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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Woke up with a sore throat this morning and I overslept.
    Mega Rant: Feeling terrible about what happened at Starbucks this morning. As I was getting my bagel, I think I accidentally hit someone in the face with my arm. I was so out of it cause my blood sugar level was really low and in a hurry to get back to my office. When it happened, I was reaching to grab my bagel and felt something brush my arm. I heard someone say ‘you hit my face’ but I don’t remember hitting anyone’s face, Of course, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t apologize or say anything. There was also an idiot behind me that say, “she must really wanted that sandwich.’ Hoping the woman is OK.
    Rave: Finally got my doctor on the phone yesterday so I can switch up my medication to get away from the side effects that I was feeling.

  • rave: I’m transitioning into working from home a few days a week, and I sat down to my computer at 8am and have already gotten so much done! I’m a morning person and my office culture is pretty relaxed, which I generally love, but it’s hard to be the only morning person amongst a dozen colleagues in an open-plan office.
    rant (but only slightly): my dog thinks I’m home to play with him. this will be a transition for both of us!

    question: we’re planning on putting up temporary doors to close off the den in our rental apartment. I know the previous occupants had doors on the den – they actually used it as a second bedroom with the full knowledge of the management company – so I’m not worried about management telling us not to. no idea who does this sort of work, though. anyone have any recommendations?

  • Rant: Smokers. Some jack hole moved into our building, apparently missed the memo that it’s not 1955, and constantly smokes on his/her balcony. Result: our balcony (and prob a dozen others in proximity) is rendered completely useless, and we have to keep our windows and doors closed at all times – or our whole apartment fills with nasty smoke and I get a splitting headache. I’m pregnant, too, so I really don’t want your gross stuff in my house. And I was at the dog park yesterday, and some moron walks into the only shaded area, where a crowd of people were standing, and lights up right in the middle of us. Really buddy? If you want to kill youself, great, but hurry up and leave us out of it. Sorry not sorry, but it’s 2017 and if you smoke you are disgusting so if you don’t care enough about yourself to quit at least don’t do it in public or where anyone else has to smell your nastiness.
    Rave: Yay! Sunshine!

    • Its not against the law to smoke….just saying

      • There is precedent in DC for someone not being allowed to smoke in their own home. Legality isn’t really the issue.

        • The OP stated that the guy goes out onto a balcony so it doesn’t sound like he is smoking inside his home…if you leave your windows open around it that’s your decision. Unless I missed something

          • My point was that simply being legal doesn’t mean he has a right to do it. I touched in that example as am extreme case of where that can take you.

          • If it’s a non-smoking building, I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to smoke on your balcony (just like you can’t smoke on the roof). The guy would have to go outside.
            If it is a building where smoking is permitted, then that sucks for Anon but I don’t know that much could be done except to talk to the neighbor.

      • No one said smoking is illegal. It’s legal. But it’s gross.
        Also legal: Clipping your toenails on the metro. Picking your nose and eating it. Picketing a funeral. Passing loud and smelly gas in the middle of church. (Although I would literally rather you switch to any of these because none of them will give ME cancer.)

    • I feel you, but I’d suggest looking into a non-smoking bldg if he’s within the rules for your bldg. Nothing you say to the guy will make him stop; he’s addicted.

      • Also, just because a bldg says they’re “non-smoking” doesn’t mean jack if they don’t care or enforce it! My old place was “non-smoking” but apparently they felt like weed didn’t count – sorry, but that is still smoke and the smell gets EVERYWHERE! Gag!

        • You don’t need to convince me. I like getting fresh air as much as I can. You don’t want your home smelling like smoke neither do I.

    • Okay, this post is going a bit overboard.. I thought you were going to say he was smoking in the building.. but he’s smoking outside on HIS balcony like a normal smoker, did I miss something? um, welcome to the city?

      • The distinction between whether or not the person is smoking inside or on a balcony seems irrelevant if the end result – neighbors’ apartments being exposed to second and third-hand smoke – is the same.

        Resolutions like “just leave your windows closed all the time” are completely unacceptable because they start with the premise that smokers should have veto power over the way neighbors use their windows. Smokers are movable, apartments and their windows are not.

        Also, a rant: “normal smokers” are gross and disgusting.

    • Tom

      If you’re in a non-smoking building, consider talking to management. My lady’s building is smoke-free, so I’m going to have to hurry up on re-quitting before I move there in a few months. On the plus side, living with her will curb my nasty habit by 99.9%, so I’ll just have to find other ways to kill myself.

    • Could you buy him a fan, explain the problem and ask him nicely to turn the fan on to blow the smoke away from the building?

    • I feel like folks are being really harsh. She’s just venting, not saying/doing anything directly to the smoker. Isn’t this described as a place to vent?

