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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I accepted the job offer! My last day here is next Friday.
    Rant: Holyyy crap what have I done, there is so much to do…

  • Rant: Exhausted today for seemingly no reason
    Rave: Avocado toast for breakfast
    Question: I’ve been at my new job for about 6 months. It’s not a great fit. My job description changed between the time I was hired and started and it’s much more admin than anticipated (I changed jobs to get away from the admin). I also have some serious reservations about the way the organization is run that didn’t become clear until a few months after I was here. Is it too soon to be looking for a new job, and how can I stop it from being a red flag on my resume? I was at my previous two jobs for three years each (and I left the first to go to grad school), so I’m not a serial hopper.

    • Re your first rant: I have been exhausted all week for seemingly no reason. It’s not just you.
      Also, it’s never too soon to look for a new job. My grandpa always said that the day you start a new job is the day you should start looking again. (I personally don’t abide by this but I also have a fairly safe non-admin government job so…)

      • I am so Tired too! So tired, I just want to burrito myself in blankets and never leave the house

        • Ally

          Same here. I chalked it up to stress or to a long (3 mile) walk yesterday, but wondering if it’s the pollen or something else. I’m never usually this tired.

    • I’ve been terrified that the new job I just accepted may not be a good fit and everyone has assured me that since I have been with this current job for years, saying that it hasn’t been a great fit would appear as a one-off and not a trend. I say go for it, what do you have to lose?

    • I left a job after six months because it wasn’t the right fit – there had been warning signs in the interview, but I ignored them because I was young and naive – and it’s never been an issue in job interviews since then. Literally everyone understood. Everyone you interview with will have been in at least one role/company that wasn’t the right fit, and so (assuming you interview well otherwise) it won’t be a red flag.

      Just make sure that you can answer any questions about why it wasn’t a good fit without getting mean about the bad fit employer! That *is* a red flag.

      • I agree with all of this, and just wanted to add, that as long as you have solid work history otherwise, being with one employer for a short period should not be a deal breaker for any employer.

    • Just look. The worse that can happen is that you don’t get a job. If you get one, grab it and don’t look back.
      I’ve been there, knowing from the first weeks that the place and job was messed up. I had to ignore the interview red flags because I really needed a job; in hindsight, I really wish I’d have started looking for a new job right away, rather than figure I should stay the time necessary to not have to pay them back for the relocation assistance – before that time was up, the place realized what trouble it was in and started mass layoffs – the severance was nice, but I’d have been soooo much better off if I’d just looked for another job right away and left if I got one and dealt with the financial repercussions.

    • The exhaustion this week is likely from pollen, I’ve decided – I’ve been smelling it for weeks (car was covered with it for a long time, every day), but it just started to really get to me this week.

    • Re: rave – I need some! Why are avocados so expensive lately?

    • Also on the insanely tired for no real reason train! Everything’s the same in my routine, but I feel like I’m in a total daze. Was hoping a beach weekend would help but looks like rain is on the horizon…guess it’ll just be nap time in the hotel.

  • Rant: nats bullpen

    • maxwell smart

      for serious.

    • Last night’s game was just par for the course. A no-hitter through five and a 4-1 lead blown by the bullpen.

    • Seriously. It’s going to corrode the entire clubhouse. Max had an amazing day–a no-hitter through the sixth and after that, only gave up two hits, and he gets a no-decision for the effort.
      If this year is the best shot (which I think it is), they have to bring someone in. Clearly these guys aren’t able to do it (between being injured and just plain bad at their jobs). Pay someone who can.

