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  • tim

    I thought sorghum-infused artisanal frybread had replaced donuts as the new food craze of 2017.

    • spookiness

      Doughnuts are eternal.

  • MadMax

    If this is the same chain that’s in Alexandria I found these donuts to be pretty gross. 3 out of 5 were nearly inedible, one was good, and one was OK. Do not recommend.

    • Doughnuts are good

      I highly recommend Sugar Shack.

    • J Street

      I had a similar experience. Hoping this location is better.

  • LedroitTigah

    This could be very very dangerous come winter. sigh.

  • N

    It’d be better if their speak easy/cocktail bar came along with it.

  • Bill

    Love Sugar Shack. They have 12″ and up donuts the size of pizzas that are awesome for parties. We just got one this weekend. This Sugar Shack will also have a bar.

    • oh2dc

      So, it was a cake with a whole in it?

      • oh2dc


  • theharleyquinn

    Their doughnuts are nice and bready. Really excited about this.

  • Effie

    This means not having to trek out to Alexandria – pretty excited about this, Sugar Shack has the top donuts in the area for sure, really good

  • Vermonster

    Stoked for this. Quality and inventive donuts.


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