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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Casually looking to upgrade from a Condo to a house. Went to look at what I thought would be a mid century fixer upper that made my heart go pitter patter…. there was more Fixer upper than I can handle to the tune of it probably needs a full gut reno that would cost almost half the asking price

    boooooooo, but rave, its not my circus or my monkey.

    • I’m a firm believer in things always working out for the best. Even if it takes a while to realize why best.

  • Rave!!!!!! Just found out: I’m having a boy!

    • Congrats! Very exciting 🙂

    • Congratulations!!!

    • Thank you! I was secretly hoping for a boy. Also, thank you all for sharing in my excitement. I just told my parents and they sounded about as excited as if I’d told them I ate an egg mcmuffin for breakfast. Not sure what that’s about – it’s their first grandchild. I guess they are not really quick to express joy? Also think they struggle with the lesbian marriage thing, even though that’s so old news. Anyway, I’m excited. My wife is excited. My wife’s family is excited. Our friends are excited. And now POPville is excited. Yay all the way around!

      • Congrats! Ahh, maybe it’s the lesbian thing. We’ll be using a donor and I’m pretty sure my mom is not a fan of that, but ugh not too many options. I’m sure your parents will come around once the baby is here.

        • Congratulations!

          Slight tangent, but I need to thank all the lesbian/queer parents & parents-to-be who share their rants & raves here. My partner and I plan to have a kid several years from now, and its easy to feel like we’re the only ones. PoPville has taught me there is a community out there we can talk to when the time is right. I don’t comment often, but I love seeing all the updates when I do pop in. So just thank you for being you and sharing your lives a little with some grateful internet strangers.

          • We live in funny times–especially in a relatively liberal/accepting place like DC. It generally doesn’t feel necessary to seek out a specific lesbian/queer community because we are generally accepted by those around us (at least that has been our experience), but that makes it a little bit harder when the more specific questions come up that aren’t so universal. Feel free to reach out whenever : )

          • It’s really amazing how quickly it has become No Big Deal to the majority of people. In urban areas, obviously – I mean, I can barely walk down 14th street without tripping over a set of gay parents. But elsewhere also. I’m surprised at how it’s a total non issue to people in my family that life in rural areas. WV. Tenn. Alabama. My wife’s 92 year old grandmother in rural Indiana just quilted us a baby blanket. Are there always going to be “those people”? Sadly yes. But there is a lot of support out there in surprising places.

          • Re: No Big Deal: When I go out with a friend and a kid or two (mine, hers, some combo), it is more often assumed that we are a two-mom family than that we are friends hanging out sans spouses. And not assumed in any kind of negative way. Just “these two women appear to be a couple so I’m going to pull out my couple interactions for them.”

          • TOTALLY agree. Sometimes I wish we could search posts and comments by tags just to see what reviews/advice/experiences were contributed by lGBT people or are relevant to that particular lens of experience (healthcare, schooling, certain businesses, etc). I think a lot of people might think it’s unnecessary, but if I need a rec for a doctor, for example, I am going to want to know if he/she defaults to opposite-sex relationship assumptions, if s/he has experience with people of nontraditional gender, etc. My straight/nonqueer friends support me and my relationship unconditionally, but sometimes I want to get information filtered through a specific lens they may not be able to offer.

          • Yes! We are definitely lucky to be living when/where we are. We’ve had almost universally positive experiences just being out and about in DC, so I’m not particularly concerned about once we actually have a kid. Its more the little things that only affect LGBT parents – adoption v pregnancy, paying for either, and as Anonamomtobe mentioned above family reaction to all of those choices. Anyway, just thanks to everyone for being here 🙂

          • wdc–that’s hilarious.

      • Sometimes abstract things are harder than real things–especially if they still struggle with your orientation. My mom struggled as well, but a lot has fallen by the wayside once kids were in the picture. I hope the same happens with your family. And if they don’t come around, I’m really happy that you have other people who form a supportive community for you. Everyone needs a village.

  • justinbc

    Rave: It’s kwanzan blooming time! You guys can have your yoshinos, I’ll take the kwanzans any day.
    Rave: Done with all my spring gardening a full month before last year, now I just need time to actually sit outside and enjoy it.

