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Ouch. “approved 7pm-6am work FOR THREE WEEKS!”

by Prince Of Petworth May 24, 2017 at 12:30 pm 23 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric Spiegel

You gotta unmute the video below for full effect:

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    WTH!!! I understand there is noise in a city and sometimes you have to deal with overnight work, but my god THREE WEEKS?? That is awful. They’re demolishing an off ramp up here in Toronto near where I live and for ONE NIGHT they worked through the night (it’s usually 7am-7pm) and there were so many complaints the city apologized and said they wouldn’t do it again.

    • anon

      Toronto? Of course they apologized.

      • Formerly ParkViewRes

        LOL, more importantly they didn’t do it again. But they were and are moving so quickly there is no need to work through the night. This DC project sounds like it HAS to be done at night. Sucks.

  • Guillermo Brown

    DDOT didn’t “approve” the hours, they required it according to the letter.

    • MadMax

      Yeah that’s a pretty important distinction actually. Sounds like whatever type of “wet work” that is can’t be done during daytime hours? Maybe it would completely shut off the traffic flow or something, or they have to use bats for sonar reconnaissance.

      • Nathan

        Wet work to me sounds like its some sort of sewer work. In the evening the flow through the sewers is lower, that’s my only thought. We had some DC Water contractors in our neighborhood recently basically scuba diving through the sewers to inspect for faults. It involved dropping off a bunch of equipment and working overnight, but had to be done b/c of the lower flow.

        • MadMax

          Everything about what you just described makes me cringe. Thank god there’s someone willing to do these jobs.

    • Bobert

      No I’m -really- curious about what sort of work has to be conducted at night (and can’t be conducted during the day). Traffic mitigation makes sense as a possible reason, but I wonder if there’s something else as well.

      • Bobert


      • Guillermo Brown

        ‘Wet work’ refers to sewer and water (as opposed to ‘dry’ utilities which are power and gas). Sewer and water mains are almost always located under streets, so DDOT probably doesn’t want those roads closed, hence the nighttime requirement.
        Why would Bozzuto WANT to work at night and pay its contractors overtime, keep managers up at night, etc…? I read the letter as a “we don’t like it either but our hand is being forced”-type of situation

      • eva

        Some types of concrete work (especially decorative cement finishes) need to be done at night in this region because of relative dry times during night vs. day. I have a friend who works overnights a lot in the summer because the stuff dries too quickly if you do it at midday.

      • Bobert

        Very interesting – thanks!

  • textdoc

    Yikes. :(

  • Elle

    This same construction site also blocked sidewalk access to the NOMA metro yesterday. Super annoying to have the sidewalk blocked so they can park their trucks there.

  • SteamShovel

    More {road} constitutions should be done at night. The traffic jams caused by the constant roadwork is only getting worse with all the new construction. Plus, the reasons it takes road crews so long to get anything done is because they can only work between rush hour periods on major roads. That means, they can work from 930-4, which is only 6.5 hours. Once you subtract an hour for lunch, plus at least an hour at the end of the day to put the steel plates back/ get everything back together for rush hour, they only have 4.5 hours each workday to do roadwork! But if they worked at night, beginning at the end of rush hour at 7:30, working through the night until morning rush hour at 7:30, they’d be able to work 10 hours every workday (this includes an hour for lunch & 1 hour for steel plate placement). I worked on road crews during college and nighttime road work was the most productive. This seems like a no brainier but efficiency/ cost savings never seems to be a high priority for DC.

    • SteamShovel

      constitutions=construction. A perfectly good argument invalidated by auto correct/ sheer stupidity.

    • guest1

      so do like they do on metro then… shut the road down and have people find other ways to where they are going

  • Sooooo Happy!!!!

    We drove through there last night. They’ve got an entire traffic lane dug up to do the work. If you’ve ever driven on that street during the day and experienced the uber or shuttle bus drivers stopping to wait for someone for a few minutes then you know why they can’t block an entire lane during the day for construction. It would jam up traffic big time. I definitely feel for the residents regarding the noise, but logistically I’m not sure DDOT had much choice.

    Regarding blocking the sidewalk – it’s a really tight site, they have to put the equipment somewhere. There’s a sidewalk across the street and they have guys at the crosswalks to help traffic/pedestrians co-exist.

  • Twincreek

    We do wet utilities in public space. Our working hours per our public space permits by DDOT are currently 10-4. Which means we are not supposed to close any lanes/sidewalk except in that 6 hour window. This means you cannot finish moving in your water barriers or such until this time. We waste more time setting up traffic control in many parts of the city than we do for getting work done.

    We do night work in some areas due to traffic flow (our safety), the business and residents in that area. Yes the sewer flow is lower, but not everyone is eating, drinking, taking a shower. We usually have to wait until 11 pm or later for taps into existing mains if we are near bars/restaurants. Sewer taps have to be given a Wye branch “live”, this involves cutting a flowing sewer and sticking in a piece of pipe several feet long. Sometimes you have to do a pump around in the higher flow areas. We used to be able to put a saddle on, (punch a hole in the sewer and screw it into place).

    We have been told that we cannot use a chopsaw at night it is above the accepted decibel level. Ok, so if you run into a problem at night where you may have to cut a new piece of pipe are you supposed to wait until the daylight?

    We hate working at night too, however it is usually a temporary inconvenience vs. a longer one and more expensive one if we can only work during the day. DCWater runs the schedule for wet utilities most times, and everyone else (DDOT/DCRA) have to follow. They don’t talk.

    • Bobert

      Thanks for the info – this is very interesting to hear!

  • J

    They’ve been doing all sorts of night work in the Kaiser Permanente garage on 2nd street recently too, but they usually wrap it up by 11. I’d go insane in the above situation.

  • Hill Denizen

    This sucks, but when else are they supposed to do this work?

  • doug

    I did notice there were fewer homeless encampments under the bridge/metro track overpass this AM. I’m guessing this noise had something to do with it?


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