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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Apparently I’ve been confrontational at work. I’d call it assertive.
    Rave: I care for my colleagues and I feel I treat them fairly and with respect.
    On a completely different note:
    Rave: Worked out hard this weekend and looking forward to yoga tonight for release and stretching. Working to get back in the tri game but mostly just using the tri to motivate me to get out there and exercise.
    Rant: Husband in China.
    Rave: I’m meeting him in Hong Kong this weekend (As a stopover on the way to Indonesia for work) – any suggestions for fun in Hong Kong to fit into 1.5 days there?

    • Seems to me that if you’re a woman, it’s considered confrontational. If you’re a man, it’s assertive. At least that’s what I’ve experienced as a woman in the workplace. Super frustrating.

      • That’s it exactly. Now to decide do I continue my ways (the assertiveness has proven necessary and effective recently), call attention to it, and loss the confidence of managers that are ALL men? Or modify my behavior to become more palatable to them if I need them on my program’s side for future decisions…

        • I’m the anon below (who clearly has had similar experiences to the anon above who posted while I was composing my post.) In many cases, you are damned if you are assertive and damned if you aren’t. The key is to figure out what’s most important where you work. In many workplaces, say those where profit is key, they will ignore assertive behavior they don’t like as long as you are getting results (just don’t expect to be paid or promoted equally.) In other sorts of workplaces, how you are perceived is everything, as nothing much gets accomplished in some workplaces anyway, or if things happen, it is at a snail’s pace.
          In EITHER sort of workplace, think hard before you call attention to the sexism, as they won’t likely see it even when pointed out to them. You will continue to be assertive (you likely can’t be otherwise). They key, I think, though I’ve not been good at doing it myself, though I’ve seen others do it, is to mask you assertiveness with a deprecating smile, or with developing some sort of relationship with the men who judge you, or find some way in which you become useful to them, or best ALL of the above, such that they just don’t see your assertiveness, or ignore it because it is furthering some personal agenda of their own. It’s not something I can even bring myself to attempt to do – good luck.

    • I don’t know if you’ve been confrontational or not – sometimes that is required – it isn’t (by definition) a bad thing.
      I do know, from experience, that in many workplaces, women aren’t allowed to be even normally assertive – asserting oneself, but stating, for example, an reasoned opinion or something that is obvious, which is considered normal for men is often considered hostile when a woman does it. It can make it much harder to get anything done.

    • The Big Buddha is worth a visit.

    • Re: Hong Kong, I really liked walking along Dragon’s Back near Shek O beach (and grabbing lunch at a random place on the beach afterwards). Big Buddha is also really cool.

  • skj84

    Rave: Mostly fun time with my family this weekend. We had everyone together for Mothers day, which delighted my mom.
    Rant: Dinner ended in an argument because my brother didn’t think I was helping enough with the dishes. Why does he have to be so petty? This always happens when we are all together, we revert to childhood roles. I’m starting to get wary of vacation next month, there will be more of us(my sister in law, cousin and sisters boyfriend will be joining) in the beach house which makes the potential for blowout arguments even higher. We all kiss and make up in the end, but I’m tired of fighting with my siblings overs stupid stuff.
    Rave: Officially start therapy on Weds.

    • I get you on the issues with the siblings. When I spend extended time with my brothers there is almost always a stupid blowout argument (usually fueled by alcohol on their side). It’s tough – everyone falls back into those old sibling relationships from when you’re growing up. If you learn any ways to combat, please share! I try to find solace in the time we do spend together that’s nice and take time apart to remind myself I’m not the younger sister in middle school anymore, that I’m an adult and I can make better choices for my own health and well being even if they try and push us back into the old roles. Hey, at least there aren’t noogies or pinch attacks anymore (at least for me)…

      • skj84

        I definitely try to focus on the fun times we have together. That these arguments are usually just blips. I left the room and sulked in my bedroom while everyone calmed down. Like I used to do. I love my family dearly, we are just very opinionated, strong willed people who need to be right. At least I’ll have my own room during vacay so I can sequester myself should things go south.

    • I could be wrong, but my guess is that the argument wasn’t really about the dishes per se, and that the dishes were some kind of symbol of (or proxy for) whatever is actually bothering your brother. If so… any sense of what the underlying issue might be?
      When I get in arguments with my family members, the argument is usually less about the thing itself, and more about how it fits into the larger pattern of (say) my mom ignoring/disrespecting boundaries.

