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  • OiWithThePoodles

    YESSSSSSSS. Finally I don’t have to go to Georgetown or Virginia to get my makeup fix.

    • CapitalDam

      +1 eager to have a more convenient option! I will probably stop buying online and actually go into the store.

    • skaballet

      +1000 SOOOOOOOOOO happy about this even though it’s probably terrible for my wallet! Now if we could just get Nordstroms in DC I’d be thrilled.

  • anon anom

    I may wait to visit. The store is smack dab in tourist town (across from Madame Tussauds and Fords Theatre) and don’t want to browse in crowds of tweens and out of towners.

  • AJSE

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss so excited

  • erin


    • SWChick

      I didnt know exactly what to say but youve seemed to have captured it here. :)

  • textdoc

    “Let’s Beauty Together” sounds like the kind of off-kilter English tagline I used to see in Japan.

  • clepkanon

    great….now another area of town can have that terrible smell. why not just open a paint factory?


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