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  • Anon x2

    So worried! I’d guess it’s just something mechanical on the roof that they chose to shelter under doghouses for economical reasons, but then again I like minding my own beeswax.

  • MaebysMom

    Im pretty worried

  • Sterling

    Ha! I think we live in the same apartment building! My view is the same! Yes, definitely really strange. How do they even get all that stuff up there? I guess I’m not shocked after seeing the inside of the restaurant…

  • its for the rats, and the tubing is so they can run back and forth between the dog houses

  • anonymous

    I also have this view and have been wondering at what point this is actually a concern and not just an eyesore. I am not sure if it raises to the level of needing to be reported to someone (?) for inspection (?). It is increasingly bizarre.


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