      • +1 to this. When my mom and I get into arguments it’s almost never because of the actual subject of the argument but because of some other underlying issue.

      • skj84

        It literally was the dishes! I had set the table, and expected my sister to clear it and fill the dish washer. My brothers made dinner, so but were also clearing stuff. He thought I hadn’t done enough cleaning. We get along pretty well, but he can be immature? He’s the youngest of the siblings.

    • I find that I, too, slip into old roles whenever I get together with both my sister **and** one or more parents. My sister and I have a much better relationship when it’s just us (or just us, significant others, and/or kids)–we can actually meet each other as the adults that we are. But I also find that we do a little better in larger extended family groups even when our parents are present, so maybe the bigger crowd at the beach will be helpful to you, too? Good luck!

    • I don’t think it ever stops. In my family, it got better for some decades after we were all adults, and then when we to to be middle aged, after the death of one parent, everybody reverted to childhood again, only more viciously, as only adults can do. The only solution is avoidance.

  • Rant: Went to see an apartment building on Saturday, property manager didn’t bother to show up. If they can’t even try to get me to move in, what will they be like once someone is stuck in a lease? No way am I moving there.
    Bittersweet: Finally talking to a couple guys (on Tinder). One sounds nice but I’m worried we won’t have much in common and lives a bit far away — but I’ll give him a shot should he ask me out. The other seems really cool and suave but lives in Georgia and was just here for the weekend. He asked for my KakaoTalk ID but there’s no point. Why can’t I have nice things?!
    Rave: Can’t wait to get out of this city for awhile this summer.
    (+ what time did we say the Wine and Bitch @ Barcelona would be this Wednesday? 6?)

  • Rave: Last week at job! Very excited for the future.
    Rant: I’ve been plugging away trying to wrap things up nicely esp. since they won’t be filling my position for a while and we’re already about 70% vacant in our office. I even came in over the weekend but the to-do list only grows! The interim boss that I’ve had for much too long keeps making comments that he doesn’t really believe that I have *that* much work to do. If I didn’t love my coworkers so much and not want to leave them stranded, I would just coast this week and peace out.
    Rave: Well, at least I know I really made the right choice in leaving, right?!
    Random: The comments for the Peep project are closed but I wanted to say thank you to PoP for putting together the contest and to all the submitters for sharing their creative juices with the rest of us! I got a kick out of every entry and I’m so happy the tradition continued. I mean seriously they were all SO GOOD! Major kudos!

    • I think he closed the comments because people were pointing out that a peep diorama depicting the L’Enfant Plaza smoke incident was in poor taste.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Yes it’s like when people lecture about leash laws in the animal fix comments. This is the not the spirit of these types of posts.

        P.S. We ain’t gonna debate the peep contest here either. Glad you liked it ajr – you are not alone!!

        • Oh that is a bummer that it took that turn. Well, thank you again PoP for the work that went into it! I really enjoyed it.

    • ajr – I’m in the same boat as you for your first three posts! Two days left in the job and lots to do! (Also many vacancies here that they are trying to fill). Good luck with the new endeavor!

  • Rave: Yard looks lovely! Youngest roommate’s friend said she loves gardening, so she came over to help, and we tackled so much stuff, I could never have done it without them! So grateful to have such a thoughtful person in my life.
    Rant: As a result of cutting grass, pulling weeds and yanking vines from everywhere to make our yard look less like a jungle, I had to take three different types of antihistamines (xyzal, zyrtec, and benadryl) throughout the day yesterday just so my eyes wouldn’t swell completely shut. Eyes still sting and I feel like I’m only halfway in my body, or like I have to consciously tell myself to take every step. Ugh!
    Rant: Need to clean inside now because we tracked mud and dirt all over the house! blah!
    Rant: My body is soooo sore – I did a “No Barre Barre Class” on Saturday with the express purpose of exhausting your muscles, and then spent all yesterday doing yard work. Every joint and muscle hurts so badly!
    Not sure? I think I’m slowly getting some clarity around a particular aspect of my life…

    • is the “no barre barre class” at Yoga Heights? I’ve been thinking about trying it out. How was it? What do you do exactly?

      • yes, it’s at Yoga Heights – this is the first time I’ve ever been, so I’m not much of a reference – lots of floor work, plus work against the wall – it was fun and hard and thankfully felt like it went really fast! Sorry if that’s not much help!

        • I’m picturing, like….planks (and variations), squats / lunges (and variations), sit-ups and low back. Does that seem right?

          • Sort of….? I don’t know, I think you should just go and see what you think. I’m not good at describing fitness classes!

