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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: My 15 year old yorkie passed away yesterday afternoon.
    Rave: I have an awesome support network who have rallied around me during this trying time.

  • Rave: The PoPville community for letting me vent and giving me a shoulder (well, many shoulders!) when I need it. Thank you!
    Unknown: I turned off my alarm in my sleep. Again. I didn’t oversleep for 3 years and suddenly I’ve overslept twice in the past 3 months. But I still made it to work on time! It’s a miracle!

  • One of the sponsored content things on PoPville indicated that Goldie Hawn has passed, but I can’t find any reference to that anywhere else, so I’m assuming that Private Benjamin is still kicking around . . . right?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I just clicked on the link – so dumb “BREAKING NEWS: Goldie Hawn Says Goodbye To Hollywood Due To Her Age!”

      • Can’t believe I was suckered into thinking “says goodbye” = died. To paraphrase a once-great sports columnist, the lesson, as always, is that I’m an idiot.

        • Clickbait articles like that are always trying to sucker people into thinking that some major Hollywood celebrity has died. I feel like those ads used to be on Facebook all the time.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Another crisp day, coffee in one hand, the Beatles in my ears, and no clouds in sight. (I wonder how different the Beatles would’ve been If they were around during the time of the cassette tape rather than vinyl.)
    Rant: The Coffee Meets Bagel app is new to me so I accidentally passed on a person by mistake. FWIW, sorry USDA lady, you had me at Bob Ross, but my butterfingers got the better of me. Haha.

    Rant: Can’t decide whether to be worried about the two late 4 on 4 goals.
    3yo antics: I deflected an argument about wearing shorts by allowing mtpkiddo to wear skeleton pajamas. They’re essentially lightweight sweats–totally fine, right? I just don’t have it in me to battle unnecessary battles.
    because Rant: Too many late nights and too much on my plate! Juggling lots at work and lots at home. No idea what I’m doing for mtpwife for mothers day and also need to come up with a birthday present for my mom. Ugh.
    Rave: At least I came up with a great idea for mtpbaby’s teacher appreciation week cards and got those taken care of last night. One more thing crossed off the list. Oy!

    • Totally fine. She’ll wear pjs to class in college anyway. You really do have to pick your battles. They have so little control over their lives that I think it is fair to let them wear some wardrobe arguments, especially when the solution is more weather appropriate.

      • +1. I wouldn’t even worry about the shorts. If she’s chilly, she’s chilly, and she won’t do it again (at some point, at least). My only criteria for clothes was that they were clean – which led to some truly outrageous outfits, and drove my wife nuts, but I never had an argument about the way clothes looked.

        • Thanks guys. I’d say the same about the shorts if it was a weekend–but it’s not uncommon for her to insist on wearing shorts in cold weather, then melt down that she’s too cold. I don’t want to put her teachers through that. So, for now, the criteria is clean and weather-appropriate. But I imagine we’ll start letting her decide on the weather-appropriate front in the next year or so.

    • You know the only thing worse than being the best team in the league, and losing at home in 5 to your arch rival for the 9th time in 10 playoff meetings? Being the best team in the league and being down 3-1 before fighting back to 3-3, only to lose at home in 7 to your arch rival for the 9th time in 10 playoff meetings.
      Not that I’m a pessimist. But I am a Mets and Jets fan, and a 20-year resident of DC, so I have seen this play before.

      • I know, right? I thought the prospect of losing game 5 at home was bad. Now I’m totally petrified about game 7.

    • CAPS!!!! I don’t think the two late goals are a negative… 4 on 4 hockey is tough and it was at the end of the fast game… just hope we have the energy and the stamina to get it done tomorrow night.

