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  • But they are in union market and I’ve never seen a line (more than a few people)……. why wouldn’t these people just go to union market?

    • The Union Market pop-up is now closed. This is the new permanent location. Plus they were giving out free food cards for first 100 in line.

    • Their frozen biscuits are the best I’ve had (and I’m from the Deep South) that weren’t made by someone’s maw-maw. I’m glad to see them doing so well.

      Next up, pictures of the H Street Chick-Fil-A opening day….I’ll only wait in a line like that if they bring back the spicy chicken biscuit.

  • Was that an ambulance in line?

    • Doubt it. They have a facility near those warehouses on V Street. I’d also guess that half those cars weren’t in line for the biscuit place, but instead were coming from costco or Lowe’s or wherever and thought that the line was for the light at V and Bladensburg to change which, by the way, sometimes doesn’t change for something like 10 minutes at a time. Anyway, yay biscuits and stuff.

  • justinbc

    Wow, glad I didn’t bother to go. Their stuff was decent at Union Market, but the biscuits were always a bit too burnt for my tastes. I mean it’s still better than probably 90% of the biscuits you can find in this faux-Southern city, but that’s not saying a whole lot. I honestly think Bojangles does it better.

  • People are going to be massively surprised that there’s a non-yuppie food market here in DC.

  • I was in that video but I just trying to make a left on to Bladensburg Road to get to the Arboretum. I didn’t want any goddamn millennial yuppie biscuits.

  • I went and sat in the drive-thru line for an hour after doing a run for gardening supplies at Lowes. They were only taking orders from one car every 10 months. They ran out of food – except the plain biscuit sandwich – at around 1:45pm. They’ll need to fix their service issues, no one has time to sit in the drive thru line for 45 minutes on their way home from work.

  • I went at 3:30pm. At that point they had closed the drive thru for the day. The wait inside was about 45 minutes as they were doing their best to keep up. I can honestly say this was hands down the best biscuit I ever had. Not burnt at all as someone else mentioned. I was however disappointed with the mac and cheese side.

    • Mac n cheese is hard to do, because everyone likes it made differently. I know I probably won’t order it because even though I love mac n cheese, I hate when it is creamy. I want to try their Shakes instead.

  • I was there. The like was so long because *it was hardly moving,* not because so many people were showing up. They had ONE register inside and it was S L O W. The line was snaking out into the parking lot, but moving so slowly half the tables inside were empty. Menu was a bit puzzling too. Combo gets you biscuit sandwich, a side and a drink.

    “Ok I’ll get the combo with a water”

    “Water is a dollar extra.”

    “Huh? With the combo?”

    “Yeah. Soda comes with it not water”

    Hopefully they will work out the kinks and speed it up.

    • It wasn’t the number of people. They were slow at Union Market too. It was an hour wait once you stepped inside the door until you received your food.

  • Driveway is always closed off when I go past. Kind of weird. Wanted to get a milkshake on the way home, looks closed. Empty store, empty parking lot

    • I thought I read somewhere that they decided to do drive-through only during commuting hours (maybe just morning commuting hours?) so as to make things more manageable.

      • They might want to get a banner that says “Open” or something because the orange cones in the drive-through line makes it appear as if they are closed to me at least. Maybe I am in the minority. That coupled with no cars in the parking lot. This was about an hour ago.

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