          • lol… ok thanks I probably will do that b/c I just bought the year unlimited pass to YH.

          • oh yay! Well then maybe I’ll (unknowingly) run into you sometime, rss, since I’m a member there!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: So much waking up last night.
    Rave: This picture made me laugh.

  • Rave: Got up and went to the gym. My morning workouts have been suffering.
    Rave: Great weekend with friends
    Rave: Next weekend already chock full of plans.
    Rant: Being angry at someone you’ve cut out of your life. I replay moments and arguments, bring obvious lies up to the light and all i want to do is confront them with it even though I know it won’t help anything at all. Silence is definitely more graceful.
    Rant-related PSA: Don’t gaslight people. The act of betraying someone is bad, but then denying it, making them feel crazy and judge their own self, that’s just cruelty.
    Revel: I’m not on the other side of it yet, but I can see the shoreline.

    • Re: PSA: Totally agree. I will never forgive my brother for continuouly denying/lying about something he was very obviously doing.

  • Rant: Sent out a personal invite for a party I am planning next weekend and gave people and RSVP with almost two weeks to respond. Everyone, but one, has responded with only a few days to go before the deadline. I guess that should be a rave, but the missing one is the one I wanted most to respond. Radio silence. And so it goes.
    Rave: Friends who pick me up really good cookies from Laduree.

  • Rave: My sister got married! The wedding was beautiful, everything went perfectly, had a fantastic time, didn’t drop her flowers, boyfriend got the thumbs up from actually everyone, AND he liked my family probably more than I do. Solid weekend, all around.
    Rant: Oh my god I am so tired please can I have another weekend.

  • Query for dcd: I might need to get a cat-sitter for a few days — do you still recommend your cat-sitter Sunshyne?

    • I do, she’s been great! Do you have her number? She is a former vet tech, gives our cat a daily shot, and is generally very responsive (though my wife has virtually all of the interaction with her – I don’t actually think I’ve ever met her, even though she’s been helping us for 5 years, I think?). If you need her number or more info, please feel free to get my email from the Prince.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Nationals
    RAVE: Nationals

  • Rave: Lovely restorative weekend doing yardwork, cooking, low-key social activities
    Rant: Aspiration to do a big housecleaning went by the wayside
    Rant: I had seven (very) little lemons growing and they all fell off the tree
    Rave: Paying more attention to diet and exercise is paying off !

  • Rant: people are jerks. I will never understand the folks who honk at you when you’re stopped at a stop sign and are waiting for pedestrians to cross. Pedestrians have the right of way and it couldn’t have added 1 minute to his commute.

    • Seriously!

    • Are you absolutely positive it was for you though? Not to say that never happens because it definitely does to me all the time but last week I was the person behind someone stopped for pedestrians and a car in the next lane started to swerve into mine not seeing I was there (how? I don’t know) so I honked. The stopped car in front of me thought it was for them and threw a fit and refused to move even after the pedestrians were cleared. I was exasperated.

    • As a pedestrian, I often give a friendly wave at those honkers as I cross in the crosswalk. It annoys me, too, but rather than resort to ugliness I just smile and wave, hoping they reflect upon the fact that pedestrians have the right to cross the street in marked crosswalks!

    • I like to shush these people, librarian style. It’s actually worked once or twice!

    • My mom’s strategy for dealing with jerky drivers was always to wave and smile at them like you know them. It works best if they don’t have enough time to get a good look at you and it tends to make people more reflective of their behavior.

    • Sometimes when you are driving a really big SUV, the car behind you can’t see ANY of the pedestrians around your car, and can’t see the reason for your delay. I have been guilty of such honks on occasion – I always feel bad, though, if I do eventually see that there are pedestrians causing the wait. But it does happen. It happens to me too, though I drive a small car – I have learned to accept that the person behind me just can’t see what I’m waiting on, and I don’t get angry as a result.

  • Rant: The lines to get into the second game of the Nats last night where crazy! The front gate was backed up past the metro. I guess they kicked everyone out of the first game (even those with tickets to the second game) and didn’t open the gates again until an hour before the game. Needless to say no bobble head
    Rave: Perfect baseball weather last night
    Rave: That photo Dan! Keep up the good fight!
    Rave: Got 95% of our envelopes addressed and stamped. Just waiting for the wedding invitations to arrive. Can’t wait!
    Rave: My amazing fiance designed everything. They look amazing!