  • Unknown: Thought of staying home because I feel like I’m getting a migraine, decided to come in so I wouldn’t have to reschedule meetings. Turns out that they have to be rescheduled anyway because other people decided to stay home. At least I can take a mental health day when the weather is nicer to make up for it?
    Also Unknown: Ex who messages me every-so-often messaged me last night. I wish he hadn’t been such a selfish jerk when we were together because our personalities still really suit each other, but we have different priorities and different goals and I still don’t see where a happy medium could have been found in the future. It’s been a year and my mom even wishes things had been different. Oh well. That’s life, right?

  • Rant: The Kusama exhibit is way overhyped and incredibly poorly managed. If you have timed entry tickets, and you have a person at each room with a stopwatch making sure no one gets more than 20 seconds inside, WHY ON EARTH should there be 20-30 minute lines for EVERY DAMN ROOM?? That’s two hours of line standing for 1.5 minutes of the main event.
    Even if I had been able to walk into each room with no wait, and stay inside as long as I liked, solo instead of with a couple strangers, my reaction to the whole thing would have been “nice”. Not “WOW”. As it was, I felt pretty silly for having bought into the hype, taken time off work, and wasted an afternoon.

    • This is exactly my fear with extremely limited-engagement, time-ticketed exhibits. I am not a good line waiter, and if I had to wait hours to even luck out on getting tickets, then wait hours shuffling from room to room, there’s almost nothing short of someone handing out gold bars to make all that hassle worth it to me. And that’s why I don’t even bother with that kind of thing. I don’t want to go to jail for having punched someone in the face because they had the misfortune to have tapped me on the shoulder while I was stewing in my line-fury.

    • maxwell smart

      wow, you only get 20 seconds in each room? How are you supposed to appreciate the art in 20 seconds. Talk about insta-attention span.

      • +1. And people seem to be taking the entire 20 seconds to instagram things. (Maybe so they can actually look at it later? Hahahaha… idk)

        • maxwell smart

          ^ This drives me crazy… the need to instantly Instagram. Take the photo, do your filters and adjustments later. Your followers are going to like it just as much later as they would right now.

          • justinbc

            They actually encourage you to do it (surely in some way to drum up social media interest), although they don’t say explicitly to post it immediately vs post-editing.

          • I took my daughter to see Boss Baby last Friday and the woman next to me was damn near screaming at her kid to sit still and smile for a picture for instagram. She basically was begging the kid for 10 min to smile for a picture and at one point told the little girl that she will not have her snacks/toy back until she sat still and smiled. They ended up taking about 8 pics before she was satisfied.

            I wanted to be like just let the kid enjoy the movie previews because she was obviously not wanting to take pictures at the moment.

          • #latergram

          • justinbc

            If you don’t post it then it never happened!

    • This makes me feel a little better about not yet having been able to score actual tickets.

      • justinbc

        I thought it was pretty cool from a visual experience perspective, and even though certain rooms are timed there are other parts of the exhibit that are not.

    • houseintherear

      I’d recommend watching a few of the youtube docs about her… it’s so much more interesting to watch her talk and work so obsessively from her “mental institution” than it is to wait in line. There’s one short doc, like 6 mins, from a British group I think, that gets into the details of how she slowly went insane and poses the question of whether her work drove her there.

    • Different strokes for different folks – I really enjoyed it. Then again, I went as a single, and was in and out of the building in like an hour. (pro tip: single line is waaaaay shorter)

      • Single line? I was alone, and there was no option for singles. Instead I got grouped with various strangers for each room. There were these two young women who were old enough to know better who made two of the lines/ rooms really unpleasant with their loud, shrill, silliness. Completely unaware that we use our indoor voices in museums, apparently.

      • You can volunteer to be a single and the guard will group you with duos. When I went, there were separate much shorter lines for singles to one side of each room. When there wasn’t, my husband and I just asked and got whisked in one at a time with other people.

        It’s not a big deal that you only get 30 seconds in each room. You don’t need more than that to get the idea and have the experience. And as someone else pointed out, there’s plenty more to see than just these rooms.

  • binntp

    Rave/Rant: I got more done in the last 2 hours teleworking than I’ve gotten done in the office all week.
    Rave: Going kitty shopping this weekend! Have seen a few cats online at a couple of the local rescue leagues that I want to see in person to see how we mesh, and hope to submit an application for one (or more, but probably just one).

    • Awww, yay for getting a cat!

    • Yay! I hope to see pics of new kitty on AAF sometime!

    • Yay!! We went up to the Montgomery County shelter three months ago and walked out with a cat in our arms. They seem to have a really solid operation, and a lot of sweet cats just waiting to be adored.