  • skj84

    Rave: Had an issue with my side gig where I was put into a very uncomfortable situation. Got an email from them chastising me for my work, and in a frustrated state I emailed back blasting them for putting me in that position. I assumed I’d never hear from them again. Imagine my surprise when they emailed back apologizing for putting me in that position, agreeing that it should never had happened, and worked out a solution to ensure it never happens again. I was impressed, I’ve worked too many jobs where complaints are dismissed, or mocked. Its such a small thing, apologizing and addressing the situation turned around my opinion of the company, which was pretty negative at that time.
    Rant: My Uber driver took the longest route possible to get to my workout class. Then went past the building when It came time to drop me off. Like I don’t even know if he had the right address in the GPS. I was 5 minutes late because of it.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Forgot to rave about all the awesome options at the FONA plant sale this year, it turned out way better than previous years, and I picked up some really cool perennials to draw in more butterflies and bees this year (meadow rue, little spire russian sage, flame salvia, tall garden phlox, cranesbill geranium, and little henry rudebeckia).

  • Rave: I’m seven weeks pregnant!
    Rant: Ho boy the exhaustion and nausea are no joke. I know I don’t have it as bad as many women do, but it’s still bad enough that it’s affecting my work. Any tips from women who have been here on how I can manage my job and my symptoms without telling my boss or colleagues before I get past 12 weeks? (I’d like to wait longer, but that’s definitely the earliest I’d be comfortable telling them.)

    • Congrats!! I was able to successfully conceal a pregnancy for 12 weeks when I was puking multiple times a day from my boss (including a rather interesting Admin Professionals Day when I was taken out to lunch with the entire executive team and promptly came back to the office and threw up). He may have had suspicions, but he never asked. My suggestion is to listen to your body. If you feel like you have to puke, go to the restroom (on a different floor if you can) – don’t wait it out, or else there is a really good chance you will be puking in your trash can. Try to keep something on your stomach (just light – crackers or something) and peppermint tea always helped me too. Also, just sucking on something helped, and they have those preggo pop things that have peppermint and ginger in the to help with nausea. I also ended up telling two good friends/peers who covered for me when I really needed it. Good luck!

      • thank you! I’d never heard of those pops – will run out at lunch to get some.

    • Ginger chews and lots of naps. But more seriously, I would just go with admitting to something being wrong, but pretending it’s something else (e.g. migraines or vague “stomach issues”) until you are comfortable telling people. They can’t penalize you for being pregnant or sick (and they shouldn’t press you on details of your illness either), so it’s no difference. I also recommend (if possible) finding one person at work you are comfortable telling, so they can have your back if/when you really need help.

      • Yes, and CONGRATULATIONS!

      • thank you! and yes, it’s a good idea to strategize about who I can tell if need be – thanks. the woman I’m closest to in the office is out on maternity leave herself at the moment, so she’s no help! ha.

    • Congratulations! Acupunture, ginger chews, ginger ale, seasickness bands, and eating carbs for breakfast all helped me deal with the nausea. I closed my office door and napped for a half hour every day during lunch in the first trimester. I also told my boss earlier than I would have liked because my maternity leave would have affected work travel the following year. Every one else I told at sixteen months.

      • “Every one else I told at sixteen months.”
        I didn’t know artemis was a giraffe 😀 (In all seriousness though, we know you meant weeks… I’m just poking fun.)

        • Hahaha. See my statement below that everyone in my house is exhausted. I obviously need more coffee.

          When I was pregnant, I learned that elephants are pregnant for 18-22 months. I remember being very grateful that I wasn’t an elephant (or a giraffe!).

      • carbs for breakfast! yes – I’ve been housing a bowl of dry Special K every morning right after waking up, which I only realized is weird because I usually wait to get to the office to have breakfast. smart body 🙂 thank you!

    • Congratulations! As for nausea–agreed with all of the above. Though caveat–different women have different nausea triggers & nausea relievers–a colleague even had foods that were relievers the first time around that were triggers for pregnancy #2! That said–if ginger/lemon work–I loved the Haribo lemon-ginger candies if you can find them.

    • The nausea is no joke at all. I think I lived on popsicles, vegetable broth, green smoothies, and preggie pops for a few weeks during the first trimester. Hang in there. You’ll be in the second tri before you know it. Congrats!