    • Why would they not clear everyone out? Even if you have tickets, were you going to put all of those people in a pen inside the stadium and clear everyone else out? They also have to pick up all the garbage that people have such a hard time putting in a garbage bin themselves.

      • Perhaps but combined with the bobble head giveaway it was chaos. People waiting on bobble heads were blocking people from entering. It was insanity. We were in line at ~5:40 and didn’t get in until after the first pitch, 7:05pm.

    • maxwell smart

      I agree – it was a tricky situation last night. Had it not been a promo give-away, it probably wouldn’t have been so crazy. We got in line right about the time the first game finished – 4:40ish, in Right Field and there was maybe 20 people in line, but the line grew quickly. I was surprised how long the season pass-holder line was. I will say, people in our line were getting really pushy. I did seem silly to stand in line for 90 minutes before the gates opened… was interesting how much this bobblehead was promoted vs. Daniel Murphy which didn’t get much promotion at all.

  • Rant: having a really hard time finding a therapist covered by my insurance who is taking new patients and who I like. I tried one out last week but we just did not click and I did not feel like I could open up to her. Thinking about just biting the bullet and paying out of pocket for a therapist who I like a lot. If the trade off is money vs feeling better, I might just have to do it. Lucky that this is not an emergency and I have the ability to pay out of pocket if it comes to that.
    Rave: trying to think about all of the positive things going on right now and looking forward to some warmer weather (though I wish we would have more spring!)

    • magpies

      In the same boat, buddy. I’m going to an out of network office this week, but the whole auditioning of therapists, it’s so daunting and just the prospect is exhausting. Keep on keeping on.

  • That One Guy

    Had my first PoP in-the-wild sighting near Connecticut Ave on Saturday. I apologize if I stared and didn’t say anything but, generally, it’s against my code to disturb people as they go about their way.
    Rant: Hate it when the work deluge starts before I’ve arrived at the office.
    Rave: Jubelee ice cream has amazing earl grey flavored ice cream.

  • Rave: I’m so lucky to have two living grandparents at my “advanced” age, and I was glad to spend time with them–and my mom–over the weekend.
    Double rave: Significant Other did soooo well with my nutty extended family over the weekend! Not only do I think they didn’t scare him off, he seemed to genuinely like them!
    Rant: Arriving back in town on a Sunday and then heading straight back to work always makes me feel like I’m starting the week a step behind.

  • Rave: Last two days at the old job, and half a week of pure relaxation coming up!
    Rant: Had another date with a guy that I was really excited about, but I’m afraid the relationship chemistry just isn’t there and that we’d just make really good friends. Poop.

  • topscallop

    Rave: last week at current job!
    Rant: didn’t take any time off between jobs
    Rave: should be getting paid out for lots of unused vacation time
    Rant: but I’m not sure they’ll pay out for all of it as I’m over the cap they are about to instate, and of course, it’s taxed like a bonus
    Rant: so much to finish up before I go, and some of it depends on someone else finishing their part first
    Rave: breakout starting to subside
    Rave: worked out this morning

    • I was so bummed when I found out my loads and loads of sick time doesn’t get paid out. Why did I have to be so healthy?!

      • topscallop

        I know! My sick leave doesn’t get paid out either, and my organization doesn’t allow it to be donated or pooled either. I’d love to give it to my colleague who is about to go on maternity leave, but for an organization that talks a lot about maternal and child health, they don’t demonstrate much concern for their own employees in those areas.

  • Rant: Toddler meltdowns and nap refusals made Mother’s Day a less than enjoyable time at my house. I definitely lost my temper and yelled at Baby Artie. I hate those moments when I feel like I’m being a crappy mother with a short fuse, but it is so so hard sometimes.
    Rave: The kid and I both got better sleep last night and had an enjoyable morning commute together.
    Rave: I got a hammock as my Mother’s Day and early birthday gift. Best present ever.
    Rave: The weather this morning.

    • It will get better. I was just saying to mtpwife that weekends have been much more pleasant of late, and I don’t feel like I’m ready to toss the kids off a cliff by Sunday night as often anymore. I’m sure we still have weekends like that ahead of us, but getting bigger and being more predictable in some ways helps.
      I also don’t like yelling, but sometimes these things happen. You’re not a crappy mother for yelling occasionally–none of us are infallible (and it’s worthwhile for kids to see that in practice–in addition to how we handle ourselves afterwards). Sending a hug and hopeful thoughts that next weekend is better.