    • You can submit applications online for most of the rescue groups and get approved before you go “shopping” to make it easier. Also, if you are looking for particular “traits” (young and active, older lap cat, good with dogs or children etc. ) the rescue can help steer you.

    • Emmaleigh504

      yay kitty adoption!

  • That One Guy

    It wasn’t until Holly Golightly passed through my life that I didn’t mind walking in the rain and actually started to enjoy them, somewhat. Then again she also turned me onto salt and vinegar potato chips so maybe her influence wasn’t good. Ha.
    In my mind, rainy days like today seem created for bumming around a coffee shop. Too bad adulting doesn’t leave much room for such fancies.

    • Adulting sucks. Mind you, I’ve been an adult for quite sometime so I’ve known for awhile, but STILL. Sometimes I sit on my couch after work and wonder how people “adult” forever. Then I also finally understand why some ppl suck at it, its tough.

  • skj84

    Rave: Free evening off today. I plan to veg on the sofa and catch up on TV afterwork.
    Rave: Attended Robin Givhan’s chat with Andre Leon Talley last night. He is such a captivating speaker! Charismatic, funny and shady as all get out.
    Rant: ClassPass’s cancellation policy. Classes must be cancelled at least 12 hours in advance or you will incur a late fee. I understand why they have this policy, but wish the window was 4-8 hour rather than 12. Thats a really long time out. I’ve had to cancel within the 10 hour range and still got charged. A few times I’ve come to class ill because I didn’t want to get charged the fee. I’m still on the fence about whether i”m going to keep my membership, and this isn’t swaying my decision in their favor.

    • I literally pulled a muscle at 9pm the night before a class, walked into the studio (its in my building) to say “hey im not ditching i cant even walk” and they said “sorry but we can’t do anything!” ugh

  • Rant: This weather just makes me hungry. Not going to be a fun day when I’ve eat half my snacks by 9:45 am. Is it acceptable to just each cheese all day?
    Rave: I actually love this weather, especially since I sit next to a big window at work.
    Revel: I I love tulips, and they’re in bloom. Just makes me so happy.

  • Neither Rant nor Rave: Back in the office after maternity leave. In a way it feels like I never left. Except pumping. Ugh.
    Rave: Wearing all my non maternity clothes. I’m rediscovering my wardrobe.
    Rant: My maternity leave ended in a really difficult way. Baby passed out (so so so scary. thought I was going to have to use my infant CPR knowledge.) necessitating a 911 call and eventual trip to Children’s where they kept us for 36 hours of observation.
    Rave: Baby F handled it awesome with tons of smiles and passed all tests with flying colors. It was a random event and extremely unlikely to happen again.
    Rave: DH is on a month of paternity leave and sending me all sorts of pictures and developing his own stride and routine with the baby.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your rant! That’s so scary, but I’m glad that it’s unlikely to be an ongoing issue. And so glad your husband can take a month with your baby. That’s awesome for so many reasons. I feel your pain on the pumping–try to have an extra of everything on hand at work if you can, just in case you ever leave anything behind. I’m happy to pass along other tips if you have other potential snags come up.

      • Someone just told me I can order free replacement parts through my insurance. So now I’ll have a second set at work which will reduce the burden greatly. I’m just grateful I have my own office so it’s not super disruptive to my work flow.

        • That’s awesome that you have your own office. I often liked to use pumping time to go through my inbox/catch up on reading–it was a bit easier and more relaxing unless I was really engaged in a particular task at the time. And sometimes I used it as my brain-decompress time. Regardless, do what works for you!

    • So glad your little guy is ok.

      Regarding pumping, along with leaving a spare set of bottles to pump into, I would also suggest keeping a stash of freezer bags at your desk. That way if you forget bottles, you have a way to transport milk home. (I learned this less the hard way more than once.) I also would keep my parts in a Tupperware container between pumping sessions (less washing). And I would just wash my parts and let them dry on a bottle rack in the office so I didn’t have to worry about forgetting them at home (I was lucky enough to have a spare, hand me down pump from my sister to leave at home). Pumping sucks, but you will get into a routine.

      Best of luck with your return to work.

      • You can also just use a steam cleaner bag & the microwave instead of washing. All I had at work for washing was automatic sinks that you couldn’t keep on or change the temperature on–the steam cleaning bags once a day were much easier.

