clearly a bike accident in front of you with people laying on the ground… F You.

    • dcgator

      They were in front of you, but on your left? You were stopped at a red light? More details? #IDGI

      • maxwell smart

        I stopped at a red light with a car in front of me and had left space between me and the car in front of me. Cyclist 2 came from behind me on the left side and positioned herself splitting the lanes on the bumper of the car in front of us. When the light turned green, she underestimated both the distance between us and how quickly I would get to speed, resulting in collision. But regardless of those details, coming around someone on the left to make a right turn is ill-advised.

        • Anon

          Not bike-related, but people do the same thing all the time on Metro escalators and it drives me crazy.

          • JoDa

            Um…3 drivers did this to the bus I was on today, presumably because they felt it wasn’t accelerating fast enough. They. cut. off. a. bus. In sedans. There’s no rational thinking going on there.

          • Jay

            Last night around 10-ish on Q Street in Georgetown, I saw a dude on a motorcycle cross the double yellow line to zoom past a bus that was not stopped. The motorcyclist then proceeded to blow through a stop sign (okay, there was a brief and half-hearted slowdown, but to even call it an Idaho Stop would be a stretch)…

        • mg

          i agree that her jumping the line while stopped and then cutting you off is wrong–and dangerous. i always try to learn something from experiences like this, looking back on it, was there anything in your control that could’ve avoided it?

          for example if she did that maneuver at speed and just cut in front of you then nothing you could do. but it sounds like she crept next to you and then you both started from the light and then she cut across your front wheel, in that case did you see her to your left? in hindsight could you have slowed up?

          for me when i ride, i don’t like having people next to me so i’ll make a point to slow down. and stories like these remind me to always assume people will do unexpected/dumb things beside/in-front of me!

      • Idontgetit

        I’ve become a hashtag?

    • flieswithhoney

      That other cyclist’s actions weren’t just ill-advised, she was in the wrong. My thought process is: is this illegal for a car do to? If yes, is there a separate rule governing bikes that applies (e.g., splitting lanes, proceeding on a red with the pedestrian signal)? This cyclist failed both. Cyclists can split a lane but it must be done reasonably and safely and you certainly had the right of way to go straight. Sorry this happened to you.

  • blues

    Rave: Final kindergarten report card for kiddo was awesome, with some incredible comments from her teacher about her reading skills and personality in the classroom. Loved reading them and talking to her about them this morning.
    Rantish: School ends today at 12:15 – I get it, everyone is just donezo by now but I can’t get her at 12:15.

  • Revel: Last weekend I impulsively bought a ticket to Amsterdam – initially it was for 18 days but realized that’s more than I can afford so I ended up canceling it and booking a flight for just 9 days instead, which is more managable. Excited to check out the Netherlands and Belgium — is it worth it to go somewhere else in this amount of time?
    Revel: Just found a cheap flight to Mexico City and I’m tempted to book that too, since I have time. Is a week there too long?

    • kharr89

      I spent 8 nights between Amsterdam, Brussels, and Cologne last year and didn’t feel rushed at all. Trains between all 3 are quick. Definitely preferred Amsterdam and Brussels over Cologne (it was November and lots of things were closed for some reason). Maybe also hit Bruges? I’ve been told that Bruges really only requires a day trip as things peter out kind of early at night. Have fun!

      • womp

        my SO went to Bruges and highly recommended it! it would be a good day to 1.5 day trip :) enjoy!

        • I know, I’m rooting really hard for Bruges too! It’s a f*cking fairy tale!

    • Rachael

      Mexico City is awesome and a week there is definitely not too long! I went for 10 days and for three of those days I rented a car and drove to San Miguel de Allende which is a beautiful and cute little town. It was very easy to drive there. I would go back to Mexico City in a heartbeat.


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