      • Thanks for the encouragement, mtpresident. I think sometimes I’m the one who needs a time out. I’m trying to get exercise and more sleep this week because I know when I’m better rested, I have a LOT more patience with the trying toddler.

        I hope you and mtpwife had a good mother’s day weekend.

  • Rant: Pushy people. I get that you see things differently. We’re never going to agree, so stop being pushy. And yes, I will go “f myself”. Thanks for the suggestion, now get off my porch.
    Rave: It’s working out for me so far despite Pushy People.

  • Neither rant nor rave, but something: Eight years ago today, my mother died suddenly by suicide, the day before my college graduation. The ripple effects of this event continue show up in so many crazy and unexpected ways, both good and bad. Today, I remember my mother’s love, laughter, and passion.

  • Rave: The photo of Spicy hiding in the bushes made me smile.
    Rant: It’s Monday..so that’s all I got.

  • Rave: even though I had to do work, I still had a good weekend- relaxing, productive enough, good company
    Preemptive rant: it’s police week
    Rant: It weirds me out that so many people feel the need to wish every single woman in their path a happy mother’s day. Some guy even yelled it from his car at me, while he was in the middle of a conversation with someone else. I’m not going to correct them and reply that I’m a miserly spinster, but since when is this a thing and why?

    • topscallop

      I was wondering this, too. Yesterday I was at the grocery store and a woman who seemed to be around my same age, maybe a little younger, wished me a happy Mother’s Day while we were both standing at the fish counter. I said “that’s nice, you too”, just going along with it, and she laughed and said, “oh, I’m not a mom yet!” Um, neither am I, lady.

    • I don’t get it either. I don’t remember anyone wishing me a happy Mother’s Day when I lived in Adams Morgan — for me, it started after I moved to Park View.

    • skj84

      I didn’t get wished Happy Mothers day, but I did receive a Mothers Day carnation at my parents church yesterday. They gave everyone woman present a flower. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about this.

    • saf

      I hate both police week and mother’s day.

    • I was talking with two of my neighbors on the street yesterday (all three of us are non-mothers) and a guy walked by and wished us a happy mother’s day. I think I said “thanks same to you.” It was awkward, but I try to remember they’re just trying to be polite … although I realize that might be more difficult for women who have lost their mothers, their pregnancies, or have other reasons to dislike mother’s day.
      then I ran into a friend of my husband’s on the street, and he wished me a happy mother’s day. I was like “WTF? you know I don’t have kids!” so then I wished him a happy mother’s day too and we both laughed. [shrug emoji]

    • binntp

      One of friends told me she always replies, “Thanks, but I dodged that bullet!” I might have to start using that.

      • Actual LOL!
        I was indoors most of yesterday and thus escaped being wished a happy Mother’s Day this time around. I decided a year or two ago that whenever someone wished me a happy Mother’s Day, I’d say, “Thanks! You too!” (The well-wishers are usually men.)

      • Bahaha, next year I’m stealing this!

  • Rant: I have bronchitis. Trying to keep the baby from getting it is really difficult. And I forgot how much I detest albuterol.
    Rave: So far the kid hasn’t caught it!
    Rave: Vanilla rooibos with lemon and honey will fix everything (according to my South African mother in law). At least it’s a tasty recommendation.
    Rave: The baby rolled over for the first time this weekend! She’s doing a lot of milestones almost freakishly fast so I suspect things will get very interesting in the Rabbit household pretty soon.

  • Rant: Mothers day was hard. Spent it (unexpectedly) with my mother in law who doesn’t want anything to do with me, while missing my own mother who died a few years ago.
    Rave: My mom was amazing and I’m lucky I had quality time with her.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: In sunny, albeit very dry Seniorville, FL with IDGI Sr.
    Rant: I’m trying to stay out of the Mrs IDGI Sr estate drama but spent some time yesterday reading copies of emails from the evil daughters to the estate attorney. Maleficent has “discovered” a signed but unwitnessed codicil to the will from 2001 suggesting that Mrs. IDGI be buried in Connecticut. Of course this was before she married IDGI Sr in Florida and her sister, brother and other daughter, Urusla moved to Florida. Maleficent is demanding that Mrs. IDGI Sr be exhumed from her grave in the “low income cemetery” in Florida and moved to CT. She wants the expense for this deducted from Ursula’s portion of the estate because, oh we don’t have time for this today. You can wait for my book.