      • Yeah, I think that’s right. I think it’s ok and doesn’t matter. But previous history doesn’t allow for exuberance–only cautious optimism. I’ve seen this show before and I’m not totally convinced the ending changes this time around. But I want to believe! That was a hell of a game last night–and kind of looked like what I’m used to seeing, except with the sweaters reversed. Crazy!
        I’m really worried about Crosby. I don’t love him and think he’s kind of a whiny pain in the rear, but I don’t want him to be permanently brain-injured anymore than he already is from his concussion history. He did not seem to have it together last night. I hope they give him another look before deciding on tomorrow’s lineup.

      • Those two late goals are going to keep them honest. I think it’s actually good that we had that last-minute lapse – gotta be ON at all times against the Pens.

  • Rant: In a 1 & 1/2 day training that is utterly useless to me because my program can’t use the majority of the features of a website we’re all supposed to be using. The person in charge of the entire training doesn’t know much more than we do, and she basically told me that almost none of this applies to me – so why the f*%& do I have to be here?! what a stupid stupid waste of my time!
    Rave: I love all the light early in the morning and late into the evening, it’s so helpful to my overall mood.

    • Ugh, that is a waste of time. I’m sorry about that! Can you try to think of it like a vacation and just zone out?

    • Is that place still doing the whole “you can’t have access until you do OUR training and we don’t care that we only do the training once in a Blue Moon and only if that happens to fall on a Tuesday”?
      Yeah. Totally don’t miss that!

  • Rant: Ever since my favorite coworker left, there’s no one to really talk to anymore. No ‘how was your weekend?” or “What did you do last night?” I really miss that connection with someone. Also, I’ve been at this job for five and a half years but have no one I can go to lunch or HH with. I’m the youngest here, and there’s also a lot of turnover (the nature of the beast). Makes me sad sometimes.
    Rave: An old friend was in town last night–so great to reconnect, and especially over the Caps game!
    Rave: Turning 35 in a few weeks, and when friend pointed out that I’ll be old enough to run for president, we decided I should have a “Hiphop for President!” party. Then get super drunk and go yell at the White House, like responsible adults.
    Rave!!: While cutting through Union Station today my eyes drifted up to the sentries at the top, and there IS genitalia behind those shields! I swear it! Was having kind of a crappy morning but that sure cheered me up.

    • I LOVE your #HipHopForPresident idea. Seems super fun.

    • Ha! I love your birthday party idea!

    • You are correct! I remember reading this a while ago in a book about DC and the book called the shields ‘modisty panels’. For some reason, I think it was this book: The Great Society Subway (Creating the North American Landscape) by Zachary M. Schrag

  • Rant – While waiting 20 minutes for my ride last night I watched traffic at 1st & Mass NE. There’s a traffic light for the bike lane, even has picture of a bike that is red, yellow, or green. In that 20 minutes of watching, I did not see a single bike stop when the bike light was red. Not one going in either direction. They swerved in front of or behind traffic when it was there, and just blasted through if it wasn’t.

    Maybe one of the police who are always standing around could start writing some tickets?

  • Rant: Sore back and stuffy nose this morning. Almost called in sick.
    Rave: Graphic design folks at my job jazzed up my poster for my presentation next month in Minneapolis and it looks great. Hopefully, they will be able to print it and send it to my hotel and I won’t have to deal with it on the plane.
    Rave: Exercised yesterday. Did 2 miles.
    Rave: Coworkers are actually quiet for now.

  • Rave: Back on the water, rowing the mighty Anacostia after months and months of pain and sloth.

    Rant: The cat, the neighbors. For years I had cats who roamed the alleys of Mt. Pleasant and my own front yard without a care in the world (except for whoever, after literally 15 years of free range felines in the ‘hood, dropped a dime on Carl and 2D). Now I’m with the girlfriend in Adams Morgan in a house whose basement apartment is occupied by “family,” so her cat is our cat and her cat likes to go outside, too. But it’s become a pain. It’s not just the passers-by who are always texting her owner (and getting me into things because she’s a nurse and works weird hours so unemployed Irving steps into the cat-daddy breech). There’s even one person who knows that the cat likes to stretch her legs and always comes home but who still insists on catnapping her and taking her to a third party’s apartment as kind of a one-person campaign for cat incarceration. The cat has all of her shots. The cat is friendly. The cat does not catch birds. The cat always comes home, unless she’s catnapped. And the cat is quick enough that she’s always going to get out sooner or later unless we tie her up or something. I just want her to be able to stretch her legs without me or her owner being lectured by some do-gooder who wants the cat to get fat and bored for some reason.
    Rave. Garden at my house looking sharp. Too bad I don’t live there any more.

