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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: The jersey in today’s photo! YES.
    Rave: Very positive feedback on interviews yesterday. Hopeful for some good news to share soon but also feeling very grateful to be in the fortunate position of having options. I’ve come a long way for sure…
    Rave: In the meantime, positive start to amazing boyfriend’s birthday despite the rain and can’t wait for dinner/Kevin Nealon at Kennedy Center tonight, plus the surprise birthday shenanigans tomorrow.
    Rave, rave, rave: Anxiety has subsided and I am ready to enjoy all of this that I have worked so hard for!

    • Gotta agree on the jersey. Signing Bobby Impeach was probably the best move the Nats made during the offseason!

  • Rave: Guardians of the Galaxy was SO AWESOME
    Rant: It meant I got home very late last night and now I am tired
    Rave: But, it’s Friday!
    Rant: But, it’s raining!
    Rave: I’m hosting my first music series at a brewery near my house tonight and I really hope that people come out! I’m looking forward to it. (No cover, plus beer plus tacos seems like a good Friday night to me)
    Rant: What the actual hell, the healthcare bill is despicable
    Rave: But the Senate cannot in good faith allow this to go through. Right? They need to stop it.
    Rant: Sprint never got back to me about my phone situation from last weekend as promised. However, the deal that was not meant for me in the first place (said by them, who offered me the deal in the first place a week ago) just mailed me the exact same deal and said I was qualified.
    Rave: I am picking out my countertops tomorrow!
    ??: Are we still on for Wine & Bitch on Wednesday, May 17th? I’m open to suggestions as to where people might want to gather.

    • Wait…tell me more about beer, music and taco. Where and when?

      • Here is the information (stop in, say hi!):

        This Friday night, take a short journey over the river to Arlington for a brand new live music series at New District Brewery! (And celebrate Cinco de Mayo!)
        Travis Tucker (former American Idol finalist) will be performing a selection of acoustic pop/rock music from 6:30-9:30pm. Enjoy delicious tacos from La Tingeria, which pair beautifully with locally brewed craft beers while you wind down from the work week! No cover, and it’s kid friendly!
        New District is located at:
        2709 S. Oakland Street, Arlington, VA 22206, near the Shirlington dog park.

        • Ohh, very cool! New District has a cool laid-back/garage vibe. Wish I could get some friends to go, I’m a big whimp and don’t like to go to the bar alone. But spend some serious quality time at that dog park!

          • I’m there! You can meet new people (I don’t like going to new places where I don’t know anyone either but I’m trying to force myself out of my own comfort zone).

    • justinbc

      Picked out our countertops last week, can’t believe I was able to convince my wife to go with the one I wanted. Super stoked!

  • Rave: Today is a glorious day because I have a party to attend later.
    Rant: Jumping on Jay’s dating rant yesterday. My mom is really pushing me hard to meet people. She insists that she “NEEDS [me] to have a boyfriend before [she] dies,” which is depressing since she is not allowed to die anytime soon. And it’s making me very upset because online dating is not working and it has been like, 7 years since I dated someone I met *in the wild* and I’ve forgotten how to do that.
    Unknown: Was anyone else on a bus that drove through the flooded 16th Street underpass this morning? It scared the crap out of me for a few seconds and messed up my buses brakes, which proceeded to make an awful noise from getting wet for the rest of the ride. The bus driver was clearly like “Screw today!”

    • ^ I saw that flooding and said ‘holy shit’ to myself! There had to have been a solid foot and a half of water under there.

      Rave: Weekend.
      Rant/sadness: My parents had to put down my 16 year old dog yesterday. I’m heartbroken but she was in bad shape. Thankful to have had her for as long as I did.
      Really hoping it’s not raining tomorrow… want to go to the funk parade. I need a little uplifting action.

    • maxwell smart

      For serious! 16th Street underpass was pretty rough. I was watching all these small, low to the ground cars plow through there and thinking… this isn’t going to end well. At what point do they shut the underpass? The funny/sad thing was at the side opposite the flooding was a storm drain that no water was getting to – the street slope was not diverting water to the drain. Thanks Trump.

    • I’m so sorry about your rant. That’s an added stress on so many levels. Sending hugs. For all of the things.

    • That One Guy

      I guess all mothers are the same. Your mom sounds like my mom.

  • Rant: Cognitive dissonance with an old friend/acquaintance/friend of friends with whom I recently reconnected. She always seemed very sweet, but responses on various political discussions on facebook suggest otherwise–at least in some contexts. On the other hand, I also recently learned that her health struggles from a few years ago have continued and substantially worsened, so I still want to keep in touch.
    Rant: The vitriol, exaggerations, and mischaracterizations on both sides of the policy debate make it so hard to have a thoughtful and rational policy discussion. I’m disappointed with so many people.
    Rant: I can’t even distract and pacify myself with sports because, ugh, Caps.
    Rave: At least it’s Friday. And at least the Nats are largely rolling.

