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  • Mickey’s BFF

    Is l’Occitane gone or have they moved?

    • Avery

      It’s gone; been that way for a few months now.

  • bruno

    Union Station — full steam…. clever!

  • ejh

    awesome! i love the new improvements which old and new residents all can benefit from

  • Brooklander

    May I suggest that Union Station gentrify the men’s restroom located on the main level? The stench in there is sickening. That restroom has always been a candidate for grungiest public restroom in DC, and it just keeps getting worse.

  • Mememe

    I’m really going to miss l’Occitane. I’ll have to try Kiehl’s for my fancy stuff that I never use fix. I haven’t been to the basement recently, but what did they do with the old movie theater space? That place was gross, but was one of few metro accessible movie theaters in the early 2000s. A fancy theater would work in Union Station wouldn’t it? Or would it eventually be equally as gross?

    • DC

      If I have my WUS geography correct, that’s now a very large/nice Walgreens?

  • I remember shopping at Tower Records on the second floor . . . at least I think it was a Tower Records.

  • Union Station

    I really miss the bookstore. The one in Union Station and now the one on 12th that’s a Nordstrom Rack

  • Zvuv

    I had a café macaron at Laduree yesterday and was not impressed. Too sweet. They also have this weird menu with finger sandwiches ($4/quarter size sandwich). But it might be a nice place to sit, the seating area is in the main entrance part of the station.

    The section where Kiehl’s is already has at least three other makeup/body product shops. Kind of annoying. But it makes sense to have impulse buy/random gift shops there.

  • MadMax

    Union Station was long ago past the gentrification point. This is just another new store opening in a transit mall.


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