      • It is but apparently people are jumping on everyone for saying anything this week (see yesterday’s perfume ordeal) so…..

      • +1
        I can’t leave my windows open as much now that I have dog and he likes to “protect” the place by barking, so I understand how sad it is to have a nice day, but have the windows closed. It’s your house, you want to use it as you like.

      • Truth! I’ll echo this commenter’s rant. I am so sick of people smoking pot in my condo building. We are owners.. not renters, so no one’s moving out anytime soon. I’m also pregnant and worried about second-hand smoke and the absolutely revolting smell.

        I was all for pot legalization in Maryland, but now I am SO SICK of the smoke that I can’t imagine how gross it’ll be when it is legalized. I’m all for decriminalization, but my NIMBYism is outweighing my liberalism.

  • Rant: My allergies are insane today. I am taking allergy meds and using a Neti pot twice a day, and I am still congested.
    Rave: Baby Artie slept through the night and woke up in such a good mood. That kid has a sixth sense of when I really am at the breaking point and needing substantial sleep.
    Rave: Yoga yesterday. My body really needed it.
    Rant: Sean Spicer. Can’t we have an “Apprentice” style firing?

    • My allergies (after an intense spat in February…) have calmed down. But I see a lot more pollen now. Never really done much investigating on what allergies I have, but amazing how different it can be for people.

    • Re allergies. Have you tried a steroidal nasal spray? Literally no pills work for me – the nasal spray is only relief (nasal stays have highest percentage of success for people).

  • skj84

    Rave: The beautiful weather this week. Last night was perfect.
    Rant: It seems its time for air conditioner wars with my roommate. Her room is in the basement where it is pretty cool unless the heat is on. My room is on the main level of the house. She doesn’t like it when we run the ac since it cools the basement down too. The issue is it gets pretty muggy upstairs. I’m willing to just leave the windows open during the day, but at night I need to run the AC. I can’t sleep if its too hot. We had the heat at full blast this winter so the basement would stay warm, I think she can compromise so I don’t roast during the summer months. I would sleep with my window cracked a bit to cool down during the winter, she can’t layer up before she goes to bed during warm months?

    • Can’t she cover the vents in the basement?

      • +1. I’d recommend asking her to cover her vents (or some of them, at least), and see how that works. If it still doesn’t solve the problem, then try a window unit.

    • Andie302

      I would just get a window unit. You’ll be so much cooler and have so much more control. See if anyone is getting rid of them on CL – that happens pretty frequently when people are installing central air. A new one would probably be around $100. Money well spent as the temps keep rising! (They also have outlet timers so that you can get it to kick on automatically at a certain time if you want to get reallllyyy fancy.)

      • skj84

        I was thinking about window units, its a perfect solution to the problem. I wonder if my landlord would be cool with it though? I’ll have to ask.

        • you can also try standing units that have a temporary vent through the window (so you wouldn’t have to install it permanently). I think they might be a little more pricey, but have the automatic features andie referenced above. I have one in my bedroom, and it works super well (albeit its a little loud). DeLonghi makes a nice system – and I think they sell it at Costco

    • Seems to me she needs a space heater which would be efficiently keep her space warm while keeping you out of the sweat box. Probably cheaper too. She should also close her vents and see how it goes, but window or standing ac would be as good as the heater for her space. There are safe, anti-tip, auto shutoff space heaters, btw.

      • Not sure running A/C while also running a space heater would be cheaper…..both of those things EAT UP electricity. But yes, should close the vents. And/or look to get an individual AC unit – either window or vent type thing.

        • Um where did you get that. She said they had to crank the heat in the winter; I suggested basement woman gets a space heater (for the winter). I’ve found using a space heater to be cheaper than heating the entire apartment. I suggested basement woman using the space heater is similar to skj getting a separate ac unit (for the summer).

    • I used to have this same issue when I lived in DC, except I was the basement person. Honestly, I just kept my blankets on in the summer, and sometimes I would open the window to let the heat in. ee would also use fans in the top floor. What sucks about flat roof houses is that they just attract heat and there’s usually not much insulation to keep the heat out or in either.

    • You’re actually making the issue worse by leaving windows open during the day, because that’s when it’s hotter. I recommend making sure all windows are sealed during the day, and close any blinds/curtains that face east/south/west. Then, when you’re home in the evening, open your windows for fresh, cooler air. Generally by 6 or so the temp has dropped to a reasonable level, and by sunset it’s downright cool (at least it should be for the next month or so.) If you’re OK having the windows open at night, that’s when you should be turning the AC off!