  • Rave/Rant: Finally found the source of the smell in my office that’s been making me feel ill for a week or more. It was a damn febreeze dispenser in a common area outside of my office. It has since been thrown away.
    Rave/Rant: Another rough night with mtpkiddo, but we finally (after an hour) found a compromise we could all live with at 4:30am–we set her up on the couch in our second-floor den so she could be closer to us but not in our bed. Fingers crossed that will work in the future without backfiring.
    Rant: skipped yoga this morning because I fell back to sleep too quickly after my alarm went off. Ugh.
    Rave: got to work before the rain really started. Fingers crossed we get a break in the precipitation during my trip home with the kids!
    Neither: apparently I’m full of mixed sentiments this morning 😛

    • PSA to people who buy that stuff: if you wouldn’t smoke there, don’t put an “air freshener” there. Yes, your ocean breezes plug-in is exactly as offensive as cigarette smoke.

      • +1. In my office, this one woman floods the entire bathroom with air freshener every time she uses it – there is no way what she is doing in there smells less pleasant than the air “freshener” – and certainly wouldn’t give me a splitting headache and an allergy attack! But wait. It gets better! At one point, she ran out of air fresher (no surprise bc she was using half a bottle a day) so she started spraying Lysol disinfect spray in the air everywhere. I finally had to talk to her – listen lady no one cares about your dookie and it’s certainly not worth killing us all over.

      • Definitely a bad idea to use air freshener, scent diffusers, etc. in a common space or cubicle-type environment.

  • Rave: my brother is coming today!!!! I’m excited to eat wherever it is he’s arranged, though when I asked what I should wear, his answer was “elegant casual” – uh….that’s kind of a wide range there, bud! I feel like Christmas came just for me!
    Rant: This weather is gross. I had my hair looking all cute but then I left the house and it was like the coaching turning back into a pumpkin or something. I feel like I have every hair product under the sun and I still can’t figure out what on earth the magic combination is to get it be either all curly or all straight, not both + frizz!
    Rave: I have a boss who has my back. That is one of the best feelings ever, to me.

  • Rant: Fios not available in new building so have to get DSL. To make matters worse it’s $10 more per month than FIOS. Ugh.
    Rave: Made it to my workout this morning.
    Rant/Rave: Moving on Saturday. Excited for new space and neighborhood, but not looking forward to actual moving process.

    • Ugh… In far too many places in DC (and outside of DC), options for Internet service are far too limited. I lived in a mid-sized condo building in Dupont… exactly the kind of complex with density, location, and (cynically) money that you would think would be wired for all sorts of options. But could we get service from RCN? No… Did we have FIOS? No… It was Comcast or Verizon DSL. Fortunately, we lived really close to the central office, so we could get relatively high-speed DSL service.

      Now that I’m a smaller building farther out, the options are the same, only there’s no high-speed DSL. It’s Comcast or bust… It’s crazy how few options so many Americans have… Why does our telecom policy have to be so backwards?!?

      • At least we’re not all out in the ‘burbs. My mom lives in NY in a relatively rural area and the ONLY option is Time Warner.
        Also, can someone explain the draw to FiOS? My building is wired for FiOS but I had Comcast come and install because my wireless router/modem wouldn’t work with FiOS, and thus I would have spent more on FiOS having to rent stuff. Are people really finding it cheaper than other providers?

        • It’s cheaper and faster. I plan to buy the router which is $100 on Amazon, and it’s still cheaper per month with a longer price gtd period. I’m getting both tv and internet, so I can’t speak to internet v internet only.

          • Ah, I see. Perhaps it’s because I don’t do TV, only internet. (And also that I had bought my modem/router the year before so it seemed like a waste to switch with barely any use.)

          • It’s still cheaper as I only had internet with FIOS. I was paying $45/month for everything (taxes, fees, modem rental etc) and that price was good for two years. DSL increased my price to $55/month, but I still think it will cheaper than Comcast if I’m there longer than a year and I have an old Verizon DSL modem so don’t need to buy a new one. Plus the last time I used Comcast they had super high installation fees.

          • For Internet only setups, it’s not clearly cheaper (promotional offers differing and masking down-the-road price increases from all of the providers). It is faster, but not necessarily noticeably so. Living by myself, I probably wouldn’t notice download speeds beyond 25 Mbps. The difference in upload speed is much more noticeable, but if you aren’t uploading much, that’s not something you’ll notice either.