    • Busybodies. My previous cat would have shat on my bed (and sometimes did) if I tried to keep him indoors all the time. He would get hurt trying to zip past the heavy front door before it closed. I would waste hours trying to coax him out from under cars after his daring daily escapes. At some point you just have to let nature win one.

    • Wasn’t there a post recently where a cat had a message on its collar or tags that said something like “I have a home but like to be outdoors. Please don’t call my owner unless something seems wrong.” Since it sounds like people are texting from a number (on the tags/collar?) maybe a message like that would help.

    • I don’t think we’re neighbors, but I trap stray cats and bring them to the NY ave shelter. I got the neighbor’s cat once, despite him swearing that his outdoor cat never comes in my yard.
      Please keep your pets to yourself. It’s the law, and I don’t appreciate them crapping in my yard.

      • Are you one person shop or part of a group? There are a bunch of strays near me, and I’d love them to get adopted and vetted if at all possible.

        • No – this is a personal thing around my house.
          WHS will trap-neuter-release if you contact them.
          If you just want them trapped / removed, you have to do that yourself. Keep in mind that strays may not be adoptable, so trapped / removed probably means euthanized.

          • Not always — isn’t the HRA now putting non-adoptable cats with businesses to help with rodent issues? Or am I imagining things?

          • There’s also an alley cat program where a person sponsors a cat that has been trapped & spayed/neutered, but isn’t suitable for adoption, and the cat stays outside to help with rodent issues. They generally have a tipped ear to identify that they are part of the program. We have one in our alley who is surprisingly friendly and loves on my kids.

          • I thought you aren’t allowed to have outdoor pets in dc.

          • There are a TON of things you’re not allowed to do in DC. We all have our favorite ones to ignore. I used to ignore the cat one. You may like to ignore the one prohibiting U turns in the middle of the block, or requirements to pick up after your dog (yes, even if it’s sleeting and he just did a really gross wet one) or the one that says you need to bring your trash can in no later than 6pm and maintain your treebox.
            I’m sure I can find at least one rule for everyone who thinks they’re so much better than everyone else, one they they ignore because “it’s not that big a deal,” and then I’ll find the people who are tormented by violations of that rule, and then I’ll sit back and watch the world burn.

          • So you think people who are incensed about trash cans left out until 8pm are on the same footing as people who don’t like other pets poo in their yard?

          • HRA program for “working cats” – putting them in warehouses etc. is nice, but tiny. Like maybe 8-10 cats placed so far.

      • I bet you have tons of friends, anon.

        • I bet you’re very creative, Anon.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            alright back to your corners anons!!

          • fine, if Anon keeps their cat out of my corner 😉

          • Happily cat-free here.

          • So Anon and Anon and Anon – stray/feral/community cats are a genuine problem, but not a life-killer. I don’t like cats roaming free in the city, but some might need to. As long as they are vaccinated and spayed/neutered, it isn’t so bad. (Any birds besides sparrows and starlings have already been long lost to lawn pesticides etc.)

            I foster kittens for a rescue. And I know people who feed the ferals in the alley behind my house, and I’m happy to take over their daily feeding when the person is away. Still, I hate that those cats shit in my vegetable garden. This is life – complicated, messy and with many opportunities to jump in and do something to change it.

      • You are a bad person.

      • You trapped them for TNR? Or with the idea of just getting rid of them??

        • Am I hallucinating or were not-terribly-objectionable (in tone, though perhaps in content) posts removed here?