  • Rant: Could not find metro card/work badge anywhere this morning. Already cancelled metro card, but really hope I didn’t lose work badge. Sigh.
    Rave/rant: Life is so busy right now!
    Rave: Great wine night with good friends last night.

    • I have the same problem re losing metro/work badge every couple of weeks. you know where it always is? in the pocket of my coat/jacket from the day before. 🙂 Hope you find it!

  • Rant: Well f*** me, I’m sitting at my desk at work instead of the dentist’s chair because I had to cancel for two good but incredibly frustrating reason. 1) F*$&ing Red Line train had “mechanical difficulties” and broke down at Union Station, so after a long and jolting ride from Wheaton to Union Station, I didn’t have enough time to get to the dentist by 9, which was probably for the best because 2) I received an email saying they had one cleaning appointment available on Friday and then that was it until the end of June because they were so booked up. I emailed asking for clarification, because call me crazy but I think that if I’m paying upwards of $500 for xrays and an exam, one would think that exam would include, oh, I don’t know, a CLEANING?! What the hell, is this just what DC dentists do? Make you schedule separate exams for everything?! So eff that, nope, not doing it. The scheduler was very nice and I don’t know where the miscommunication happened, but I’m just not up to this. Plus, they’re really far away from me and I can’t be going back and forth all the time….Any recommendations for dentists who don’t make you schedule absolutely everything separately? I’m sooooo furious!

    • Andie302

      Rusk and Thorton is convenient to the red line. MtPResident said they gave her upsells, but I didn’t feel any pressure for any extra service, and I think I even turned down x-rays the last time they asked about them. (This is something my mother did my whole life – I don’t know when you’re supposed to get Xrays, but we got them about every third time they were recommended.) Dr. Rusk is who I saw, and he was great. I’ve had several different techs and really liked all of them.

      • I had checked them out when you recommended them previously, but they say on their website:
        “FIRST VISIT
        Your initial appointment usually will consist of an examination and review of your treatment options. A cleaning will not be completed on the first visit. The dentist will determine what type of dental cleaning is appropriate for you and schedule it for a subsequent visit. ”

        Not gonna work for me. NEXT!

      • When I went to my first visit at our new dentist, it was the same thing, X-rays and ‘consult’ with a cleaning and panoramic x-rays at the cleaning visit. I was told this was for two reasons; first, they want to know what they are working with in order to adequately schedule the hygienist, especially since I had not been to a dentist in about two years (lucky for them they didn’t get the first time in 15 years cost!). Secondly, for billing purposes, apparently the insurance will cover panoramic x-rays if they are done in a different visit from the regular ones. I still have my wisdom teeth, and this is why they wanted to do the panoramics. However, I was not charged for the consult, only the x-rays, and it was made VERY clear that this is what would happen so there were no surprises. My cleaning was also scheduled very close to the consultation. From what others have said, it sounds like this may be a new way some dentist offices are doing things. Im still not sold on it, because my time is money too.

    • topscallop

      I’m pretty sure I got a cleaning and x-rays in the same visit at Minovi Dental, near Dupont.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That’s weird, I’ve never heard of doing X-rays and the cleaning on separate visits.

      • Agreed, I’ve always had that as part of my cleaning. I’ve used Dr. Xavier Slotkoff in Farragut Square before and found it easy to schedule with and very clear communicator.

    • My dentist, in Virginia Square (just off the Orange Line) is amazing. also once a month, she has Saturday hours.
      Her name is Tamara Garrett and she’s at 3801 Fairfax Drive. I hate, hate, hate dentists, but she has changed my world.

      • Thank you so much for this! It’s so close to work for me, and I’m looking for a new one!

        • The entire staff there is so lovely. I am looking forward to seeing them for a cleaning in a few weeks, and I have never said that about any dental procedure before in my entire life.

    • Not sure if dc is required, but I’ve used college park dental for years with my crappy hmo dental plan. Admittedly, I’ve never had any mouth issues.

      • I go to College Park Dental as well. I’ve always driven there, but Google Maps says it would be a 0.8-mile (16-minute) walk from the College Park Metro station.
        Not on the Red Line, though.

        • Yeah, since I already know I’ll have to go back and forth a couple of times for the whole mouth-guard thing, I’d really prefer somewhere between where I work (or a little further south/west) and where I live. I just don’t want to go back and forth for every little thing!

        • If you do end up going there, check carefully to see what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t. A few years ago, College Park Dental added two x-rays (I think the front-of-mouth ones) to their existing lineup of routine x-rays… and it turned out that my insurance wouldn’t cover those two. I had to pay for them out of pocket and was REALLY peeved.

        • I was thinking there may be a bus that goes from silver spring to college park.

          • Good point — I think there’s actually a university-operated shuttle that runs from the Silver Spring Metro station to the College Park Metro station. Not sure if they ask to see student IDs.