  • Rant: I complained to my ANC Commissioner about the flippers next door digging out their yard without doing anything to support mine (which is now eroding away). I was supposed to hear from DCRA a couple days ago and now they are out *right now* digging deeper! So either someone came by and they know they effed up and are hastily trying to get it done before I can stop them or no one said anything and they are just making the problem worse. Argh.

    Question: I am trying to get rid of some concrete we broke up in our backyard. I would like to get it recycled, but the only option for that seems to be to rent a truck and take it to one of the recycling places myself. Does anyone know a hauler that would come get it and take it to one of the concrete recycling places?

    • Dump the concrete in the hole your neighbors are digging? Boom. Two birds, one stone. (Just kidding, I have no idea what you would do in either of these cases, but I hope you’re able to find a solution soon!)

    • I wasn’t sure from your post… have you contacted DCRA directly, as well as contacting your ANC Single Member District rep?
      Try calling DCRA directly. Some developers are completely brazen and will continue working even when they’re under a stop-work order.

      • I didn’t. I actually contacted my listserv and my district rep is on it (and he sent my concerns and photos to DCRA) because I wasn’t sure that this constitutes illegal construction (although I’ve become more convinced in the meantime that it is, at very least in failing to notify me about the impact to my property). The update is that the inspection is scheduled for tomorrow, so fingers crossed. In general, the developer really hasn’t been bad so I am hoping this falls into the ignorance/lack of forethought category (rather than deliberately negligent). We’ll see.

  • Rant: I wish there were an online map of every street parking sign in the District. I’m going to a screening tonight and I know there is on-street parking in the evening, I’m just not sure how early it starts. If I could see the street sign on Google Street View, it would be perfect.

    Rave: If something like this exists, I know some Popvillian will let me know about it!

    • I’ve zoomed inside of restaurants on street view, so if you look at the nearest corner maybe you can see the signs.

      • Thanks Anon Spock, but I can’t read them. I can see them, but cannot read the wording. They’re in a business district, but on a side street, so I’m just trying to figure out if I can park there starting at 5:00 or if I have to wait until 6:30.

        • RAVE: Thank you — I went a block further to see if I could read any of the signs, and realized that just one block away, all the signs are green. So there’s a time limit, but no restrictions! Yay.

          • Btw, I don’t recall ever seeing a side street with rush hour restrictions. Hopefully they’re pretty much all safe for early evening parking.

      • Yeah, I think that’s the best you can do in DC – now NYC has just such a map with all the parking signs.

        • At one point about a year and a half ago I found a map with color coded dots for the parking meter restrictions (2 hour, etc.) — it was a PDF on a DC government website. Now I can’t seem to find it though.

  • Rant?: Staff meeting today at 10…and there are only 2 of us here. Come on, people, let’s just get this over with…
    Rant: This is gonna’ be a tough staff meeting, with ramifications that will affect everyone (but me). Not looking forward to this. Also have to take minutes. UGH.
    Rave: Staff appreciation picnic today! What a beautiful day for it!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: “Working Session” last night with PTSD friend left me drained like my laptop’s battery, which was left at 16% after the video chat.
    Rave: Was able to light a candle at St. Matthews before work. It’s been a while.

  • Rave: Didn’t have to go to the second day of training because literally none of it applied to my particular program. And managed to leave things on a good note with the person I’ve been working with who runs a chunk of the program we’re being trained on.
    Rant: My brother and sister-in-law’s yellow lab died last night. He was such a mess, but such a goofy, sweet old guy. I know they’re probably feeling a mix of heartbreak and relief, and I just wish I could be there to give them hugs.
    Rant: MP3s/MP4s/whatever they’re called now that all seem to have been recorded at a different volume, so that I have to put me headphones on a high volume to hear one song and then when it switches to the next song, it blasts my eardrums out! Ouch!

    • If you’re industrious about editing metadata and such for your music collection, you can edit playback volume information so that songs play louder/quieter than the default recorded level. It’s… far from ideal, but if you have just a few outliers, it might not be too bad. (See also, the Loudness Wars, which have been a real thing in the recording industry since the late 80’s or so)…

    • Most MP3 devices and software that I’ve used have a way to equalize playback volume, you just need to find the setting. Google is probably your best friend here, just try something like “equalize audio volume {name of device or software}”.