          • HaileUnlikely

            I recall at least one or two posts about which I found nothing objectionable which are no longer here.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Actually, I was mistaken, they are still present above. I think they might have disappeared momentarily while a reply to one of them was in moderation (just a guess, really don’t know)

          • I think they were.

  • Rave: Thank you to wdc (I think) for suggesting Northern Ireland/Antrim Coast/Belfast for a side-trip from Dublin. We’re going in a few weeks, and it looks amazing! I don’t think we would have thought of it on our own.
    Rant: Once again the only person in my department for our entire organization. Workload paralysis is a go. They really need to hire people already!
    Rave: SO is going on a trip with his college buddies this weekend, which means I get the apartment all to myself. Love him, but it’s going to be glorious!

    • Excellent, enjoy! The Mourne valley was C.S. Lewis’s inspiration for Narnia, and the real-world location of Westeros. 🙂

      • Is this side-trip doable if we’re only spending about 6 days in Dublin? We want to do one side trip outside of Dublin while we’re there.

        • FWIW, we’re only there for 4 days, and we’re using one full day to do the Northern Ireland side-trip. We’ll see if we made the right decision or not, I suppose.

          • Okay, yeah we’re doing a 16 day trip of Iceland, Oslo, and Dublin. I def wanted to take a day trip outside of Dublin!

        • go to Glendalough! it’s a perfect day trip outside of Dublin, in Co Wicklow. there’s an early medieval (12th c, I think?) monastic settlement there, set in absolutely beautiful woodland.

        • In my opinion six days is too long in Dublin. I did a long weekend there and was kind of bored by the end of it. Dublin is a nice city, but there are other European cities that have a better urban experience, and the surrounding areas of Ireland are so picturesque and beautiful it is a shame to be “trapped” in a mediocre city. So….explore! I would do a few side trips – either up north to Belfast or down south to Kilkenny and the coast.

          • Yeah, I figured as much. To be fair we fly out on the sixth day so really only five days to do stuff. I think we’ll get a car for two of the days and go north one day and south another!

          • So can’t even find the beginning of this thread – but in general – it is easy to check travel times and prices. Also consider what you actually like to do. Many great places in Ireland require hiking, often in rain. Many also require a good background knowledge of history to appreciate – like Glendalough. (Otherwise it is just a stone tower and stone buildings where monks used to live.)

            Northern Ireland – Giant’s Causeway – is great – very other-worldly and magnificent – if you’re into geology or general crazy planet appreciation. But check the time/effort/cost of transportation.

            Closer to Dublin – if driving – is the Dingle Peninsula. Loads of wild coastal scenery and crazy rocks. But you need time to explore to appreciate.

  • skj84

    Rant: Forced myself up early for a 7am class. Took an Uber to ensure I would get there on time, only to find out the class had been cancelled. In their defense they did try to call me, but had the wrong number on file.
    Rave: They still let me use the equipment since I was there already. Got a mini workout in.
    Rave: Had procuitto and cheese for dinner last night. I was cranky, and needed a treat.

  • Rave: Baby Artie slept until four this morning. After waking up five times the previous night, I will take it. Teething sucks so much.
    Rave: I am feeling like a human being since I actually slept last night.
    Rant: I have such a hard time finding pants that fit me.
    Rave: Sally Yates

    • Ugh, no kidding on teething. Mtpbaby didn’t seem to blink with the first three molars, but has been extra cranky and not sleeping quite as well the last week–turns out the last one is just under the surface and may be bugging him more for some reason? He slept so much better when his idiot moms finally gave him some ibuprofen last night 😛 (not that I’m saying anything about your treatment of teething–sometimes even ibuprofen only does so much–just that I feel you on the teething issue)

      • Unlike the person who came on strong towards you re: the medical industrial complex, food preservatives, and mtpkiddo’s sleeping issues yesterday, I never feel like you are judging my parenting, mtpresident. 🙂 I’m glad mtpbaby slept better last night. I really wish the little ones could Vulcan mind meld so we would know what they wanted and needed without a lot of (sometimes very inaccurate) guesswork.