          • The University bus requires id, but the J4 express bus runs from SS to CP.

    • In Tenleytown/Van Ness, there’s Modern Dentistry – I’ve been going there for years partly because it is so simple. They let me know when I need to get x-rays and they’re always scheduled the same time I’m due for a cleaning. They’re the best.

    • Dr. Tran on 7th street Sw between l’enfant and waterfront (about 5 min walk from either). He does it all himself, including cleanings.

      • Oh and he loves his job so much that he hums and sings to himself the whole way through (looking at the X-ray he just took, hum, hum, singing “hmm, n. 14, need to look at n.14 again), then still humming, looks at it, “nope, looks fine, fine”.

    • Blithe

      LBP, I don’t know if this will make a difference, but it might be that the separate cleaning appointment is an issue mostly or only with new patients — either because of scheduling issues, billing issues, or for the dentist to make an assessment before including even a cleaning in the treatment plan. I’ve had this happen as a new patient, but was then able to schedule subsequent visits so that the cleaning and any other treatments were done at the same appointment.
      – Thanks to a PoPville recommendation, I’m very happy with Dr. Maria Nichols. Her office is in the building with Rodman’s.

    • If you’re still tracking, I had a nice experience with Dr. Mantoni’s practice in downtown Silver spring. This may be more convenient for you since you’re now in Wheaton. There are a number of dentists in the practice, service was good, environment comfortable, and the only reason I haven’t been back is that I’m too lazy. No scheduling weirdness, no upsells. I don’t know pricing, because I had insurance at the time that covered one set of x-rays and two cleanings/exams a year.

    • I use Dr. Paul LaRose near Farragut North and LOVE him and his staff. And they take insurance.

    • Dr Maria Nichols. Her office has the advantage/disadvantage of being above Rodman’s.

    • I go to Silver Spring Smiles in downtown Silver Spring (closer to Wheaton!) — they seem to take just about all types of insurance, they have TVs in the rooms so you can watch Netflix/nature shows while they work on your teeth, and the dentist/hygienists are super nice and knowledgeable.

  • topscallop

    Rave: I think my follow-up interview yesterday went well
    Rant: no one from HR at the new company has been involved in either interview or any communications yet, so I don’t know anything about salary/benefits. I guess we’ll get to that point if they decide they want me?
    Rant: leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks on a work trip
    Rave: at least I don’t have 5 weeks of travel like my boss
    Rant: haven’t packed yet

  • Rave: Took a leisurely stroll to Lincoln Park last night to watch the dogs play. It was wonderful and makes me want a dog!
    Rant: Coworkers who can’t seem to do anything for themselves, i.e. mail merge.
    Rave/Rant: End of hiring freeze! Hopefully husband can move into job he’s happy in…but oh crap, that probably means we’re moving!
    Rant: Staff meeting day. This means 30 minutes of “processing time”, where we get to talk about our feelings and how we’re doing. SMH.

  • Rant: Every time I deal with one email or call I seem to get five more. Work has been too much the past two weeks. I want to take a day off but that would make it even worse.
    Rave: Talking to supervisor about redistributing some of my work because my office is big on going home after our 8 hours, and there is no way everything is getting done each day that should be getting done.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Six miles jogging on the mall last night. Slowwwww – but still!
    Rave: Helped me stop the urge to throat punch the lady I was complaining about earlier at work
    Rave: I think the endorphins have carried over to today – I am in a stellar mood
    Rave: Not suffering from allergies right now (sorry all of you that are) – this is some kind of miracle…I’m usually congested, sneezing, etc. around this time of year

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Lack of motivation
    Rave: Nasacort has kept me allergy free for a second Spring. I love this stuff!

    • Does nasacort help you with itchy eyes? I am dying over here, basically in a consistent catatonic state because of my overdosage of Zyrtec and Allegra.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It does! I was surprised to find out it does take care of my itchy, watery eyes. It seems like it shouldn’t since it’s a nasal spray. It’s magic.

        • THANK YOU! On my way to Harris Teeter to acquire some now. Hopeful that relief is imminent!!!

        • Blithe

          Thanks for the recommendation! I haven’t tried this yet — mostly because the information that I read about it and their ads don’t mention that it helps with itchy watery eye. I, too, will be going out to buy some soon! I’ve been taking sabadil, a homeopathic remedy, that’s helped a lot, but it’s good to know that there’s one more OTC medication out there for me to try!

    • I tried Nasacort and for me, even that little bit of steroids in the sprays causes palpitations and bloody noses. Womp womp. Guess I’m stuck with eye drops, neti pots, zyrtec, allegra and benadryl.