  • Rant: I’m exhausted and today is going so slow. Is it 4pm yet?

  • Rant: Almost hit a cyclist who biked the wrong way on a one way street.
    Rave: Managed to get lunch prepped for the remainder of the week.
    Rant: Noisy co-worker is still noisy.
    Rant: Going to bed at 9p and still being tired. My body needs to settle down.

    • Literally LOL at “Noisy co-worker is still noisy” Why cant ppl just come to work to work?

      • Yes! I suspect people are just noisy and chatty irl, so they don’t know how to turn it off for work. I could go a whole day without talking to anyone at work.

  • Rant: Dog whose owner lives in a building near mine is left out a lot by himself. The area is fenced, but it’s a gross alley way. This morning he had tipped over the big trash cans and was eating garbage. 🙁 Makes me so sad.
    Rant: I really get along with most of my coworkers, but they’re really gossipy and it’s been wearing on me lately. So many things I wish I didn’t know!
    Rave: Cold brew.

    • you could report to Humane Rescue Alliance (http://www.humanerescuealliance.org/contact) if you think the doggie is in danger. they check for shelter, food and water, neglect etc. such a sad thing to see!

      • I did call them this morning and they said they’d do a wellness check. I know which building it is, but don’t know the apartment number of the owner, so I’m not sure what they can do unless they happen to swing by when the dog is outside. :-/ Hopefully they’ll be able to help, though!

  • Rant: The news. Woman laughing at Jeff Sessions convicted of a criminal act; Trump firing Comey; reporter arrested for asking questions of Secretary of Health; travel alert issued by ACLU for Texas. I really feel like I’m living in a bad dystopian novel.
    Rave: Even though I slept through my alarm, I somehow managed to get Baby Artie and me to daycare and work on time.
    Rant: Everyone in my house is exhausted, and it is only Wednesday.

    • agree 1000% on your rants. I’m trying not to let myself be terrified, but it’s hard, because this is such serious bullshit! How do we get this lunatic and all his cronies OUT?!

      • topscallop

        This is all my mega-rant as well. This doesn’t feel like America anymore. What happened to the first Amendment? Why are the GOP such cowardly hypocrites, and can’t they be stopped?!
        I’ve started watching the Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, which is really good, but it’s making me upset because lately it feels like we’re heading in that direction. Apparently I watch it with my arms crossed and a concerned look on my face the whole time.

        • I want to watch that but can’t right now, I feel like it will make my mind go down a darker road than it’s already on…..

        • Andie302

          SNL did a skit this past week spoofing it. I haven’t seen the series, but I thought the skit was an interesting take (but not all that funny)

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Waiting for my bus at this magical place called Paul Sarbanes Silver Springsss Metro Transit station. Who knew such a place existed?
    Rave: This weather!
    Rant: These chapter visits don’t always end well.

    • I Dont Get It

      There’s a sign on the door at my destination “No concealed weapons.”

      • binntp

        When I did humanitarian work overseas, we had a sign painted for our office telling people they couldn’t bring in their weapons. Except the sign painter clearly did not have a grasp of English and instead painted, “No Peapons”. Now I’m thinking I should’ve made a Peep diorama to honor that…

  • Ally

    Rave: Husband finally seeking treatment, after 3 long years, for his ADHD; very optimistic that this will restore some sanity to things. Anyone else have success stories from treatment for this condition?
    Rave: Weather has been absolutely beautiful; walked 3 miles into work yesterday so I could enjoy it.
    Rant: Trump. But I could say that daily (need a Rant Macro).