            More than anything else, it’s nice to have around as an option a) if (when) Comcast’s service is terrible and b) as a viable alternative to use as leverage to get an extension of your one-year promotional rate.

          • And for reference, when I signed up for (only) 25 Mbps Internet service from Comcast, I got a deal where I pay $25 a month and with the self-installation kit, there was no installation fee (I also bought my cable modem, so no rental fee either)…

          • Thanks, guys! I’m moving this summer so I might keep this in mind and investigate again.

  • Rave: Watched Designated Survivor last night and wanted Hannah to kick Claudine’s ass. Sad that Claudine might be dead so they may not get any info out of her. The town hall was really good.
    Rant: That caused me to be so sleepy this morning. I’m yawning as I type.
    Rant: I have to put together a poster on a study I’m doing for a conference in June in Minneapolis and I hate having to deal with Adobe to put everything on a PDF. Also, I don’t know how to travel with the poster by air. It’ll be 3 feet by 4 feet and I will have a container for it I don’t know if I should put it in a checked bag or if I could carry it on the plane with me.
    Rave: Telework tomorrow.

    • They make printable fabric now that you can use for posters – just fold it up and stick it in your luggage. If you have to print on paper, get a tube and carry it on, the tube will fit in the back of the upper luggage compartments, or sometimes the flight attendants will put it in a cabinet for you.

    • Can you not have it printed in Minneapolis when you get there? At the very least there must be a FedEx Kinkos or similar in Minneapolis that can print it for you. You could probably even email the file in advance so it’s already printed and ready for pickup when you get there. Maybe ask the conference organizers if they know the best way to do this?

    • If you can print it early enough, you can get a fedex poster tube (it’s triangular shaped) and ship it to yourself at the hotel where you’ll be staying. Or you can use that tube to transport on the plane. The flight attendant might be able to put it in a closet near the front of the plane so you don’t have to check it.

    • All of the above if you can expense the costs to your firm. The known cost of taking it with you and shipping one there, and locating a Fedex Kinko’s nearby who has the file on hand so they can print as you’re on your way, is likely lower than the risk of something happening to the one that you shipped or the one that gets wrinkled, creased, or bent on the plane. Sorry if I sound strident here, I just always make sure those final logistics are foolproof because that one speaking event, presentation, briefing, or product sums up all the hard work you did leading up to!

      Good luck at the conference!

  • Rave: So many blooming flowers in my garden.
    Rant: I have not started working in the garden. I have a lot of weeds to pull already, and I need to decide what to plant in my vegetable container boxes. Suggestions for a relatively new homeowner who loves fresh produce but has limited time?
    Rave: Baby Artie had a good PT session this morning.
    Major Rave: My bestie is coming to visit this weekend.

    • Tomatoes! Especially cherry and grape tomatoes. If you like salad, lettuce is also great and very productive. Herbs are a good idea as well.

    • Sugar snap peas!!!

    • Basil and cilantro – not veggies but I’ve found they grow well in DC.

    • if you have a fence they can climb, try cucumbers. I was shocked how much more delicious they were than ones from the grocery store.

    • Arugula is super easy to grow in small boxes, also radishes. Renee’s seed has a golden chard just for containers, and a few cucumbers, even a container zucchini (though mine did not do well.) For the most “bang for your buck” I’d stick mostly with greens, as you can just clip what you want and they keep growing back. Tomatoes, cucumbers etc. are easy to find in the markets and store well for a week, but snipping out fresh greens is always a treat.

  • You might want to send him an email to flag it.

  • Clueless

    Rant: I’m halfway through Whole 30 and apparently “keto rash” is a thing.

    • I applaud you for getting half way through. I wanted to try at one point, and then I was like “Hahaha, no.”

      • I had the same reaction. What, no sugar? No bread? Hahahaha…Awesome for you, however, for having the will and the discipline!

        • +1 on both counts – I laugh at the mere thought of attempting something like that, but major kudos to those who can do it!

        • Not sure if whole 30 allows it, but I’ve found low carb tortilla to be a nice treat on keto. 4 net carbs and 15g fiber.