      • Have you tried Afrin for the worst of days? It’s not a daily one like Nasacort but sometimes I have to switch to the big guns.

        • Afrin is only a decongestant, it helps me very much when I’m all stuffed up (because there are so many meds like sudafed etc that I absolutely can’t use), but you’re limited to how often you can use the Afrin because of the risk of rebound headaches. I consider it a way of treating sinus pain and congestion for a limited amount of time, not something that I can use in a preventative measure.

          • Gotcha. I guess it’s so rare that I have the drippy problem, it’s always default to congested. Hope you find a one-stop shop soon!

    • Emmaleigh where do you get your Paris tea? The WPost food section had an article about tea and your tea was recommended by the writer.
      My sis and I both love the Lady Grey tea you had recommended!

  • Rant: (seems like a trend among the comments already posted) but work has been crazy. missed a drinks thing I wanted to get to last night, was at office until almost 9.
    Rave: got an ice cream with a colleague after work. she spilled hot fudge all over her dress, and this somehow prompted a fit of non-stop, belly-aching, teary-eyed laughter from both of us. Great stress reliever.

  • Rant: So tired.
    Rave: Nats won, and I’ve got some fun things coming up, including a walk through the Tidal Basin with a friend on Good Friday.
    Rave: Coffee.

    • nats have been fun to watch so far, just a little bit nervous about our bullpen but if we put up 8 runs a game we will be in good shape with our defense behind them

  • Rave: Got an extension from Friday to Monday on a freelance project.
    Rant: posting on PoP instead of writing. Deadlines are good for me.

  • Rave: Stimpy finally caught the mouse that has been torturing us for months! (Probably not the same mouse but whatevs.)
    Rant: Why can’t people back up to the damn white line when parking at the end of or next to a driveway on a residential street?! Parking 3 feet in front it creates a domino effect of 3 cars not being able to park further down the street. Its not hard.
    Rant (but not really a rant): Man, I can’t help but get major FOMO or self doubt when a I know its going to be a fabulous sunset and I can’t get out and shoot any photos… and the next day my instagram feed is filled with all the other awesome DC area photographers cool ass city shots. #dayjob #bummer

    • maxwell smart

      re Rave: I recently had 3 dead ones in the boiler room… discovered only because the apartment started to smell really bad. So now the boiler room is covered with glue traps that I’ve been avoiding checking – if there are more mice, than I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing there are probably mice running around ready to eat my face while I’m sleeping. If there are not mice – than it was just a one-off fluke (6 years, no mice). If I just don’t check, it could be either?

      • HA! I had some glue traps out too, and this poor mouse suffered a much more violent death than he would have if he had just stepped on the trap. I think they’re pretty good at avoiding those actually.

        • maxwell smart

          I think one of the mice became camel cricket food, so his/her death was fairly gruesome. Fun fact: Camel crickets are carnivores and cannibals. The things you learn in a subterranean habitat.

          • This only adds to the well known fact that camel crickets are evil, disgusting creatures that should be eradicated.

          • *shudder* this whole thread is horrifying now with the thought of cannibal camel crickets!

      • Get a “rat zapper!” It’s a little electrocution chamber that zaps the mouse or rat instantly and cleanly dead. Then you just pick up the zapper and tip the body into the trash. Glue traps are awful for everyone involved.

        • Pretty sure textdoc has a story about what happens when those rat zappers don’t function properly….it’s grim to say the least! I think the concept behind it is pretty good and humane, but beware, it sometimes malfunctions and then….oy!

          • Emmaleigh504

            yeah her story was horrific

          • I think/hope a RatZapper wouldn’t run into that problem with mice, since they’re so much smaller than rats.
            The RatZapper is good in concept, but seeing it in actual. um, execution really gave me pause — made me wonder if it’s really as humane as it’s cracked up to be.
            My somewhat harrowing story:

          • maxwell smart

            I’ve been hesitant to put anything outside, like a Zapper, due to how many squirrels and chipmunks are in the area. Granted, DC could use a few fewer squirrels – rats in cuter outfits – but I’d rather not find a half-cooked squirrel. Do you know if they are squirrel/chipmunk safe?

          • RatZappers aren’t supposed to be used outdoors, but I used mine on a covered patio.
            I think squirrels are too big to fit in them. There might be something on the RatZapper website about this.
            I suppose chipmunks could be vulnerable, but I’ve never seen a chipmunk in D.C.

          • maxwell smart

            I live close to Rock Creek, so at various points in the year/tenure in my apartment, I’ve seen on my street chipmunks, fox, deer, raccoons, shrew, an array of birds, squirrels (who decide that 6am on a Saturday is a fine time to perch on the tree next to my window and screech as loudly as possible) and the endless parade of camel crickets.

