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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: We got our first snow day, finally! Spring break is very far away.
    Rant: We have to celebrate Pi Day on 3.15 now.

  • RANT: flight to New Orleans this morning canceled, no good secondary options
    RANT: at work for the morning, will work from home this afternoon
    RAVE (and to undue all of the above sympathy): decided to leave tonight and get a hotel near the closest open ski resort (Ski Roundtop), and will enjoy a powder day tomorrow. This is made much easier given that I already those days on the calendar.
    RAVE: Irish Coffee at Tabard Inn on Sunday evening

  • Rave: I made it in to work safely! Frozen and a bit late, but otherwise none the worse for wear!
    Rant: It is sooo gross out! I shoveled my steps and walkway at 7 a.m. but I think I just made it worse, because it’s going to get icy tonight and I took away that top level of crunchy snow! What was I thinking?! I should have known something was up when NONE of my neighbors were out shoveling. Guess they know better than I do. Hope my renters insurance covers slip-n-fall, just in case!

    • When you get this kind of crap (snow, then ice mix), it is always best to leave the snow in place until the precipitation stops. Not only will you have more traction, but it will be easier to shovel. Is someone home to sprinkle some kitty litter on the walk way so it’s not too slippery when you get home?

      • nope! I will sprinkle kitty litter as soon as I get home though, assuming I don’t pull a slip-n-slide as I try to get in the house (it’s ok, I’ll just walk on the snow-covered grass).

  • Break even: Growing up in northern New England, this snow/weather didn’t phase me at all.
    Rave: The boss bought us breakfast today for making it in to work today. Most of my coworkers are not here; three out of 15 people made it into the office.
    Rant: Even thought metrorail is on Saturday schedule, I was charged rush hour rates. This is more of a minor annoyance.
    Rave: The train was empty this morning when going to work

  • That One Guy

    Rant: The ice/sleet pelting my window woke me up every two hours. It didn’t help to keep hearing the beeping noises as plow trucks backed up. Ugh…

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Street not yet plowed, and everything is still slippery and messy.
    Rave: Unscheduled telework.

  • Rant: Training means I had to come into work – no telework, no leave, 100% mandatory attendance. Out in NoVA. Fail.
    Rant: I really hope no one else from my class gets in an accident or otherwise hurt coming in this morning. They told us yesterday to be here by 10. Then they pushed it to 11 and didn’t email anyone’s personal email or call us. So I’m pretty sure only about a quarter of people got the memo.
    Rant: DC, sometimes I hate you.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: No Snow Day… but really
    RANT: Seemingly lack of coordination between WMATA and OPM. If WMATA opens with a severe snow plan for the buses and a Saturday schedule on the metro, that places a huge burden on people to get to their jobs. Many businesses outside the government base their decisions on OPM, with an all or nothing strategy. A 3 hour delay helps me zero… I’m still expected to be to work on time, despite that all bus routes near me are not running and the metro is a 1.5 mile walk away. I end up showing up late anyway and just take it out of my sick time. I’m not even sure what a 3 hour delay accomplishes.
    RANT: This stupid storm could have had the decency to happen while I was on vacation, canceling my return flight, and allowing me to spend a couple more days on the beach.
    RAVE: Coffee?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I was really hoping for work to be closed, then telework problems so I could have a snow day. You really let me down, OPM.
    Rave: After waiting forever for a bus I was not as late to work as expected. Metro wasn’t so bad.

  • Rant: ABC, NBC and CBS spent the past three hours going on and on about the snow, I wanted to hear some analysis of OMB scoring the new health care legislation. Repeating the same silliness.
    Revel: Thank goodness for NPR

  • RANT: 3 hour delay meant there are only two of us here at a reasonable hour, and I had to wait a few minutes for the actual fed to show up to let me in (contractors don’t get access codes).

    RANT: My actual boss is in Hawaii. Yeah.

    RAVE: Not wasting leave on bullshit.

  • Rant: I’m at work. I’m the only one here. Because the call that we would be on a 3 hour delay arrived about 10 minutes before I arrived in the office. My commute was very icy. Most of the other staff called out for the entire day so it’s probably just going to be me.

    Rant: I just need a break from people. And by people I mean dating.

  • skj84

    Rave: working from home.
    Rant: All my evening events have been cancelled with the exception of my gym class. I really don’t want to go, especially in this weather.
    Rant: My best friend had to put her beloved cat down yesterday, almost a year to the day of first year anniversary of her mothers death. I feel awful for her.

    • I hereby excuse you from attending your class. Please present this note in case of inquiry. Also, supplement newly freed time with ramen or other spoon-requiring dinner.