  • Rave: Despite a ridiculous number of challenges in my morning commute, I managed to stay in a good mood. I’m trying really hard to decide what is worth getting upset about these days. (There’s just so much that I have limited energy.)
    Rant: I would have loved to stay home and read all day.
    Rave: Earl Grey Tea and Hem on the radio
    Rave: It is Friday, and I have nothing on the agenda this weekend except hanging out with Baby Artie and puttering around the house and garden.

    • That One Guy

      Thank you. If you recall, you got in touch with my cousin and helped her with her grad school decision making. She decided on a MPA program in Syracuse.

      • Oh I’m so glad to hear it. I hope she’s happy there! Your cousin seems really sweet, btw. I think it runs in the family.

  • Rant: In a terrible mood today. I hate slogging through the rain, I hate the people that are driving this insane bus of insanity called America, I hate my coworker and her constant muttering to herself. Basically, I wish the world would f#&k off and just let me sleep in my bed for about 50 hours straight.
    Rant: My night guard isn’t ready yet so I can’t go pick that up. Pretty sure I’ve been grinding my teeth like nuts with all this stress, and I was really hoping to see it would help.
    Rave: I know I have raves. I just can’t remember what they are in the mood I’m in.

    • Sending you hugs, LBP.

      • +1. Hang in there. I hope you can relax and re-center this weekend.

      • Thanks Artemis and mtpresident – appreciate it. I just can’t wait to go home and go to bed!

        • That One Guy

          Sounds like you need a warm comforting bowl of soup to help lift your mood. At least that’s my sentiment as I project myself into your shoes.

          • LBP, you live in Silver Spring, right? If you can, stop by Parkway Deli on the way home (on Grubb Road, halfway between Bethesda and Silver Spring; unfortunately, not Metro accessible) and get a quart of their Matzo Ball Soup to go. You can thank me on Monday.

          • dcd – I’ll try to do that, thanks! I’ve heard tales of their glorious matzo ball soup!

          • The Parkway Deli is amazing. (Get a slice of cheesecake to go if you really need to eat your feelings.)

    • I hope your weekend is restorative!
      Do you clench or grind during the day or just while asleep? A lot of things got better for me when I realized I was clenching 24/7. It took a lot of effort, but I made myself stop while I was awake and at first the change was like getting my braces adjusted and it hurt just to not have that pressure, but eventually it was a huge relief.

      • I clench during the day when I’m stressed (I’m trying to become more cognizant of it) and grind at night….my dentist suggested facial / jaw massage (and I think someone here suggested that as well) but I don’t even know where to start looking for that type of therapy or if there is any way to get my health insurance to cover it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Barely slept last night, my brain just would not turn off.
    Rave: Fun plans tomorrow including the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with Quotia Zelda and Eldest Zelda.
    Rave: Purple rain boots to brighten a grey and rainy day, bonus my feet stayed dry.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy Kentucky Derby! Happy 14th and U Farmer’s Market opening! Happy Funk Parade! Happy Cinco de Rhino (Emmaleigh504)!
    Rave: How to make the perfect Mint Julep!

    “Pluck the mint gently from its bed, just as the dew of the evening is about to form on it. Select the choicer sprigs only, but do not rinse them. Prepare the simple syrup and measure out a half-tumbler of whiskey. Pour the whiskey into a well-frosted silver cup, throw the other ingredients away, and drink the whiskey.”
    Henry Watterson, editor of The Louisville Courier-Journal, 1840 – 1921.

  • RANT: The trains were ATROCIOUS this morning. I had to switch to the red line this am, and was stuck on both ends. Its just terrible. And now my suit pants are half wet still.
    Rant: Feel like the wrath of my very senior boss will be focused on me today. Hes in a not so great mood so I can see him turning to the next available person and yelling.
    Rave: Friday. Weekend of birthday parties and baby showers ahead.

    • topscallop

      I also have a baby shower this weekend, and I volunteered to get supplies for the onesie decorating activity. Well, everything I ordered arrived from Amazon yesterday, and it turns out I only bought ONE stencil sheet. There’s not enough time to order more online before the party, does anyone have any suggestions for where (metro-accessible preferably) I could find stencils today or tomorrow morning? I tried Walmart last night and they didn’t have any.

      • Art supply store? Blick and Plaza are both downtown.
        You might also be able to get stencils at a Staples or other office supply store.

      • Are there free stencils you can download online (or order from Etsy for a small fee that are downloadable)?

      • Get some regular kitchen sponges. Cut them into shapes and use them as stamps. Or just spatter-paint the onesies to look like the inevitable puke they will soon be stained with anyway.

      • There’s a Michaels in Friendship Heights – they are generally really well-stocked.