          • Ratzappers can be used outdoors when you buy the outdoor container. I’ve had rats bigger than squirrels successfully killed, but no squirrels. Mine has never malfunctioned, but I suppose any device can malfunction.

  • Rave: My cabinets are being delivered on Friday!
    Rant: I have no idea where I am going to put the boxes (because I’ll have them for a month before the contractor begins work on my kitchen), so I’ll be re-arranging things for the next couple evenings to prepare the space.
    Rant: So I can’t do a Wine & Bitch this week – I’m very sorry…are any of you free on Thursday, April 27, or should we shoot for May and potential patio/rooftop ideas?
    Rave: I am told that I’m getting a raise at work but I won’t know how much until my review later this month.
    Rave: Recruiter interview last night for a potential position at another law firm, but…
    Rant: Looked up the position and I’m really not qualified for what they want.
    Rave: I’ve not had carbs or alcohol since the end of March and I’ve already lost 6 lbs.
    Rant: I miss carbs and alcohol.

    • great raves!

    • I’m out of town on the 27, but I could do May. No need to schedule around me though.

    • I wish I could give up alcohol. I’ve been almost completely carb free for years. I just tell myself no and don’t buy bread EVER. (I love bread) I cant really do that with wine. I love wine. I try very hard to do the no alcohol during the week thing. Yesterday, I purchased a bottle of Little Black Dress Chardonnay on the way home from work but told myself I couldn’t drink it. It worked!! Maybe I can actually try 1 full week+weekend.

      • I’ll eventually work both of them back into my diet probably, but for a little while longer, it’ll be this way til I can lose some more weight!

    • Where did you buy your cabinets? I’ve been looking for months – too many options.

      • IKEA! They were having a 20% off sale (I don’t know if it’s still happening, but they do it twice a year).
        Plus, if you have one of their designers come and measure everything out at your home and give you a plan and write up exactly what you need to order, that will cost $199 but you’ll get it back in the form of an IKEA gift certificate (which I used to buy tons of organizational things for my new amazing drawers).
        Counters and flooring are coming from other places.

        • The IKEA kitchen sale for the spring just ended (on Sunday).

          • HaileUnlikely

            Do you happen to know if the sales in question are annual and predictably-timed? This could be very useful information for me (though realistically probably not for a few more years…)

          • I haven’t been keeping track, but I think the two kitchen sales per year are usually March-April (maybe late February to April?) and October-November, or thereabouts.
            I think the 20%-off part applies only if you buy $3,000 (or maybe it was $4,000?) of stuff. (When I did a small basement kitchen, with bottom-of-the-line door/drawer fronts and no IKEA appliances, I didn’t come anywhere close to that total.)
            IIRC, it used to be an actual price deduction or refund, but starting recently, they now issue you a IKEA gift card for the 20% amount instead.

          • Be warned that the kitchen section in the Marketplace is PACKED with people during the kitchen sale period, and the waiting time to see a kitchen specialist can be really long — I suggest being there at 10 a.m. when the store opens.
            When I did my basement kitchen, there seemed to be no way to just directly order and pay for the particular cabinets I needed — like, no differentiation in the queue between “I need X, Y, and Z” and more complicated questions. I had to wait an hour (or more) to give the kitchen specialist my list for them to ring it up. Then I’d go to the collection desk downstairs to pick up the items.

          • I didn’t get a gift card for the 20% off; it was part of my total for the cabinets.
            I’ve also looked at Cabinet Discounters (very expensive), Deco DC (where I’m getting my counter but I had already ordered my cabinets), Home Depot, Loews, and a couple other places whose names I no longer remember.

          • Interesting — I could’ve sworn that’s what the online wording said. But in any event, I’m glad they gave you the 20% off. 🙂

      • HaileUnlikely

        FWIW I have also heard very good things about Costco’s cabinets, including from homeowners who aren’t even particularly price-sensitive.

    • Andie302

      So exciting about the cabinets and the lbs!!!!

    • Early-May is better for me at this point, tbh. April has been rough.

    • Can’t do Thurs. 4/27.

  • Rave: After realizing my lemon tree isn’t self-pollinating and that I don’t have bees inside my house to do the work, I hand-pollinated resulting in little wee lemons starting to grow
    Rave: More home-grown mushrooms ready to be harvested
    I have horseradish roots, curly willow stems (for planting), kombucha scoby available if anyone is interested

    • Love your lemon tree rave! Where did you get your tree? I’ve wanted one for a while – they remind me of my grandfather who used to have them all over his terrace. After 27 years in DC I finally have enough of a garden to get one!

