Capo Deli Now Open in Shaw “If this place can replicate what they do in Florida we are all in for a treat.”

by Prince Of Petworth June 5, 2017 at 11:30 am 17 Comments

715 Florida Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Just read this article [from Eater DC]:

The new neighborhood eatery is actually a longtime fixture in Florida, debuting in Boca Raton in 1985.

Named V & S Italian Deli, the originator was started by Sal Falcone and his brother just steps away from the beach.

Now, more than 20 years later, he’s convinced Falcone to install a second version of the mom-and-pop joint in the District — which Seligman believes is lacking in authentic Italian delis with fresh-baked breads.

and quickly realized that my hometown deli is coming to DC! Figured I’d pass the good news along, as a new quality food place is always welcome in Shaw. If this place can replicate what they do in Florida we are all in for a treat. Some of the best italian subs you will get anywhere. I haven’t been yet but am excited to try it ASAP!

More photos after the jump.

Wait ’till you see what’s behind this “freezer” door… STAY TUNED:

  • Hoagie

    Huge fan of good subs and shopping local so I went there on Friday to check it out. Andy and Brian put a lot of thought into this place. Food was fantastic, staff was on point too. Can’t wait to go back.

  • jaybird

    “Wait ’till you see what’s behind this “freezer” door”: As long as its not Frankie Carbonne I’ll wait.

    • MadMax

      It’s definitely Jimmy Hoffa.

  • Pixie Cat

    It’s a bar/club downstairs. When a friend and I asked about the people at the door had an obnoxious attitude and asked how we heard about it. Get over yourself. This is DC, not NYC.

    • CohiCarol

      I had a similar (obnoxious) experience when I asked about the club/bar this weekend- anyone get any details on what the deal is?

  • Truxton Thomas

    I’ll have to check it out. I have to admit I don’t associate Boar’s Head with high quality, but maybe that’s my own misconception.

    • Bobert

      It’s nothing special – just a ubiquitous brand.

    • AC

      Definitely nothing Italian on Boar’s Head….

    • Blithe

      My experience with Boar’s Head products is that they’re consistently fine. So while I wouldn’t get excited about them, I do find it reassuring when a new-to-me deli goes out of their way to point out that they use Boar’s Head vs. un-named brands. Not nearly as potentially wonderful as “we make our own….” but also not nearly as potentially awful as “our cold cuts don’t have names.”

      • FridayGirl

        +1. Boar’s Head is a solid name brand deli meat. But also, I”m from New York, and I believe it was founded in NYC so perhaps I have a better opinion of it than non-NY folks because it’s what I’m familiar with.

  • Ben R.

    Went Sunday to grab a sandwich. There were two people waiting to get their food when we walked in. 4 people behind the counter, and none would turn around to get our orders after we asked for a quick minute to decide on what to order. Got a chicken parm sub. If I wanted a microwaved chicken sandwich, I’d pick up food at 7-11. Chicken was overcooked and rubbery. Sauce needed salt. Took 30 min to get our three sandwiches. I’ll be taking my money to Taylor’s till they sort themselves out.

    • IWantedThisPlace2beGreat

      Was there on Saturday and we were the first folks in the place when they opened. 3 people working and one of them making all 3 sandwiches taking about 25 mins (one was ham and cheese nothing else – my kid). Food was ok but will probably give it a month plus before coming back.

      • Joshua

        That’s unfortunate. This sort of attitude is certainly unrepresentative of the average Italian deli in NY or NJ.

  • Subs

    A. Literri, always. Bonus: you are away from the people in Shaw who don’t have cars.

  • StraightOuttaShaw

    Went last night and they were closed. Reason posted on the door, “out of bread”. Tough to make it as a deli without bread.

    • prgkmr

      you might even say bread is essential to selling sandwiches.

      • StraightOuttaShaw

        UPDATE: went back and the food is amazing. Seriously the best Italian I’ve ever had. The seeded Italian bread is top notch (and very essential). Great new addition to the neighborhood.


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