      • I went to a baby shower once where baby bib making was involved. People drew stuff free hand and it was actually really fun and funny (there were a lot of really ugly looking frogs and baby animals that people had drawn free hand and we found it hilarious).

  • Rant: Being tested for malaria, dengue, or zika…might just be a random virus but feeling like shit.
    Rant: Missing my best friend’s bachelorette party – because fevers, body pains, headache, shivers, sweating, and other fun symptoms are not the best guest at a three day weekend in upstate NY.
    Rave: livestreaming Badminton horse trials and honestly it’s nice to have some time at home, even if I feel horrible.
    Rant: So much work.

  • YES! Saw this guy at the game yesterday and gave him a shout out for that great jersey.

  • ?: We got a quote for moving our A/C to the roof: $2250, including the cost of the crane. That seems way too low and I’m nervous; I’ll get a few more quotes.

    Rant: Health care. I cried my eyes out yesterday because I was so devastated and I’m going to be among the least affected (I have a Canadian employer with awesome benefits). It just kills me that elected officials could be so callous. They’re willing to let people die for a tax break. I just can’t deal with it. My heart is breaking.

    Rave: Friday. Thanks be to God.

    • totally agree with your rant. I went off to my parent’s republican congressman on twitter. I’m going to go home over summer and you’d better believe I’m going to go volunteer for his 2018 opponent while there.

    • I Dont Get It

      Does that quote include the a/c? If so it seems low. I’m following since I’m thinking of replacing my system this year.

      • It doesn’t; our A/C is brand-new and can apparently go on the roof. But the quote just seems way too low. When asking around I have heard people paying between 5k to 15k.

  • skj84

    Rant: The healthcare bill going through Congress. I do not have faith in the Senate, so I’m pretty devestated.
    Rave: Focusing on fun things this weekend , I need a mental health break. Looking forward to the LoC disco party tomorrow. I have a silver disco outfit and plan to wear all the glitter I can get my hands on.
    Rave: A friend offered to cover my ticket to Vegas for my bday. I would be on the hook for hotel/entertainment. Any tips for doing Vegas on a budget?

    • I was under the impression it wouldn’t pass the Senate?! On a related note, what that idiot said to the Australian PM–you all have better healthcare than us. Well duh, they have universal healthcare!

      • My understanding is that the Senate can’t take up the bill for discussion until there is a CBO score based on rules enforced by the parliamentarian. I have also heard that there are 8-9 republican senators who have come out against the bill as it is currently written. I think I also saw a headline that senators were working on their own proposal, separate from the AHCA. So current circumstances suggest that legislation would have to be substantially different to pass the senate (and then it might have trouble in the house). But I can’t predict the future, and stranger things have happened.

        • maxwell smart

          I’m cautiously optimistic that it won’t pass, simply because the Senate has suggested they want to make changes and the House was said they will accept no modifications. That said, once this gets into the hands of blobface mcconnell, I can’t help but think there will be some backdoor negotiations they pull to get this passed.

          • The Senate may very well pass something, but it will bear little resemblance to this bill, because a number of the provisions don’t comport with reconciliation. But, it may not, because the there’s less margin for error, and you have the same spread of opinions in the GOP (Paul, Lee, Cruz on the hard right, and Collins, Portman and Moore Caputo on the more moderate and/or “home state expanded Medicaid and will get screwed” wing). Plus, the CBO estimate will come out and piss everyone off. Then, even if they do pass something, it’ll have to get through a conference committee. Lots of uncertainty still (which isn’t good for the health marketplace, but is better than this BS).

          • maxwell smart

            All I’m hoping is that this gets labeled Trumpcare – in the same way Republicans made it a point to call ACA Obamacare in an effort to make it seem A: terrible, and B: generate confusion.

    • Re: vegas – Depends on the type of Vegas trip you are doing. If your plan is pool parties and clubs…are you female? are you willing to flirt with men? If so, you can get many of your drinks covered. Do you like to gamble/are you decent at it? You drink for free while you are gambling so if you know how to work a blackjack or roulette table for a long time, all you have to do is tip the servers (i usually give a $1 per drinks, you can tip in chips). Most casinos/hotels have big all-you-can-eat brunches for various prices. The Flamingo’s is bottomless food and mimosas for like $30ish. Eat a big lunch and smaller (cheaper dinner). If you want to see shows, there are some ticket stalls that sell discounted tickets for day-off shows. Then there is just also lots of fun people watching on the strip,

    • stay downtown instead of on the strip. the golden nugget (for example) is a really nice hotel, right on the fremont street experience, but it’s a lot cheaper than comparable hotels on the strip. my husband and I stayed there when we got married & we loved it. and there are even cheaper hotels right on fremont street that aren’t as nice if you are really trying to stay on a budget. I honestly prefer downtown Vegas/fremont to the strip but it’s definitely a different vibe. if you want to see a show or something you can take an uber.
      the other thing you might want to do is check for vacation packages (hotel + flight) on southwest, Travelocity, expedia, etc. We’ve had some luck saving a little bit of money that way.