    • “Maleficent is demanding that Mrs. IDGI Sr be exhumed from her grave” — What?!?!? Surely if one’s mother gets buried somewhere one didn’t want her to be buried, the appropriate response is to sigh and move on — not to demand exhumation and reburial somewhere else.
      I like that she is asking for the expense to be deducted from her sister’s portion of the estate, though — that’s creative. (Wasn’t she originally saying that IDGI Sr. should be paying for the burial out of his own pocket rather than out of Mr.s. IDGI Sr.’s estate?)

      • I Dont Get It

        Yes originally she wanted IDGI Sr to pay. Now that the codicil has been found she somehow thinks “Ursula” (I keep forgetting to note their Disney villain names with quotes) should pay.

    • My offer to write nasty emails to your step relatives still stands.

      • I Dont Get It

        Thanks, I’m sure it would be epic but right now they are doing a pretty good of embarrassing themselves without our help.

  • Rave: Wine & Bitch is this Wednesday, at Barcelona Wine Bar. I’m aiming to arrive between 5:30 and 6 and will do my best to hold a space (but they won’t let me reserve an area at the bar)

    Rave: Contractors are working in my kitchen RIGHT NOW! I’m so excited!

    Rave: They’re getting rid of the old metal slat bi-fold pantry door and frame for me and not even charging (wasn’t on the original plan) and painting the inside of the pantry the same color as the rest of the kitchen. So I’m going to get them a bunch of bottled water and some donuts for when they arrive tomorrow morning.

    Rant: I don’t know what kind of door to get for the pantry (I’m so glad the gross one is going away) because the space is small — I can’t have a sliding door, or a pocket door. I guess another bi-fold door? It’s kind of overwhelming. Suggestions welcome.

    Rave: I bought a magical black blazer this weekend. I don’t even like blazers but I swear, you put this thing on and no matter what you are wearing, you immediately look fabulous. I couldn’t believe it. It shouldn’t make sense, but it does, somehow.

    Rant: My coworker, who I literally trained to do her job, enjoys pointing out the one mistake I made in that position prior to handing it over to her (and generally behaves as though she always knew how to do this stuff and is better at it than anyone else here at the firm) at co-worker happy hours — she never acknowledges my training of her, or even the fact that I got her hired here in the first place — but points out my screw up. It hurts my feelings and I have no other way to take it than personally, because it is literally something I did. I don’t know if I want to join any more co-worker happy hours because of this.

    Rave: There’s also a dress that I want at the Loft but I need to justify it somehow.

    Rave: My A/C is on in my building and it’s going to be summer this week and I’m so happy!

    • If you hate bifold doors, have them put on two narrow doors with hinges attaching them to the door frame on the sides. Put little knobs on them near where they meet in the center for opening them. Much classier than bifolds.
      This will work if you have one bifold over a normal, relatively narrow sized doorway. If you have a wide closet, the kind with double bifold doors, consider making it over into two separate closets with doors as in the paragraph above. You can fit out the insides for separate purposes – one with shelves, for example, and one with space for taller items like a stepladder and hooks for cleaning stuff to be your broom closet.

      • It’s a small space — is there a place that makes doors that narrow, or is this something I’d have to do custom?

        • Don’t know – but I do know they are common around here – one often seems them between kitchens and the adjoining room(s) – the place I am currently living in has them, which is why I though of it. Just get the flat-faced doors – louvers collect dust and are ugly. Custom or not will depend on whether you have a standard size doorway – though keep in mind that many doors, even hollow ones, are made to be cut-to-size.
          It occurs to me that if you find bifold doors that are the right size, they could possibly be mounted this way using regular hinges, depending on how the edges are made. Your contractor should know. My doors are hollow, and regular room-entry door thickness, but it seems to me that one could also use thinner kitchen cabinet doors, either flat ones or with panels like many cabinet (and some bifold) doors have. Talk to you contractor.

        • I did this custom to my bathroom because the door opened in and I couldn’t open it while drying off after a shower.
          It’s called double hung doors, as opposed to one door, which is single hung.
          I got two slab, primed, hollow doors in a custom size from Home Depot, hinges, dummy knobs, paint, weather stripping to use in the center (you probably don’t need this on a pantry) and rented a sander to take them down a bit and did the whole thing for about $175
          And the HD guy taking my order laughed in my face when I said I was hanging them myself. To this day I regret not going back and mocking him after my DIY triumph and not reporting his comment to management.

          • Your doors will be even smaller than mine, I think mine are 15″ each, so they would be even cheaper.
            You will need to cut mortises for the hinges to sit in, but your kitchen guy can do that. You can do it yourself by hand, but it’s not the neatest and it’s time consuming.