  • Rant: Things are tense at home, for multiple reasons. I know things will get better but for the moment, it sucks.
    Rave: Getting much accomplished today. Funny, how I end up busy on the day I have reserved for completing my end of year review…(Rant?)
    Rant: Due to office renovation, no refrigerator access this week. This means A) eating a warm lunch (boo) or B) purchasing my lunch (also boo).
    Rant: The blower in our ceiling is broken and apparently it will take two entire weeks to fix it (once they actually get approval, that is). This means we will be kicked out of our office for an entire two weeks to go…where?? There’s nowhere to go…

  • Andie302

    Rave: Doctored some instant oatmeal this morning with walnut pieces, chia seeds, and just a touch of syrup. It was pretty good and I’m not nearly as hungry as usual.
    Rant: Such a bad hair day – like a see yourself in the mirror and think “what happened?” kind of bad hair day.
    Rave: Established a date and location for an upcoming bridal shower. Easier said than done! One more baby shower this summer to put on my calendar and I think that’s it for that type of event.
    Rant: Snarky email from a woman from another agency put me in a bad mood yesterday nearly instantly.
    Rave: Feeling better today

    • Andie302

      Ugh – she just sent another one. I am being VERY measured here when what I would really like to do is tell her a thing or six.

      • Ugh. Snarky emails are the worst. I got one yesterday and it took all of my energy in that moment to bite my tongue and send her a painfully nice response later in the day.

  • Rant: Sat across from a guy masturbating on metro on Monday.
    Rave: 90% sure it was this guy — http://www.popville.com/2017/04/good-grief-2/#comments
    Rant: I froze up on Monday and didn’t get a photo. Wish I had so I could confirm if it was the same guy. But I panicked and fled. Am angry and feel guilty that I didn’t do more to help.

    • Don’t beat yourself up about it. The first time this kind of thing happens, it’s pretty common to freeze. It’s pretty common to freeze even when it’s not the first time. I would still recommend filing a report- if you remember times/stations they may be able to piece together his appearance on Metro with camera footage.

      It’s worth getting as many complaints/sightings against this guy as possible.

      good luck!

      • Thank you for the empathy, I truly appreciate it. I did report it (with my contact info) Monday evening via WMATA’s online tool but no response. Probably there’s no real action here but I just feel so unsettled by it! Ugh.

  • Query: How (if at all) can one determine if a residence is being rented to a tenant as subsidized housing in the District?

    • What do you mean? Like using housing vouchers? I feel like if that information was disclosed it would be a privacy issue, and also we have laws against Source of Income discrimination, so I’m not sure why one would need to know.
      Alternatively if you mean through a program like the IZ program or ADU program run by the DC government (without vouchers) the apartment numbers are theoretically publicly available since they are emailed out to those on the lottery list when there are openings, but they are not posted anywhere explicitly, to my knowledge.

  • Rave: Spring is coming! Love seeing all the different shades of green popping up everywhere.
    Rant: Heating element in the dryer is broken, and Maytag has discontinued the replacement part (UGH!). It’s not even that old – 9 years or so. Anyone have advice on replacing just the dryer vs replacing the whole set? Can you even buy new dryers that are compatible with an existing stacking washer? Recommendations for washers/dryers you absolutely love? Oh the joys of homeownership…
    Rave: The joys of homeownership! Even though it is expensive, I’m a little excited to have a fancy new dryer!

    • I just went through this – super frustrating. Best advice is to do anything you can to avoid stackables! New dryers (as I discovered) are not compatible, though there are some online hacks. There are basically 2 mid-range options – Samsung and Whirlpool Duet. I bought the Whirlpool set. It’s probably no worse than others. But it did break at 5 months. Turned out the guys that installed it didn’t attach the vent well enough inside, so heat built up and fried the control panel. And because it was stacked – it took almost 4 weeks to get repaired because the repair people don’t like to send out two guys on a call.

      • This is helpful, thank you! Unfortunately we’re in a small condo so there’s literally nowhere else for the w/d to go except stacked in this closet. I will take a look at the Duet and just cross my fingers on the installation.

  • Rant: Groggy.
    Rave: Textcat seems to be back to normal today. She was REALLY lethargic yesterday — so much so that I was getting worried and thinking about taking her to the vet if she was still lethargic today.
    Rave: All this rain will be good for my outdoor plants.
    Rave: My irises are continuing to flower!
    Rant: I think some of my daffodils were nipped in the bud (literally) by the snowstorm/freeze the other week. I haven’t cut the buds off yet (I’m going to give them a little more time), but they look dead.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: ajr and I did meet up at the airport (and sat together on the plane). She’s super fun!

