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Redd Rocks the O-Line hanging on to Mom

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2017 at 10:30 am 14 Comments

Photo Credit: Roshan Patel, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Welp, I guess today is all downhill from here but it was worth it.

From the National Zoo:

“The Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s nearly 7-month-old male Bornean orangutan infant, Redd, took his first trip on the O-Line April 4 carried by his mother, Batang. The 50-foot-high suspended cable track gives orangutans the choice and freedom to move between their yards at the Great Ape House and Think Tank.”

  • Truxton Thomas

    I’ve always wanted to see them on the line in person!

    • MadMax

      It’s really cool, they’ll stop foot traffic below so that they can cross without danger of crashing into a pedestrian below.

      • wdc

        I think the zoo staff stops the traffic because the orangutans like to relieve themselves from up there. I’ve seen them cross several times, and each time they attempt to… ahem… target folks below.
        They’re smart and ornery.

        • Orangutans are smart. I remember a tale of one in a zoo finding a bobby pin and hiding it in his cheek, then picking the lock on his cage to escape – but Google does not back me up. Still, I like the story.

          • Raya

            Your memory is correct! The orangutan was named Fu Manchu. You can read about his escapades in Eugene Linden’s The Parrot’s Lament (a terrific book on animal intelligence.)

    • Austin Josey

      I believe a zookeeper once told us they’re moved from one building to the other at certain times for cleaning or something so there is a scheduled time in which you could see this. Anyone know the specifics?

      • CJS

        Yup! They usually travel between 10:30-11am and then again around 2-3pm. Another fun fact, Lucy — born at the Zoo is 1973, and the oldest of the Zoo’s orangutans — is the only one that has never traveled the O-line.

  • LCinDC

    How is this not a caption contest!?

    • Go!

      • Ben

        Bannon showing Trump “the ropes”

        • Elvis’s Mom

          Ben insulting orangutans, chimps, monkeys and apes everywhere by demoting them on the food chain.

          • Anon


  • Brooklyn Brawler

    This made my morning!

  • MadMax

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