  • Rant: Really bummed about the shooting last night at the playground/rec center on Franklin St. NE. I live at the corner of 3rd and Evarts and saw the ambulances loading up the kids who’d been shot. There were kids EVERYWHERE when this happened in broad daylight. I overheard one kid say “Man, crazy where we live..’ and another kid say “I didn’t know anybody was going to be shooting at us today” and it broke my heart.
    I’ve woken up to gunshots 6 times in as many months; the man who killed Tricia McCauley was loitering in front of my building the day before he kidnapped her; and now someone drives by and shoots up a playground? Ugh.

  • RANT: “Track changes” I believe in collaboration and all, but if you are not doing the actual work, screw what you think. -sigh-
    RAVE/RANT: The boyfriend and I are going to ATL this weekend for his 1st cousin’s wedding which means I will be meeting his parents for the 1st time. Not overly excited about meeting tons of family members. Super excited about leaving DC.
    RAVE: The W Buckhead
    RANT: Super important meetings for the rest of the week where collaboration is the name of the game. I honestly believe some people just like to hear themselves talk.
    RANT: I need to get my nails done in NoMa and my toes done in Dupont. How in the world will I avoid the crowds on Metro from the Capitals and Nationals games? I should have done this yesterday.
    RAVE: Increased responsibility at work.

    • Re: “RANT: ‘Track changes’ I believe in collaboration and all, but if you are not doing the actual work, screw what you think. -sigh-”
      I think of them as suggestions, which I can choose to agree with or discard. At least it’s better than someone changing your document without track changes?

      • Agreed. There is nothing I hate more than when someone sends something back with edits — and I can’t figure out where the edits ARE, especially in a big document. Then you have to compare documents and that’s just a lot more work than rejecting tracked changes….

        • You are both super right. I really just don’t want the input anymore. lol We are currently on version like, 20 of this new policy and every time we incorporate the suggested changes, they want more.

          • Oh — well in that case that’s OBNOXIOUS. Would a sit-down meeting be possible or helpful at all? The last time I had an issue like that at work 2 people from each team literally sat down for like 3 hours in a room and we went line.by.line. But then it was done and everyone was satisfied.

    • And here I thought track changes was a reference to Metro doing work on the tracks…

    • Andie302

      I am curious, why not just get nails and toes done at the same place? (I’m asking because I feel like there’s some lady ritual or wonderful thing I’m missing out on at one of the places you’re planning to go!)

      • @Andie302 – well I can only speak for myself and my friends, but personally my nails can be a HUGE deal depending on the event (I’m talking jewels, designs, etc). Therefore, I go to a particular spot for nails, and a different spot for toes because they do certain things better if that makes sense.

      • You too are also right. My nails MUST be done at this hole in the wall place near North Capital because they have a specific color powder for my “pink and white manicure”. I go to mimosa for my pedis because well, its mimosa. lol I guess I could get a pedi anywhere but I want my champagne dang it. 🙂

  • Rant: Work has been insane. Month long planned dinner with a good friend had to be skipped because my boss decided to keep me at work until 10pm. I’m exhausted, and my friend is pissed, and I cant blame her 🙁 What can I do to make it up to her?

    • Oh my gosh! I have no suggestions but I am so sorry…. That’s really not right of your boss.

    • Ally

      I’d suggest having her over for delivery or a home-cooked meal and you guys can work on voodoo dolls in the likeness of your boss (mostly kidding).

      • Not a bad idea. I just feel like a horrible person to one of my favorite humans. And its making me reconsider sticking it out in this role (even though it will put me in line for a promotion). I’m tired of always putting work first.

        • As someone who’s been on the receiving end, if it’s not something you do regularly I think she’ll get over it. It sucks, but it happens and sometimes we can’t avoid it. An apology and sincere request to reschedule (and perhaps cook dinner/buy drinks/etc to show extra effort) should be fine.

    • Commiserating and co-opting your rant:

      Scrambling all week to reschedule two meetings that I need to be at, the seniors of course pick the only two times of the week right next to each other. I reshuffle everything to undo that and not leave certain people hanging who are relying on me, and the only way to make that work is my losing a day off. Meeting is now Friday 3pm, when I’m supposed to be on a train to see my little brother. Amtrak has no single ticket available for Friday at any hour afterwards, so I miss the whole damn day, and driving through that rush hour through DC and Baltimore and 95 from 5-9pm seems like a bad plan too.

