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“TasteLab’s Marketplace at Union Market will instantly become a destination for foodies who care about eating or discovering local products”

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2017 at 11:30 am 11 Comments

1309 5th Street, NE

From a press release:

“TasteLab, a Culinary Incubator in NE DC, launched a marketplace at Union Market on Tuesday, April 18th. The marketplace features an eclectic mix of food and beverages made exclusively by the over sixty-five small businesses that produce their products at TasteLab. The Grand Opening Celebration will occur over the weekend of April 22nd & 23rd and feature tastings and product demos.

courtesy TasteLab

“Not only will this marketplace allow us introduce all of these incredible products and entrepreneurs to the thousands of people who visit Union Market on a daily basis, but we will be creating a new revenue stream for our members and in some cases, putting them on their first shelves,” said Ryan Hansan, Founder of TasteLab.

courtesy TasteLab

TasteLab’s Marketplace at Union Market will instantly become a destination for foodies who care about eating or discovering local products, as it will be the only food-focused retail outlet exclusively selling food and beverages made in The District.

TasteLab’s Marketplace will feature over one hundred retail ready products, and host demos and tastings for members who do not currently produce products for retail, like food trucks and caterers.

“We decided to move forward with the Marketplace concept because we truly believe that it will significantly benefit our community of local food producers,” said Jordan Estes, TasteLab’s Director of Community Growth and head of the marketplace project. “Our mission is to do everything we can to help small businesses grow and this is a huge step towards accomplishing those objectives. I think DC residents will be happy with our decision to move forward and will be blown away by some of the awesome things their neighbors are creating.”

About TasteLab: TasteLab (www.tastelab.co) is an 8,000 square foot culinary incubator and commercial kitchen located in Northeast DC. TasteLab opened in March 2015 to provide new, small and medium sized food businesses the space, equipment, storage, connections and industry knowledge to help them start or scale their food companies. TasteLab is home to over 65 small businesses including thirty-six woman-owned businesses and forty minority-owned businesses. TasteLab was founded by the team who launched, scaled and successfully exited the local dinner kit delivery company, scratchDC, and the healthy vending company, TinyGrocery.”

  • Anonthony

    I wish Union Market was bigger. Every time I go there, it’s mostly just the same old overpriced stuff, and not enough space or seating. It’s fun to take guests from out of town there, but I don’t think I’d go there frequently even if I lived nearby.

    • Hill Denizen

      I try to go early. It just gets way overcrowded to really enjoy all the vendors.

  • ryan2499

    Would a CSA subscription concept work out of here? Be kinda cool, I think.

  • Anon

    TL;DR – new vendor is coming to Union Market

  • Hill Denizen

    Oh goodness, this press release needs a copy editor…and a decent writer. So many grammar mistakes and the second half reads like a high school kid wrote it. The description at the end also needs serious work. Every sentences starts with “TasteLab,” and did they really say, “successfully exited?” Really? That’s code for failed. I don’t see why you would mention that in a release. And please, don’t use the term “foodie.” Please.

    • MadMax

      Yeah, it’s pretty bad. Normally I would say I don’t care as long as they’re making good food, but these aren’t even the people doing the cooking/preparing. They’re just selling someone else’s stuff.

      • Hill Denizen

        Yeaaaah, as someone who writes press releases for a living, this really irks me. If your primary focus is in the kitchen, you get a pass, but when your main job is to promote a product or a business, there’s no excuse, especially considering these guys usually have weeks to prep their promotional materials.

        • Hey folks – appreciate the constructive feedback and apologize it’s not up to your standards! We wrote the presser in-house (nary a journalism major/professional writer in sight) and feel we covered the areas relevant to promote our little pop-up. We actually did grow, scale and sell (successfully exit) our dinner kit delivery company, and this experience is relevant to our community of food entrepreneurs. Thanks again for the feedback and hope you can swing by to check out some of the great things being made in DC!

  • MadMax

    How is this any different than the Union Kitchen market?

  • Idontgetit

    I was there last week and was surprised to find a West Elm near UM. Is that a temporary pop-up? Mr. Google didn’t seem to know it was there.

    • Truxton Thomas

      I think it’s some sort of West Elm-sponsored pop-up featuring local makers.


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