    • I bought mine from fourwindsgrowers in CA and got the largest size they have ($40). It was beautiful when it arrived and started flowering within a month or so
      Sun Nursery (Woodbine MD) also had them in stock when I was looking
      You can find a smaller/less expensive but also nice one at Logee’s

  • So…I need to move to a semi-permanent space in Chicago and am not taking a ton from my house. I live in a rowhouse that is parallel/runs along the alley (at the entrance of the alley). I have french doors at the back that make it easy to move stuff in and out from those doors and would be much more convenient to load there than at the front of the house along the street. There is not significant traffic on this alley, but would it be a complete jerk move to have a moving truck in there for 90 minutes vs. reserving space on the street? I feel like contractors and such do this frequently and there’s still 2 other points of access to the alley. It would likely be during the day on a weekday.

    • Un-announced that might upset me, gut given the convenience might be worth it to check in with all your neighbors and give them a heads up.

      • +1.
        And if your alley has two entrances, it might affect only the neighbors whose properties the truck itself would be blocking.

        • The good news is it wouldn’t actually block anyone. Just one of the entrances of an alley. But it would be right at the entrance so no one would get halfway down and be screwed.

      • I agree with this. My last place was similar and whenever we had a heads up, everyone would move cars/do what they needed because it was going to be us in the same boat eventually. Unannounced made for some pains in the ass.

    • Are you moving yourself? How big is the truck? When I was moving my stuff into storage, we moved the truck once or twice to get out of people’s way. It’s an annoying way to spend five minutes, but it’s only five minutes (if your truck’s not too big.
      I also think people who live on alleys are relatively tolerant of this sort of thing — we’ve all had to do it. Odf course, there’s always that one jerk….

    • Put a note on the dash with your phone number. It can be irritating, but if the driver is willing to move it quickly then I usually don’t care (but that’s just me). Most likely it won’t be a problem.

  • How do I report an illegally operated hotel in Columbia Heights?
    There is a row home on Kenyon and 11th that has been converted to a hotel. As a neighbor, I have been annoyed by guests coming late at night. I found that they only have a DC business license for a “One Family Rental” – which is a category for renting out residential units (such as an English basement, under DC rent control laws, etc).
    I tried calling the business licence complaint/investigation line multiple times, and no one has responded. Should I reach the ANC? Any ideas on moving forward?

    • Try elevating it higher in DCRA — contact the Director.

    • Sure, contact your ANC, but also contact your council rep. They have people in their office that can get you help…

      • In theory, but this is Brianne Nadeau’s district and multiple PoPvillagers have complained on here about the incompetence of her constituent-services people.
        Another idea would be the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations (MOCR) rep for Ward 1.

    • Are you talking about the Asante Sana bed and breakfast at 1207 Kenyon? They’ve been operating for years, have a website and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have a B&B license. Or maybe it a different property doing AirBnB?

      • Hi Victoria:

        I checked the DCRA Licence Verification System by that address. Asante does not have the proper license. They have a “One Family Rental;” which has a clear description on the DC govt website:

        AICS Description: This classification applies if you own and rent out single-family homes, town houses, duplexes, individual condominium units or individual rooms. A Basic Business License is required for each rental location. This classification does not include Apartment Houses (with three or more units) or Rooming House (with six or more occupants).

        Endorsement Class: Housing – Residential

        Legal Authority: DC Code 47-2828; 47-2851 DC Municipal Regulation Title 14, Chapter 2

        • Interesting. I don’t know the owners, only met them once years ago, but still strange that they would have been operating – quite openly – for at least 4-5 years as a bed and breakfast without a b & b license.

          As for the immediate issue with guests annoying you, I would suggest you contact them through their website, explain the problem and ask them to ask their guests to be quieter. You could also ask them directly if they have a license.

          • +1 to this.
            Also, they have horrible reviews. I read a few and said “ick” a few times and decided not to read any more.

    • Looks like some have complained that this is not even a real hotel:
      “Well, THIS wasn’t a hotel and there was no way for us to actually check in.”

  • Rave: Hamilton! Current Broadway cast is as good, if not better than, the original, with only a few exceptions. Daughter and friend were over the moon.
    Rant: wife got food poisoning Monday. She felt awful from from about 2:30 Monday till – well, now. She managed to make it through the show but was really uncomfortable. Really stinks that something we’ve looked forward to for so long was marred like that.
    Rave: I love NYC. Every time I come here reinvigorates my desire to retire here.
    Rant: The financial realities probably won’t permit that.
    Rave: fresh mozzarella and porchetta fron DiPaolos.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: mosquitoes
    Rant: no respect for introvert time
    Rant: left my PoPville t-shirt at home
    Rave: found a PoPville t-shirt that I left here
    Rave: Huge avocados, cheese
    Rave: Nature, the sound of tropical birds in the morning
    Rave: my photos are in 3 different galleries this month

    • I’ve been finding what I thought were fairly big mosquitoes in my bathroom a few times a week lately. … at least I thought they were big until last night, when I found one that was literally about the size of a tennis ball. It took quite awhile for him to stop fluttering around the ceiling so I could squash him and get to sleep…

      As an aside, I’m assuming these mosquitoes are coming in through my window, where the screen’s integrity is not great. Replacing that screen is a priority right now, especially since I’m about to have my first summer living right by a large standing body of water… this should be fun!