      TLDR: sh*t rolls downhill.

      • That blows, @ShawThrough. Ugh, I’m sitting in a meeting now, and am still exhausted and sort of heart sick.

        • Can you do something, like send your friend flowers at work today as a “Sorry, I screwed up” gesture? Or have a fun food delivery sent during the day?
          Then definitely tell her that you are going to make it up to her, pay for all of it, plan all of it, and tell your boss that you have plans that under no circumstances can be moved once you make them. People have to have lives outside of work.

        • Not that this will make you feel better, but nearly 20 years ago I had to give up a seat (8th row, center!) at a Rolling Stones concert because – well, I was a first year associate, a filing had to go out, and that’s really all there was to it. I get a call on the anniversary of the show each year from the guy who took my ticket, thanking me.

  • Rave: Thanks for all the advice/words of wisdom about my cat yesterday. She’s the most adorable thing in the world (not that I’m biased) and I’m just kind of living alongside her till the Stockholm syndrome sets in. I think she’s finally coming around to love me more than boyfriend, which is nice 🙂
    Rave: Today is my Friday!! Heading back to Texas tomorrow for my sister’s wedding this weekend. It’s honestly going to be great. I’m not gonna say any more good things for fear of jinxing.
    Rant: Oh dear god boyfriend is meeting the rest of my extended family. He’s met a lot of my family, but this weekend will really bring the crazies out of the woodwork. And the church people. We’re on the same page that anyone who asks “When is it you two?!” can shut right the hell up but oh man this has the potential to be … interesting.

  • Rant: Baby caught her first cold and managed to share it with me.
    Rave: At least she’s feeling better today.
    Rave: Lasik surgery is scheduled for next month. I’m simultaneously excited and nervous.
    Rant: I’ve already been asked way too many times about when we’re going to have another child. I’ll never understand why people think it’s okay to ask such personal questions. And seriously, the kid isn’t even 3 months old yet. I’m not ready to think about it.
    Rave: Behind on the summer garden but the plants have been purchased. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get them in the ground on Sunday.

    • People have no awareness. I know a lot of people who can’t have a second kid or they want a second kid, but have been trying desperately to have one for years.

    • Ally

      I hear you on the rant about people asking you personal questions. After I had our son two years ago, I would not only get asked (almost immediately) when we were having another (hard when you’re going through postpartum and recovering from surgery to answer that question!). Worse, people continued to ask me when my baby — already born — was due. It’s bizarre to me to consider who would think it’s ever a good idea to ask a woman when she’s due. Even if it’s very very obvious she’d pregnant, you still never know — she could be having health complications with the baby, etc. It’s just always, always a bad question unless the mother brings it up first. Hang in there!

      • That happened to me, too. Though after our second, we got the question of “you’ve got a girl and a boy, so you’re done, now, right?” That was when our son was a day old. Though I think that the fact that I had slightly more “exciting” L&D experiences with both kids played a role in the question.

      • Wise words from Dave Barry: “You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests you think she’s pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.”

    • If it makes you feel any better, even *I* get asked if/when will my SO and I have a baby. That would make #6 between us. I have started responding with a simple “Fuck Off.” Seems to work well.

    • Lol–one of the infant room teachers at our daycare asked how I was feeling and said I looked pregnant one day last week–and then another one chimed in to say she was about to ask when we were going to send them another baby! They’re sweet and well-meaning so I just laughed it off, but totally agreed–inappropriate questions under any circumstances!

    • While I was still PREGNANT, I had a coworker go on a rant about why I couldn’t have just one child.

      • Ugh, really? People have no shame and no sense of boundaries. But I guess we already knew that.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I’d attribute a lot of the other comments above to inevitable consequences of living in a diverse society that includes lots of people from different backgrounds and with different norms about what is talked about openly vs. what is out of bounds (hint: opinions vary tremendously), but I find this one pretty shocking and would expect to be disciplined or fired for making such a comment to or about a co-worker.

