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“Is a criminal on on the loose?”

by Prince Of Petworth June 7, 2017 at 1:45 pm 19 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

I assume this is MPD activity, but a couple of helicopters have been circling Adams Morgan most of the morning. Is a criminal on on the loose? I feel like I’m living in a war zone.”

Nowadays I just assume daytime copters are just part of the seemingly general increase we’ve been hearing the last few months. Anyone happen to know more about anything going on in Adams Morgan this morning?

  • John

    Yes, most likely. This isn’t an uncommon sight, especially as the weather gets warmer.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Marine 1-looking helicopters were circling upper NW this morning between 10:30-11:30 and it was super freaking annoying. I think a reader of this blog asked the question before about whether PoPville had noticed an uptick in this happening since Trump became President. I 100% notice it, even before that question was presented here. What the hell, man? Big F-U to the District for being so pro-Hillary?

      • textdoc

        Somehow I thought that in that thread there was also a link to a quick-and-dirty guide to tell which kind of helicopter is which (i.e., by their bottom/top/middle colors)… but all I can find is this, which is very detailed:

        • textdoc

          This is what I compiled from some user comments in that previous thread:
          green/white – Marines
          blue/white – MPD (base of white accompanied by wavy blue and red stripes)
          red – Coast Guard
          blue/yellow – MedStar
          blue UH-1s with white tops – Air Force
          blue and white UH-1 – Park Police
          black with gold tops – Army

          • AdMo Guy

            That’s mostly right. A couple additions and a correction:

            In addition to green/white, the Marines also fly green utility helicopters that don’t do VIP transport. They fly several different models.

            The Coasties fly red MH-65Ds.

            The blue and white Park Police choppers aren’t Bell UH-1s, but 412s.

            You’ll also sometimes see Maryland State Police helicopters, which are a navy blue with yellow stripes/lettering and a giant Maryland flag on the side.

          • Swaz

            @AdMo Guy

            MSP’s are a dark/olive green and black. They use the same color scheme as the road cars.

    • INWDC

      Actually, not making this into a political thing (which sadly is everything these days) but I did notice this just as frequently during the pre-Trump era. On certain days they would circle for 15-20 minutes on some sort of loop near Meridian Hill Park. Maybe they move to a different area every so often so one area isn’t subject to the constant sound?

      • AdMoKalTri

        Personally, I definitely noticed an increase after the inauguration. It was easy to notice (and track) the increase coinciding with that timing because, well, with DC being a no-fly zone, it’s pretty obvious (and interruptive) when you hear one. I started noticing in February and remember making comments to several people at that time.

        • INWDC

          Interesting. Then they must occasionally change their flight patterns because I haven’t heard them as much in my area this year. I feel your pain though – when they were making frequent trips around my area last year (along with the daily serenade of insanely loud fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars) I thought I was gonna completely lose my sh*t.

  • AdMo Guy

    Most of the choppers I noticed this morning were “white tops” (Marine Corps helicopters out of Anacostia-Bolling that carry White House VIPs). The only criminals associated with those helicopters are their likely passengers.

    • Tom

      LOL you beat me to it

  • Ward One Resident

    Definitely Marine Corps choppers this morning. Was coming back from the dog park and they were circling, circling, endlessly circling. President Agent Orange flew to Ohio today. He must have been running late. The two choppers circling were probably the decoy helicopters while the 3rd one was on the ground waiting for him (I’ve been in DC waaaay too long that I know all of this).

    • Tom

      Ah, you’re right! I forgot it was Pence’s birthday.

  • Elvis’s Mom

    Tries to resist urge to think up 56 Trump jokes…

  • real maria

    As I was reading this a double rotor copter flew by Kennedy Center and shook my building. grrrr.

  • Was your neighborhood reduced to rubble? Were your children crushed by bombed buildings? Do you have no water or food? Are there no hospitals, or even basic medical care available to you? Are you ready to give up everything you own and risk your life in a 50/50 (or less) chance of survival of escape to a country that doesn’t want you? Then, no, you DON’T actually live in a f**king WAR ZONE!

  • d

    Gotta get used to it, OP. Copters are the state bird of DC. It’s usually obvious when it’s MPD though, or at least it was last time I witnessed a chase. Sounds like this morning was definitely not MPD.

  • not telling

    I see an Osprey fly past my apartment (Navy Yard) nearly every day. I’m pretty sure it’s just the world’s most expensive commuter vehicle.


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