          • That’s awesome. I think I’ll wait and see what I like about my kitchen once the reno is done and maybe do the door thing later.

    • How long ago was this mistake? If a decent interval has passed (and since she has brought it up already, that’s obviously the case), at the next happy hour, when she brings it up, in your most withering voice say something like, “Hey, Elsa, let it go” (if your coworkers will get the reference). That’s what I do when my 10 yo fixates on some perceived slight, and it seems you’re dealing wit the same level of emotional maturity.

      • It was about 2.5 years ago. Almost 3 now.

        • YEARS? 2-3 months would be too long, but this is ridiculous. I would spend the time between now and the next happy hour coming up with a devastating reply, and sat it in the most condescending, scornful tone of voice you can muster.

          • This. Don’t let her deter you from socializing with your coworkers. Maybe something along the lines of “I’m glad all the training I gave you before I moved on to [your current position] is working out, though”

          • +1 to Anonymous. SinSA, don’t let this “mean girl” bully you into not going to work social events. (Especially if the work social events are the kind of thing where if you bowed out, your work relationships might suffer as a result.)

      • She’ s pretty negative about this place in general. She does great work (I figured she’d catch on quickly) and she works for incredibly busy people, but I haven’t heard her say anything positive about this place at all. We hear all the time that she doesn’t “need ” this job (at one point recently, I said “you know, you can just…leave” — she gets unlimited vacation time and goes on super lengthy vacations because she’ll take it unpaid and her people are okay with it) and how it’s basically beneath her to even be here. But, she’s not looking for a new job. She feels as though she should be paid significantly more than what she’s getting paid but she only has 2 years of experience in this field (she has experience administratively in other fields) and while I get that she works incredibly hard, it also is about time served, in once sense.

    • Where is the magical black blazer from? I will gladly enable your Loft dress purchase in exchange for info 🙂

      • It’s from White House Black Market. I’m serious, this thing is RIDICULOUS. Also, it’s 30% off til tomorrow. AND if you make an appointment with a stylist, you’ll get an extra 10% off. And if you’re a black book member, you’ll get another 5% off.

        • Thank you! I’m about to search the site. My friend keeps recommending I check the store out but I haven’t been able to since they closed the Friendship Heights location.
          Go forth and purchase the Loft dress! One of my favorite summer dresses is from Loft and I really wish I had purchased a duplicate.

          • For some reason, I can’t post links here very well, but it’s the seasonless bracelet length black blazer with buttons on both sides.

            I probably will get the Loft dress, it’s so nice!

    • Andie302

      We got these for our basement (after the builder grade ones literally fell apart at the seams) and they are so much better and look a lot nicer: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AQ0JCT4/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

      There are a few other options on amazon with different designs worth checking out!

  • Rave: SO happy to be home!!! Had a great trip – 1 week in Lisbon for vacay and then 1.5 weeks in Brussels for work, but was ready to be back.
    Rant: Building hasn’t flipped to AC yet. I realize that the weather has been all over the place, but it’s going to be hot this week.

  • +1 to the photo. That is all.

  • Ally

    Rave: That photo! Saturday Night Live has been my only saving grace post-November 2016 fugue.

  • Rant: Finding a tenant in our house is proving to be more annoying and difficult than I thought it would be. It makes me want to ride out the lease with the current tenants and hope they want to move out and then just sell.
    Rave: FINALLY nice weather!

    • I saw the link on Facebook and noticed it was in the Craigslist “apartments” section — do you have it in the rooms/houseshare section too?
      For what it’s worth… the asking rent sounded like kind of a lot to me for a houseshare, given the distance from Metro. But I know that rents are going up by leaps and bounds in the area, so maybe I’m just not attuned to the latest developments.

      • Can you put it in both at once? I had it in the rooms section, but I felt like I didn’t get much traction. It’s also on hotpads. The rent might seem a little high, but the room is huge especially compared to the other two rooms. Plus it includes parking. The other roommates pay less so this is the most expensive room. And I don’t think it’s the rent b/c my neighbor listed his whole house and it was gone in a weekend. It’s just easier to find a group of people that want to live together rather than gamble with 2 rando roommates. We’ve probably had 20 people come look at it in the past 12 days. I think the tough part is that it’s one room and they’re having a tough time scheduling viewings with BOTH roommates. Most people obviously want to meet both roommates before committing to anything. Right now we have two maybes and another 5-6 people seeing it this week.