  • Rant: Called my consultant team lead to schedule a meeting to prepare for a presentation next week. Her response: that’s not possible because my kids are on spring break. Me: confused face. I completely understand Spring Break, Kids, Easter, Passover all that. I’m even the type of person who may take off Good Friday but, the entire team cannot take off because their kids are out of school. They have a management team of 4 ppl. ALL of you guys are out next week? Also, and most importantly, how are WE supposed to know that Fairfax County Schools are closed? Huh? She said it as if it was a known law. lol Its funny now that I think of it. lol
    Rave: Got my official acceptance letter for school in the mail on Monday and even secured a university email address. #ProfessionalStudent 🙂

  • RAVE: the new Jamiroquai album. My lord.
    RANT: no concerts scheduled for the U.S. yet in 2017 🙁

  • Rant: Unless I get a massive raise next January, it looks like I’ll be staying in my mediocre, occasionally-mice-infested apartment for another few years… I’ve been looking on Padmapper a lot more lately and everything that I’d want is more than a few hundred dollars outside my range of possibility. I’ll never be able to buy if I have to spend (read: throw away) all my money on rent.

    • Oh no! Are you looking in specific neighborhoods?

      • Anything within a 1.5-mile radius of my current place that is still accessible to my work near Foggy Bottom w/o changing buses, but pretty much everything is either out of my range, or exactly as mediocre as my current place. Part of the problem is that I live in a studio and the *one* thing I can’t compromise on is going to back to having a roommate. I won’t do it. If I ever meet someone and end up getting married, they might have to live next door… haha
        Right now I live in Columbia Heights and can’t imagine living anywhere else, location-wise, but the building has not been kept up super well, and maintenance is slow to respond to issues. I was dealing with mice all last spring and summer and I’m just waiting for another one to make an appearance now that it’s spring.

        • We are in almost the exact same situation! (I’m on U St. and commute to Foggy Bottom and refuse to go back to having roommates but am trying my best to stay in the Logan/Columbia Heights/AdMo radius.) Have you looked on ApartmentRatings.com and Apartments.com? I’ve seen some buildings on there that are rated decently and are reasonably priced that I have never seen listed on Craigslist/Zillow/Etc.

          • Maybe some of us poor PoPvillers should have a “speed-roomating” event and see if some of us might make good roommates if we’re looking for the same thing / in the same area!

          • Too bad a speed roommating event didn’t exist in November 2014. I could have had a house full of popvillagers. But then where would I rant about them?

        • open up your neighborhood radius, theres a lot of good neighborhoods other than CoHI that would be less expensive and still relatively easy to use public transit

          • Honestly though, sometimes location wins over apartment decency.

          • maxwell smart

            Oh see, I’m 100% the opposite (which is I guess why my commute kinda sucks). If I hate the space I come home to and that I spend a lot of time at, that’s a negative.

          • Maxwell Smart – I’m with you, but I assumed it was possible that OiWithThePoodles might prefer to stay in the neighborhood if she can’t find another place nearby despite the issues. I have heard of people who do that. I, thankfully, have not been in the position to have to choose yet.

    • maxwell smart

      I’m in the same boat (although I’ve only had the occasional… like once every 5 years mouse). I actually really like my apartment overall and have been very lucky in that my rent has not increased in the 6 years I have lived there, but it would be nice to be above ground, and maybe a little closer to work.. or at the very least on a better bus route. BUT, the lack of rent increase in 6 years has also shielded me from the rent inflation in DC, so now when I look around, everything is at least $600/month more for what I have now. Sorry, no. Maybe if I didn’t have a $950/month student loan payment.

      • OMG your loans. I’m so sorry….
        (Having moderate loan payments is really the only thing enabling me to live by myself in a not total crap place.)

        • maxwell smart

          Yeah. It’s not even that my place is bad. It’s actually really nice, especially for a basement apartment and I have a great landlady. It’s really been the best apartment I’ve ever lived in… so the bar has been set pretty high for a replacement. It’s largely that I’d like to have an outdoor space, bigger windows and less commute, but for the same price I currently pay and with the same amenities – parking, washer/dryer, cable – so basically a needle in a haystack.

    • Ugh! I feel ya! I’m in a lovely house right now, but we’re renting, and it’s only for 12-18 months (depends on when homeowners come back from abroad). It’s all the way out in SS and things are STILL so expensive! I’ve come to the conclusion that I really will never have money to buy a house anywhere, because I’m “throwing away” my money on rent – and student loan payments! Super depressing.