  • Rant – supposed to get my dishwasher fixed today, but the company moved my window back 2 hours, which conflicts with a doctor’s appointment. Anyone know a good local dishwasher repair person?

  • Rave: Dinner at Zaytinya last night–I’d forgotten how WONDERFUL that place is! Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and the best dessert ever–oh, my!
    Rave: Having fun with the sister-in-law and her awesome friend! Took the Capitol Visitor’s Center tour yesterday and just enjoyed the city. I love having visitors stay with us.
    Rant: Was in the Capitol rotunda when someone spotted a man walking with a huge black box, from the House to the Senate side. Was most likely the health care bill passing through. I shoulda’ either tackled the man and tried to run off with it, or paused for a moment of silence for the death of the consciences of so many politicians.
    Rant: Apparently my poor husband’s eye problem is due to stress, and if he stays at this stress level his eye will start to disconnect and cause permanent damange. ::gulp:: Must find ways to help him.
    Rave: Pilot program that kicked off yesterday is apparently running smoothly…so far.

  • Cautious Rave: my phone might be a lot cheaper to fix than I thought, I should know tonight
    Rave: made time to stop at Compass for a latte
    Rave-ish: after a ton of consternation at work around taking on a lot more, the time is finally here and while I’m really overwhelmed and stressed, I’m actually starting to feel good about having earned it and some nice coworkers are coming out of the woodwork to provide positive reinforcement
    Rave: I successfully set boundaries with my parents about their visits and respecting my availability as much as my sister’s
    Rant: none of this will matter when I die from cardiac arrest at game five tomorrow

  • Rave: things for “renovate the decor in our house before the baby comes” are coming together! A few small projects and we’ll be done!
    Rant: Lowe’s. I ordered a piece of furniture from them online. They should have delivered it a week and a half ago and they marked it as delivered in their system. Was not delivered. Turns out, it’s backordered and they won’t have it until July?? They offered to take 10% off of the order for our frustrations with them, but their system is so backwards, I’m just going to cancel the order and get it from somewhere else… will not be ordering from them ever again!!
    Rant: Rain (but at least it is raining today and not tomorrow during the outdoor festival I’m working tomorrow)
    Rant: In the office on my normal telework/compressed day (but at least it is somewhat quiet)
    Rave: TGIF!

  • Mega Rant: The healthcare bill. Not only do I have pre-existing conditions, but knowing that my daughter has a pre-existing condition – it’s just so incredibly frustrating, so incredibly heart breaking. Just when you feel like you are moving on as a country it just tumbles back down because of ignorance, greed, and desire for power. I hope everyone who voted for this orange prick likes the country they are creating for their children.

    • maxwell smart

      What’s going to be terrible is whomever is the next (sane) president – their entire first term will be cleaning up this mess

  • Rant: Congress. holy smokes is this thing terrible or is it just me.
    Rant: Employers. I’ve been looking for a new job for ages now and three different employers reached out to ask me to write something up for them following my CV&Cover Letter and all three declined to bring me in or a phone interview, after I spent hours on their writing assessments. I’m not a bad writer, so I think this is really poor practice.
    Rave: Home after a week and a half of work travel. Glad to be home with the pup and wife.
    Rave: Still jobs out there, just have to find the right one that fits my global health desires.

  • Rave: Great workout this morning at OTF! I’m two weeks in and feeling great!
    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rave: Free tickets to Drink the District’s Cinco de Mayo party so will grab a drink and call it a night!
    Rave: Fun weekend ahead despite the weather – hosting a brunch, more OTF, and getting some r&r!
    Rant: Obviously, healthcare and 45.
    Rant: Was so tired/annoyed by the weather/sore this morning I got dressed and now that I’m at work I truly hate what I’m wearing. Like, I’m embarrassed that I left the house in this.

    • With you on your love for Orangetheory. I added it a few weeks ago as well, and I’m wild about it.

      • here to plug Elevate. I tried OTF once, and it’s great, but if you live or work anywhere near 14th & Belmont you should try Elevate. It’s the exact same style of work out (HIIT with rowers & treadmills for cardio, minus the HR monitors), but I feel like the classes are more intense and the teachers are better, plus since there’s just one of them it’s more of a community feel (like a lot of people become friends with each other at the gym).

  • Rant–Totally soaked during my commute today that I actually had to go home and change. And yes, I had a raincoat, boots, and an umbrella. Soaking wet jeans are the WORST. Found out the hard way that my boots are water RESISTANT rather than water proof!

  • Going to a 90th birthday party tonight, back in the old neighborhood. Among the younger folk will be several I went to school with from K-8, but haven’t seen in years. Should be interesting.