        • Yes, you can list it in both sections at once.
          On the difficulty of scheduling viewings with both roommates… could they do it as an “open house” thing, and require people to RSVP in order to get the street address? Maybe that way they could do a bunch of viewings/meetings in a compact block of time.
          Might it also work to offer it at a lower rate without parking (like $1000/month, and parking $100/month if desired)? Maybe there are people who are interested but don’t have a car, or who have cars but are fine with street parking?
          It looks like there are a couple of master bedrooms in the immediate area going for $1200-$1300/month… but those have private bathrooms. Yours is a shared bath, right?

          • Honestly, I don’t even think the open house thing would work. This past weekend one was busy the whole weekend so the other roommate showed the place. And that seems to be the case most of the time. They’re rarely, if ever available at both times. They’ve been trying to schedule with this one guy for over a week now b/c he wants to meet both roommates at once.

            Yeah, I was thinking about doing that or just renting out the parking spot separately, but honestly I don’t think I want to deal with that.

            Yes, shared, but there is another full bathroom in the basement. But it’s in the basement and not renovated.

          • Bummer — sounds like a hassle. Fingers crossed for the situation getting resolved soon!

          • Yep, oh well. At least we have until July if need be, but I’d rather have it done already. Thanks for the rooms/share tip. It’s in there now too!

    • So I think I found the ad. The utilities portion reads poorly. I would say: utilities are split 3 ways and your share is between x&y depending on the season. I originally thought it was 150/person. Are tenants also responsible for cable and internet? Are the roommates women or men, how big is the room, etc? Is it central air and heat? You highlight the social side well, but perhaps a bit more details could pull in some new ppl.

      • Thanks, I’ll update that. Tenants are responsible for cable and internet, but they don’t even have cable. So they split internet amongst the three of them. I thought you couldn’t mention whether they’re men or women (discriminatory practices?), if so I will add a bit about the roommates.

        • Because the roommates share common spaces like a bathroom, you could go as far as stating a gender preference for the new roommate, but I know of no rules against mentioning current occupant genders as a head’s up to the new person.

          • I tried to put one male and one female in the ad and it blocked it for using the word male!

          • How odd. Could you get around it by using “M” and “F” instead (like “Current occupants are M, 25, non-profit employee and F, 28, federal government contractor”)?

          • No, when it was blocked it said something like do not try to use similar words to get around using the word male. It’s not a huge deal because I think so far people have been cool with having both a man and woman as a roommate. It becomes evident once I cc them on the emails anyway.

          • So odd! If it’s mixed, not a big deal. I thought it was 2 men who some women might not be cool with; just trying to save wasted time if that was the case.
            Contrary to what CL suggests, you can state a gender preference for roommates, and I’ve seen numerous group houses list occupants by age and gender.

  • Rave: Had a super awesome weekend! Good food, good friends, good drinks…and good weather!
    Rant: Unfortunately, I was a bit too hungover to enjoy it as much as I would’ve liked. Can’t stay up till 2 a.m. like I used to do.
    Rave: Margaritas from Costco! Comes in a bottle already mixed and goes down like lemonade. Dangerous but delicious.
    Rave: Found an awesome bike at Salvation Army!! I already have a bike, but it was my dad’s and is too big for me. This is a women’s cruiser, and it’s awesome! Can’t wait to use is this summer.
    Rave: Husband finally got himself tested for allergies today and he is NOT ALLERGIC TO CATS AND DOGS! So excited!!!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Kelly green nail polish. It’s the little things.

  • PSA for house owners/residents: The city doesn’t clean up litter from sidewalks or from the area between the sidewalk and the curb. Please keep these areas free of litter, and please keep the grass/weeds mowed.

    • Tell that to the idiot kids who drop their wrappers and food containers in my flower boxes and such that I Pick up EVERY day when I walk my dog.

      Don’t forget the folks who just open their door on the way to the rec center and dump whatever trash that was in their car on to the tree boxes because they couldn’t be bothered to walk the extra 3 steps to the trash can….

      Also the Alcoholics that like to drop their wine bottles, empty tequila bottles, and bottles of Old English on the side of my building.

      That would be great if you could message those people

      • I feel your pain, TotallyNotBitter — picking up other people’s litter makes me super-cranky.
        Unfortunately, I think the Venn diagram of “PoPville readers” and “people who litter with reckless abandon” has little or no overlap.
        I look at it this way: I can’t stop people from littering, but I CAN pick litter up so as to keep my own sidewalk/treebox area (and those of the neighbors on either side) free of litter.