    • I don’t understand the aversion to roommates. Yes, it sucks at times, but man the money you save is so worth it. Then again I’d also have a human as a roomie rather than mice. I lived with roommates from 18-29 and I would definitely do it over again.

      • I think it’s a to-each-his-own issue. I didn’t mind roommates as much during college and a few years thereafter. But I know there are many reasons I really just don’t like to have roommates if I don’t have to (including that I’m an only child used to not living with many people, that if my mom were to come down she would need to stay with me, and that I can’t go home often so my apartment is really the only place I can go to get away).

        • You can find roommates that fit your situation/needs though. For example, we had a guy who was thinking about moving into that room in our house–he works nights and is home during the day. The other two work days so they would never see them. I went on a TDY for two months and continued to just pay the rent so my roomie got the apartment to herself for two months. Another apartment, one roommate paid the rent, but spent 97% of her time at her boyfriend’s place.

      • I don’t know — my experience living with roommates was that it was worth the money to me to pay a little more in exchange for significantly reduced stress.*
        The calculus may be a little different if you’re a homeowner paying X amount of mortgage anyway, and roommate rent is a way to offset part of that cost.
        *Except in my case the stress ended up not being reduced because I went from sharing a 2-bedroom in a nice apartment complex to having a 1-bedroom in grad student housing, and the 1-bedroom turned out be roach-infested. But I had no way of knowing in advance that I was going to have an unimaginably filthy upstairs neighbor.

      • I grew up with lots of siblings, have had many different roommate scenarios throughout my life and the various places I’ve lived, and most of them have been pretty great. Sure, is there some part of me that feels “ashamed” at being in my mid-30s and needing to have roommates to afford anything in this town? yeah, sure. But oh well, that’s life, at least for me.

  • Rave: Amazing Europe trip. Got to go to Bruges and Amsterdam. Loved both and can’t wait to get back.
    Rant: Now back to reality and finals.
    Rave: Tiny Dog has been especially cuddly lately.
    Cautious rave: Have had the hardest time finding a summer sublet but seems like we finally have something that we are excited about.

    • Forgotten rant: Having house guests this weekend and did a deep clean. Majorly set off my dust allergies. Apparently I really need to up my dusting game…

      • I might also suggest wearing a mask of some sort while you’re dusting – something you could get at Home Depot or on Amazon to help filter that stuff out. I wear a mask when I’m scooping the litterbox each day and when I’m vacuuming/dusting or doing something I know is going to stir up a lot of dust.

  • Rant: This temp job is terrible. I am basically back up for a man who should have retired as he sits and rage-chews orange Trident gum and then yells at me to fix the appearance of his Outlook because he’s hit some small, otherwise hidden button and I have no idea. I even reached out to Outlook and they didn’t know.
    Rave: this crapball job ends tomorrow and not a moment too soon.
    Rant: I didn’t think I would be out of work for this long, I guess I over estimated my awesomeness.
    Rave: the date last night was pretty good. we both want to see each other again, so i’ll put it in the win column

    • Aglets, look at it this way: at least you’ll have some good stories down the road. The Outlook one (while not particularly fun for you right now) was hilarious.

      • Thank you for saying I’m hilarious. That’s how I read it, that’s how I took it, and I commend you on your astute nature and probably attractive visage.
        Good day.

        • Not anonymous 12:43, but the description of “rage-chewing gum” and yelling made me think of Sean Spicer. 🙂

          • Not dissimilar. Although I believe spicer’s gum is cinnamon which is even more gross to me. Cinnamon gum makes me sweat.

  • Rave: Our Columbia Heights home is officially for sale as of this morning! And they gave us a portal to track views, favorites, and scheduled showings!
    Rant: All of the emotions! We poured blood, sweat, tears, and lots of money to make that house a home, and it is super bittersweet to know that our final goodbye is coming up. Ugh.
    Neither rant nor rave: It is taking me a bit to find my Midwest legs. Really hope that I find calling this town home as wonderful as DC.

  • Late Day Rant: My coworkers have seemed particularly… snippy…. for the past week or two. It’s bothering me, since we’re pretty close and roughly the same age. I’m not sure if it’s just the time of year and work… or if it’s me. I’m hoping it’s not me. And I’d hope someone would tell me if it was….

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