“880 P, the newest addition to City Market at O is now open!”

by Prince Of Petworth May 1, 2017 at 3:30 pm 30 Comments

courtesy Roadside Development

From a press release:

“Roadside Development is thrilled to announce 880 P, the continuing vision of the thriving City Market at O community located in the heart of Shaw. The new luxury development transforms an entire block of 9th and P Streets into a sophisticated urban oasis that caters to the whims of the modern city dweller.

The sleek, high-end features and amenities of 880 P are what set it apart. The stunning living areas and terraces, outdoor spaces with sweeping views of Washington DC, and the prestigious amenities of the nine-story residential project make it one of the most thoughtfully-designed buildings in the city. 880 P is a residential experience unlike any other, boasting 142 luxury units including 9 penthouse style suites with private fireplaces, and 3 townhouses elegantly designed by SBA of Washington, DC and Cecconi Simone of Toronto, with exceptional kitchen and bath finishes. “As the city continues to evolve, Washingtonians are in search of quality and convenience in one place, says Richard Lake, principle of Roadside Development. “We set out to deliver something that is truly thoughtful, that reflects the connected luxury of the development and continues to build on the culture and community of the neighborhood.”

The property was created with the notion that a rooftop should afford much more than spectacular views, but also present an urban escape from the everyday stresses. Amenities on the rooftop include a picturesque cascading waterfall, reflection pool, a state-of-art music room complete with a 1906 Steinway Grand Piano, fire pits, a lap pool and even a dog park. “It is our mission to put the residents first and 880 P provides the best platform to do just that, say Stephanie Williams, President of Bozzuto. “The innovative design, location and amenities make it one of the most engaging properties in the city, beautifully designed to be the home you will never want to leave, unless of course to go downstairs to dine at Convivial or to grab a cup of Compass Coffee.”

All living spaces will include:

· Designer kitchen cabinetry

· Wood-style flooring

· Stainless steel appliances

· Full-size washer & dryer

Penthouse residences will have detailed designs such as:

· Indoor and outdoor fireplaces

· Oversized balconies and terraces

· Double vanities in bathrooms

Townhouse will be designed with:

· up to 1,700 square feet

· 2-levels of living space

· Oversized balconies and terraces”

  • anonfortoday

    Are these all rentals? Or are some condos?

    • Anon

      All rentals. Tiny, expensive rentals. I have no doubt they will be fancy AF, though.

      • JohnH

        Not sure what “wood-like” floors are….I’d hope a fancy rental would have real wood floors…

        • MadMax

          A lot of the porcelain tile “wood-like” floors are significantly more expensive than actual wood floors are now.

          • Michael Pierce

            Because they’re way more durable.

        • navyard

          More likely laminate or bamboo.
          Tiles are extremely hard (on feet and joints) and many people don’t like them except for functionality where needed (kitchens, foyers, baths). They are also cold and noisy, so not ideal for a high-rise apartment

  • David T.

    Does this mean that the sidewalks on 9th & P Streets will *FINALLY* be open again?!

    • N

      Fingers crossed. This has been making my grocery store trips even more annoying for years now!

  • Anon. no. 5

    Will there be ground floor retail?

  • Mt. PP

    Does this mean construction on this block is finally over??? It may break my heart at 7am tomorrow if this post is premature…

    • M

      Don’t get your hopes up. I live in 800 P, and I don’t think this is set to truly open for move-in until July. Construction status this morning did not look anything like they’d be ready to open the sidewalk by tomorrow. I feel your pain!

      • Yepyep

        Yep yep. I live in the complex too and am touring this week. Move ins should happen in July and August and I get the impression since they were working on Sunday am that it’ll come right down to the deadline.

        • oh2dc

          Walked by on Sunday and saw they were working. It did not look like it was complete as this press release suggests, but Sunday work seems to indicate they are trying to finish soon(ish).

  • Easyenough

    So the building “caters to whims?” Is that a good thing? I thought we shut down places like that? What kind of whims, specifically? Wholesome whims? Legal but sinful whims?

    • Anon

      I’m glad someone here is asking all the right questions.

    • James W.

      So the design is, essentially, so residents never have to actually step outside their door and interact with the entire rest of the city in which they live. The only reason you’d ever leave is to go downstairs for a cup of coffee you couldn’t brew yourself.

      • wpk_dc

        No. People who move there want to be right in the middle of the most happening neighborhood in DC, Shaw. Just like I do.

        • JohnH

          I’m not sure I’d call that immediate area “the most happening” in DC, unless you’re attending conventions.
          Shaw is a loosely described neighborhood that meshes into other neighborhoods like U Street. These apartments are next to a nice grocery store, but only a few restaurants/bars are located in the immediate vicinity – you’re a 10 minute walk to 7th and T area of “Shaw”.
          I’d consider 14th St more happening and the prices are the same – and there’s a lot less b s around 14th Street than on 7th.

          • Anon

            For the same price, I’d also rather live closer to 14th, but I’d still maintain that this is a high-demand area.

          • migos81

            Hmm you must be new here. Shaw is a neighborhood. 14th Street is, well just a street. There are quite a few things “happening” in Shaw you aren’t aware of so here’s just a few”

            Shaw has two Michelin restaurants, 14th Street has none.
            Shaw has a Main Streets organization which specializes in business improvement, street beautification, business support and storefront improvement programs. By the way parts of U Street are included in this service area. SMS won the Great American Main Streets award in 2016.
            Shaw was the epicenter of the black arts, music and cultural renaissance in the early 20th century. Every heard of Duke Ellington?
            Speaking of arts, Shaw has the Howard Theater which hosted some of the most famous entertainers of the last 100 years.
            Shaw has one of the oldest HBCU’s in the United States.
            According to Zillow median home value in Shaw is $742,200. The median home price in Logan Circle is $542k. (my heart skipped just typing this).
            Last November there were over 20 new businesses open in Shaw.

            *end scene*

          • JohnH

            I’ve lived in “Shaw” for 12 years, thanks.
            You don’t need to lecture me on a street vs neighborhood defined by Zillow. I live in a mashup of Shaw, Logan and U Street. I don’t think THAT area of Shaw is as desirable as others, but it’s overall still popular. I just wouldn’t describe that spot as the “most happening” area. Apartments on 14th Street are the same price and I’d consider the “neighborhood” of Logan Circle to be much more “happening”.

  • Anon-B

    It is not open. They’re open sales, but the building itself remains very much under construction. It appears to be 1 to 2 months away from “really” being open.

    • Anon-B

      Sorry for the typo. It should say, “They’ve opened sales (rentals), but …”

  • maxwell smart

    “to be the home you will never want to leave” – I’ve never understood the type of person who would pay thousands of dollars a month to live in the center of the city – with easy walkable access to anything and everything – for a home they would never want to leave. Isn’t the point of living in the center of everything to never be home because you’re out exploring the city?

    • Anon

      I think you’re giving far too much credit to the PR firm for thinking this through. They didn’t.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      C’mon. I live near the center of the city but I also really like my home. I spend a lot of time out but I don’t want to come home to a crummy place, even if I spend less time at home than someone in suburbs might. I don’t literally want to live like a hermit but I like having a nice place that I don’t feel forced to leave because it’s full of vermin or something. This is honestly not difficult to understand.

  • wpk_dc

    I’m still disappointed that they’re all apartments. I was on the early “VIP” list when these were first being built as condos. I was very interested. Then, last minute like the Shay and others, what were originally going to be condos became all rentals. But it is a nice development, I give them that.


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