  • Rant: I haven’t slept a full, or even close to full, night’s sleep in a week and I woke up from a stress dream at 2:50 this morning. I really contemplated calling out, but I have a lot to do.
    Rave: having lunch with a good friend today!
    Rant: she’s over the moon and I am clearly not, I don’t want to bring down the mood too much
    Rave: last night was the perfect night for a rooftop birthday party

  • Rant: Work remains crazy even after bringing someone else on the team in order to alleviate the work load. I don’t know how much more I can take of having to do overtime just to get the bare minimum done. My boss is great and usually very good with work load issues, but I sense she is also at her limit.
    Rave: Mid-week day off to recharge with kid time and puppy time!
    Rave: Littlest Anonachild’s glasses came in, and it was so awesome watching him see clearly for the first time in probably ever. On the down side, he looked at me and said “mommy, you look bigger!” Umm. Thanks?
    Rave: heading to the gym later

  • Rant: Just started using the Circulator for my commute, and was wondering what’s up with the Next Ride feature on their site. Has it been broken for a long time? Should I give up on it ever working? All it says is “There are no arrival times available right now. Please try again later.”

  • Question for the well-traveled PoPulace – Does anyone have restaurant recommendations in Kansas City? We are staying downtown and would prefer locations more downtown than the ‘burbs. Hoping to try some creative cooking with a fun ambiance…not really interested in a steak house or fine dining. Vegetarian options are a plus. Thanks!

  • My next door neighbor has a couple dogs that LIVE to bark. They bark constantly and maniacally.

    A few days ago I finally had had enough and went to speak to her about it. I rang her doorbell, and she opened the door a crack, which was pretty weird and rude. I said (calmly) that her dogs would not stop barking at me, and I felt like was being terrorized in my own yard. I said “I’m sure you hear it.” She quietly mumbled something like “yeah I hear it,” then shuts the door in my face.

    I’ve looked up the dog barking ordinances for DC and am poised to start calling the police for the worst episodes – except for one wrinkle: she’s a cop herself. I really doubt anything would happen.

    • You could try getting an ultrasonic “bark stopper” device and aiming it at her yard. It doesn’t work for all dogs, and can’t be used if there is a lot of street noise since that will also set it off, but it might be worth a try.

      • Thanks- I have tried that, actually. I’m not sure if it worked … it seemed like maybe it could have a had a slight placebo effect, and then the battery was quickly used up. I’ll try it again though.

        They’re beagles too, they really live to bark and howl.

    • FWIW, she probably only opened the door a crack because she didn’t want the dogs to run out. And you may have surprised her, or woken her up depending on her shift. There is also the possibility that she knows the dogs bark some, but is not home when they really go berserk, so she does not know the extent of the barking? Anyway, I suggest a polite note that you were sorry to have surprised her a few days ago, you hear the dogs barking often and consistently, it has been disturbing to you, and asking her to curb the barking. If they see you through a window, maybe ask to draw the shade, or if they are home alone and bored, giving them treat toys to keep them occupied. I would avoid strong language, like the dogs’ barking is terrorizing, and not call the police unless things get really out of hand. What has been a festering problem for you may be news to her. (I doubt the police would be much help anyway, especially if they are dealing with one of their own. They would probably tell you two to work it out, and then the neighbor would be extra-mad at you.)

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Weird dream last night where I owned yesterday’s GDON and was throwing a party for my neighbors. I also seemed to be having an affair with a neighbor whose partner showed up and made a big scene and
    Rant: Reputations were lost not to mention “original details such as, fireplace, hwds, fixtures, trim” were damaged beyond repair.

  • Rave: learning a lot at work lately and overall liking the new job.
    Rant: one of my eyes is bothering me today/not focusing great which for me may mean visual aura/I’m headed toward a migraine. Took the painkiller to stop it before it started so I’m not in pain, but it’s hard to stare at the computer with one eye not quite working. I really can’t wait for 3:45 when I can go collapse on the couch or in the bed. Really hope it gets better before it gets worse though.
    Rave: caught up with a girlfriend last night in the ex-Poste courtyard (now called Dirty Habit). Love that it wasn’t super crowded and we could enjoy the gorgeous weather.