        • Lol, excellent, glad to hear it! And for sure! It’s amazing that guesswork continues to sometimes be necessary even when they can verbally communicate–but I think sometimes even they don’t know what they need.

  • I need to fill a room in my house in Woodley for June. Does any popvillager or friend want it?
    Rant: drove over a screw last night
    Revel: it happened less than half a mile from home so I made it home
    Rant: dealing with this after school. I may bike tomorrow since I didn’t make it today

  • Rave: The kitten we adopted back in January is just wonderful, but she’s not particularly affectionate. I’ve chalked that up to her still being a kitten (she’s 10 months old) because she always wants to be near us, just not directly interact with us. She likes to be pet and she’ll tolerate being held and carried, but she doesn’t sit in laps and only nuzzles ankles when she’s hungry. As someone who grew up with affectionate cats, it’s a little heartbreaking. HOWEVER. She has more and more often been curling up with her head on my foot, or sleeping with her chin on my leg. Friday she draped her whole body over my shins and this morning when I made room for her at the top of the bed, she jumped up and LAID DOWN. I know this is such a little little thing in the grand scheme of life (“Oh no, your cat doesn’t love you, welcome to every cat ever”) but oh man does it make my heart happy.

    • Aw! I do understand that feeling of worry (“Oh my god, are even CATS rejecting me now?!” has been the thought that’s gone through my head on occasion), but as you’ve seen, she’s growing more and more comfortable with you now and is showing affection in her own way. I’d be willing to bet that as the years pass, there will be more circumstances in which you’ll see her showing her unique affections. Clearly she’s feeling more and more comfortable with each passing day!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Aww I hope she keeps getting more and more affectionate.

    • binntp

      I can relate! After having a clingy lap cat for 7 years, my new kitty also is not a snuggler. But like yours she is gradually sitting closer to me on the couch, rubbing against my back, etc. I hope you continue to have success getting your kitten to inch closer, and I’ll hold out mine does the same.

    • You’ll probably look back on this in a year with mild wistfulness, as your massive kitty tries again to suffocate you with her butt.
      I’ve had two (both females now that I think about it) that spent their first months/ year being kind of aloof, and eventually became snuggle-addicts, willing to do anything for a fix.

    • Some cats are simply never going to be lap cats. Some will never let any lap go unoccupied. If you have just the one kitty, you might think about getting her a companion, which could also give you a real lap cat. If you adopt through one of the foster groups, they will be happy to find the exact right kitty for you.

      • At 17 years old, my mom’s cat is not now nor has ever been a lap cat or super affectionate. Nor was her brother. I’d chalk it up to breed – they were both Norwegian Forest Cats – but maybe we just happened to get two cats who REALLY don’t care.

    • In my experience cats’ level of cuddling varies widely, and impossible to tell when getting a kitten. I’m glad to hear yours is moving in that direction. In fact I think it makes us appreciate the rare occasion that they do choose to occupy the lap that much more! (As one of my cats graced me with a 10 minute lap visit last night)

      • I’ll disagree a little bit here – (since kittens/cats are always totally unpredictable) – but by 8 weeks – the minimum age any group will adopt out an animal – the foster has a pretty good idea of kitten personality. Yes, still impossible to really know, but the foster can at least tell you if the kitten is bold/shy/calm/reactive etc.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Work is very slow and I’m bored.
    Rave: I can listen to NPR to occupy my time until some work comes in.

  • Rant: My cat has been throwing up once a day for the past few days. She’s still eating (obviously by what is coming up) and is playful and affectionate and acts totally normal – but I am not sure if I should be concerned about this?

    Rant: Still waiting on HR to approve my title change request from April. I feel like if it’s not approved, I should begin looking.

    W&B options:
    Logan Circle area – Barcelona Wine Bar?
    Drafting Table?
    I’d say Stoney’s but that place gets really crowded.
    Other ideas?

