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“What are the best bars to watch Caps games in DC?”

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2017 at 3:00 pm 37 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Wolf

“Dear PoPville,

What are the best bars to watch Caps games in DC? I’ve tried all the advertised “favorites” (Ventnor, Penn Quarter) but am always disappointed. Last couple of times my boyfriend and I went to either, we had to ask for the game to be put on. I’d love to find a great spot to watch the playoffs. I’ve lived here long enough to know the Caps fanbase is a good one—so where is everyone? I would’ve asked earlier but I didn’t want to jinx last night’s game!”

  • bdale homie

    Can we include the Wizards in this too?

  • petworthian53

    Not sure what your experience at Ventnor was but I was there last night, and the Caps, Wizards, and Nats were all on multiple TVs. The Caps game had the sound and the place was packed.

  • fromkstreet

    100% Walters in Petworth

    • Garrett

      +1 and with the new Half Price Happy Hour it’s even better. It’s like the more TV version of DC Reynolds.

      • General Grant Circle

        Ah should have read these first. +1

  • TrinidadLopez

    Somewhere in the Maryland suburbs.

  • DC Fan

    Walters in Petworth. Cleveland Park Bar & Grill in Cleveland Park. Blaguard in AdMo are good ones to start.

  • So, Just Sayin’

    Some of the bars around the Columbia Heights Metro station are good options.
    The Marx Cafe (Mt. Pleasant) always shows Caps games. You might occasionally have to request a game, but that’s usually because whoever was behind the bar that day just didn’t know. Crowd is friendly, and the food is good on top of that.
    The Pinch (Columbia Heights) has the full NHL package, so you can watch the Caps and every other hockey game. The food quality is not as good, but they have great wings. Big TVs.
    Lou’s has a gigantic screen and lots of screens all over the place. Good for Caps, but terrible for hockey generally because they usually trust the remotes to someone with low TV control skills. Service is not usually the best, food is okay.

  • Dale Bloomington

    Crisp Kitchen + Bar is doing $1 Wings (during all DC Playoff Games & Nats Games) & $15 PBR Tallboy Buckets on Both Floors/Both Bars! TV’s on each floor.

  • Crazyquilt

    Duffy’s near the 9:30 club or GTFO.

    Great place to watch Nats, Wizards, and DC United games as well. Duffy’s ALWAYS shows the local teams.

  • Anonthony

    Can anyone comment on Macintyre’s in Woodley Park in regard to watching local sports there? I noticed they have TVs facing the patio, which is nice.

    • Meghan

      Macintyre’s is great for watching (they always put on what we want and the bartenders are sports fans who are fun to chat with) but there’s not much of a fan atmosphere most games. The craziest I ever saw it was during the Women’s World Cup.

  • General Grant Circle

    If you are looking for a none-too crowded local bar filled with locals and not tourists I suggest DCWalters on Georgia Ave

  • dcd

    “I’ve lived here long enough to know the Caps fanbase is a good one—so where is everyone?”
    Based on the bemulleted crowd on the metro, they’re in Virginia.

    • Cleveland Park runner

      That’s rude.

      • dcd

        Not sure why. If you get on an an eastbound orange/blue/silver line train at Foggy Bottom before a Caps game, you’d see it’s pretty accurate. Lots and lots of white people wearing Caps jerseys, with a more than the average number of mullets. The women typically are clutching their purses and/or their husbands with two hand, and casting nervous glances around the metro car lest a minority, or a gay, or (gasp) a gay minority come near them. (OK, the reason for the nervous glances is my speculation.)

        • Anonthony

          Another ridiculous generalization. You’re 2-for-2!

    • Anonynon

      probably true though

    • anon

      Mullets don’t die, they multiply

  • jdc

    watched the game in the basement of Meridian Pint last night and it was pretty legit all around.

  • whyyyyyyyyy?

    At home watching in silent agony and despair and heaving profanities at the TV while they attempt to choke away another magnificent season.

    • mharding01

      Yeah, for that maybe it’s better to watch at home. When the Leafs scored the 4th goal, I yelled so loudly I scared my cat.

  • mharding01

    The lounge space in the new Whole Foods on H Street NE has potential. One HUGE screen and a couple of smaller ones. Last night, though, the big screen was showing the Wizards game so I just watched the Caps at home.

    • dcred

      I don’t doubt it. But this comment just makes me so sad.

      • stacksp

        Seriously. It can not come to this.

        • James W.

          Oh but it has. Your neighborhood bar/grocery store/coffee shop/overpriced juice stand all together under one corporate banner.

  • Nick

    The Pub & The People in Bloomingdale! They likely won’t have the sound on, but the place is great!

    • They won’t have the sound on? For the love of God…

      • Dirtygunz8

        deal breaker on no sound

    • personinbloomingdalewholikessports

      sound on for playoffs games at p&p would be LIFE CHANGING for me.

  • Dirtygunz8

    I’m going with The Blaguard http://blaguarddc.com/

  • DC native

    Lou’s City Bar at the Columbia Heights Metro is my go to…always have sound for the games, multiple TVs showing (including giant screen), and a great crowd of Caps fans.

  • Gordon

    Bracket Room in Arlington is probably the best sports bar in the region. Giant tv screens wall to wall. Surprisingly good food, too. But priced to match.
    Penn Social downstairs is solid as well.

  • Joe C

    Shocked no one has said Penn Social. This place is huge, has multiple projectors including likely the largest one in town at small movie screen sized. They always have the audio on and it can be heard clearly. Plus of course all the games.

    • Shane

      Yeah totally agree, downstairs at Penn Social is great. I don’t really understand the OP’s issue with Penn Quarter sports tavern, I really like that place

  • MtP

    Nanny’s in Cleveland Park always has the Caps game one, often with sound. Really good place to watch.

  • Emma

    Exiles Bar on U street has outdoor TVs and a huge projector screen


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