  • Rave: First date guy from last night was very nice, and a gentleman.
    Rant: But there was zero spark and I found him boring. There was no talk of a second date.
    Rave: But I have a 2nd date tonight, who I seem to click with well over email at least, but…
    Rant: Maybe he’s going to cancel (I have a really strange feeling) because he told me work was weird today
    Rant: Trump firing the director of the FBI??? How will they be able to choose someone that Trump picks for this position? Super suspicious.
    Cautious Rave: Does this mean people in Congress will finally allow an independent investigation? Comey has some time to do stuff with that now, I am guessing?
    Rave: My cat listened to me yesterday about the Vet Threat, and there was no puking at any point. I told her if she kept up the good work, I would buy her a new toy post renovation.
    W&B: For those who haven’t seen it yet: Barcelona Wine Bar, Logan CIrcle, on May 17th. I will do my best to be there between 5:30 and 6.
    Rant: This reno is making me want to do even more to my place, but I don’t seem to have a money tree. Sigh.

  • Rant: People at work you have to rely on who don’t have their act together and make everyone but themselves look like idiots. Get it together.
    Rave: Paddleboarding with friends tonight no matter what happens at work.

  • Andie302

    Rant: I have been in the worst mood lately. I think it’s not enough down time and took much time being social. I need to hit the reset.
    Rave: Ordered all three rose bushes online after figuring out that there’s no way I could get to Behnke’s except for Friday at 5pm, which with traffic would be terrible (and calling a couple other closer places). I will definitely check that place out next time I’m up that way though!
    Rave: Heading to the Cambridge house this weekend with my family. Looking forward to it!
    Rave: Crabs are way cheaper in Cambridge- I’m seeing some in my immediate future.
    Rave: Re-ordered Rothy’s now that they are back in stock in black in my size. I hope I like them!
    Rave: Reconsidering honeymoon destinations – it’s fun to think about
    Rant: But I’d like to lock that down with some reservations sooner rather than later!

    • I got the Rothys I ordered but returned them because the were just a little too small. Haven’t decided if i liked them enough to order a size larger. They are definitely comfortable, just not sure I liked them enough for the price.

      • Andie302

        Good to know! I had to go a half size up because I have wide feet. Hopefully that does the trick. Glad to hear they were comfortable – the price is a hard pill to swallow.

        • oh my gosh, I’ve never heard of these and I just checked them out, they look so cute! Are they really comfortable even for someone with a super-high arch?

          • Andie302

            I’m not sure – this is my first pair but a friend said she loves hers. (I don’t know about her arches though.)

          • Yeah, finding shoes with enough arch support has been really tricky – my feet do best with either a small heel or the kind of footbed you find in Birkenstocks! If I’m in really flat flats all day, my feet start to ache so bad!

  • Late-day rave: teachers & parents from mtpbaby’s class loved the collage I put together for teacher appreciation week. So glad that idea popped into my head and thrilled it came out so well!

  • I Dont Get It

    Late rave: I believe I was sitting behind a frequent PoPville commentator on the 52 bus just a few minutes ago. Whats the ettiquette for this?

  • Rant: I need to clean my vacation rental apt. before new guests arrive, it takes less than an hour, but feeling ultra lazy and extra annoyed to have lost my excellent cleaning person recently. (She lost her housing and couldn’t find anything affordable so moved to Florida.)

    Anybody looking for an easy cleaning job on a flexible schedule? (Yes, I’ve tried TaskRabbit – not great results, and talked to many recommended cleaners, but all – understandably – wanted a regular schedule.) Takes an hour or less, pays $40.00, can be 3-6 times a month and time is fairly flexible. Located 1/2 block to CH metro.

  • Rant: Mom died in February; Mother’s Day approaches. The pop-up ads for bouquets sting. I reach for cards, but I don’t need one this year :^( I adjust.