    La Tasca

    Rant: emailed my contractors some questions before they arrive next week and I haven’t heard back. Is this normal?

  • Rave: Wife accepted job offer and resigned yesterday. Current firm is trying to keep her, but she’s let them know the decision is made. They’re taking it better than she thought they would.
    Rave: Lots of interest in the room. (Thanks Anon Spock–you’re right, people are very last minute!)
    Rave: Job interview tomorrow.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Three cars with out of state plates were broken into in front of my house over the weekend. All had backpacks, clothing, shopping bags inside. Two of the cars had temporary parking passes so c’mon hosts, please warn your guests!

    Rant: My high school class, instead of having a reunion is having an “Significant Birthday” party in September. Once again, it is going to be at this s**tty park pavilion with a classmate as the DJ. Food is free so I suspect its chips and dips again. If we are old enough to have significant birthdays, can’t we afford to charge admission and have a nice event?
    Rant: Yes I realize I could get on the planning committee and try to change things but these people really balk at changing cherished “traditions.” Traditions like being cheap. They are already mocking the “rich” high school across town that is having a similar event and charging $25 at a nice facility downtown.
    Rant: I probably won’t go anyway so I should shut up.

  • rant: I’ve noticed a lot of bikers riding on the left side of lanes lately. Just because it may be easier to go around traffic, it’s still dangerous.

  • Rant: Anyone familiar with acupuncture and cupping. Thinking about trying it out

    • My physio has done acupuncture on my neck and shoulders. It was kind of weird at first, but then relaxing. Afterward it’s a little sore, almost like I did a heavy lift.

    • There are some good clinical trials with acupuncture – though interestingly, it does not appear to matter where the needles are stuck. There are also really interesting studies on placebos – showing they can still work even when the recipient knows they are placebos!

    • Supposed to alleviate muscle soreness and tightness from lifting per one of the trainers at the gym. No harm in trying it out.

  • Andie302

    Query: My mom would like one white, one peach, and one lavender rose bush, and I told her I’d hunt these down for her for Mother’s Day. I am sure that I can find one, maybe two, but definitely not all three in person, so my question is two-fold. Where should I look in person, and if I can’t find them in person does anyone have an online vendor they recommend? Thanks in advance for any ideas!

  • Rave: In Portland for the first time. Can’t say it’s my type of city but I love seeing my future brother in law and how happy he is here.
    Rave: Summer sublet in NYC is amazing. We held out for a non-sketchy opportunity (which took forever) and really lucked out. Never expected to have a large, private outdoor space but I’m really looking forward to moving in!
    Rave: Back gains, as my gym bro friends would say.
    Rant: My cardio is way down, need to work on that this summer.

  • Rant: (Step)Dad has to have heart surgery, again, before he can have what is amounting to life-saving bariatric surgery. Said surgery is occurring on my birthday, and now I am freaked out a little because my mom’s (foster)Dad passed away on her birthday, and her mother’s father also passed away on her mother’s birthday (though many years after she had actually died herself). I’m sure he will be fine, I know he’s in good hands, but still.
    Rant: too many kids, too many appointments. I feel like I have zero time these days to get it all done plus work. I also seem to have stepped into the role of taking my pseudo-stepkids to their appointments now as well. This strikes me as particularly odd considering they both have a father and a mother who can do this crap for them, where as for my kids it’s just me. I need to learn to say no.
    Rant: So, so tired and feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

    • Sorry to hear about your Dad. Although those coincidences are too many to ignore, have faith and you’re family will be fine. I know its going to be difficult to celebrate you on your day so maybe plan to celebrate a successful surgery afterwards?

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: I don’t think my abs can take any more sneezing today.

  • Rant: I’ve noticed the Georgetown Union Station circulators have been way off of schedule lately. In the past two weeks, at various times, I’ve noticed a 30-40 minute spacing instead of the 10-15 minutes posted.

    I also tried calling the phone number on the board with the stop ID; however the operator told me they don’t do tracking on buses anymore!