  • Rant: The OPM blues
    Rave: Got so much work done yesterday in anticipation, that I am treating myself to a work from home day
    Rave: I like working in a quiet space where i can just focus on getting stuff done
    Rant: Weight loss plateau. I guess I need to shake up my work out. Any advice? I am running but thinking about changing to intervals.
    Rave: Working in PJs!

    • maxwell smart

      Days like today really wish I had the ability to work from home.

    • I would definitely add some intervals into your running. Not only will they help with weight loss (this is based on what I’ve read about HIIT, I’m not a professional) but they’ll also help with speed, and alleviate boredom. I find that I now have a difficult time running more than 3 miles on the treadmill, and sometimes I just don’t want to run on that hamster wheel…that’s when intervals come in, so I’m less stressed about running a long distance in a certain time, and I’m more focused on short sprints. The miles add up quick when you do a mix of sprints, jog and walk.

    • Second the suggestion for doing intervals. Might also want to try other types of exercise than running to change it up, or add some strength training (even if you don’t have access to weights/machines you can do bodyweight exercises at home). For strength training just be careful to not just measure yourself solely by the scale, as you build more muscle you might stay flat or even gain some weight, which can be discouraging.

      • Thanks guys. I did intervals the other day and it definitely helped with my boredom. I have started including core exercises and some arm workouts so you might be right about the muscle thing. I’m not discouraged, just trying to power through. Thanks!

        • Andie302

          I really like the 7 min workout to add to my low intensity runs. It’s sort of a quick all over body thing without being overwhelming. Look for the one from the NY Times – I think there’s an article that includes details on form, drawings, etc.

          • if you like the 7 min workout, you might also like Bikini Body Guide. Horrible, horrible name, but great workouts. each day there are two groups of different exercises (about 4-5 in each group) that you do on repeat for 7 mins; it’s suggested you complete both groups twice, for a total of 28 mins, but you can do pieces and still get a great workout. the program lasts for about three months, and changes daily. you might be able to find the guide online, or at the very least kayla itsines has workouts on her insta.

  • Rave: Four of my orchids have sent out bloom stalks
    Rave: No need to go into the office today ==> teleworking, tea, snuggle dog
    Rave: Free ASL classes at the library
    Rant: Didn’t practice the ASL I learned some years ago so starting over again to (re)learn my ABCs

    • Yay for your orchids! I see them like cats… can be inscrutable and aloof and finicky, but when they love you, you feel it.

      • I practice benign neglect with mixed results. The orchids spent the summer outside without much attention beyond spraying with hose – last year one orchid died, another made a baby.

    • Which library??

      • Mt Pleasant, Mondays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.
        And there’s a lot of very helpful websites for learning/practicing in-between classes (or learning/practicing w/out classes!)

    • Nice one on the orchids!

  • Blame teleworking for OPM not shutting down. My wife’s department is allowed 4 days of telework per week, it’s going to take a lot more than 3-4 inches of snow and some ice to shut it down completely.

  • Rant: My colleagues don’t seem to understand that “working from home” on a snow day means sleeping in a little, lingering over your tea, playing with the cat, baking, etc etc. I’m happy to do a little work, but some of them seem to expect me to be, like, WORKING.
    What if it had been properly snowy? When do they expect me to go outside and play with my kids?? People’s priorities are out of whack.

    • Rant: Your rant. Think of all the service workers/etc. who had to trudge in through the snow/sleet/ice. But yea, god forbid your coworkers expect you to work on a work day. That would be ever so unfortunate.

      • LOL! If everyone can’t have something NO ONE must enjoy it! ANON HAS SPOKEN
        Believe me, kid, I paid my dues.

      • I happen to share WDC’s vision of working from home, as I sit here having completed more tasks in a few hours than I would normally complete in a day.
        For the record, I spent the first 12 years of my career as ‘essential’ staff in healthcare. I have trudged into more than one hospital on more than one snow day when Metro wasn’t running or running on limited services. I have been the one picking people up so they could get to work. I have paid my dues and have earned my snow days, as I am sure WDC has. Save your judgment, anon.

      • HaileUnlikely

        FWIW I don’t have any substantive disagreement with wdc or Anonamom on this one, but I find this whole line of commentary to be in rather poor taste. I figure if I flaunt the fact that I enjoy a perk that I know others don’t similarly enjoy, I have tacitly accepted the possibility that somebody might call me out on it.

        • EVERY perq is one that someone else doesn’t enjoy. Do you go around facebook looking for posts that say “My kids bring me so much joy!” and write “think of all the people whose children are jerks”?
          I think it’s in poor taste to put other people down for their little pleasures.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Again, I don’t disagree with you, and I didn’t find anything objectionable about your initial post myself. I’m just saying, I don’t have to strain too hard to see why somebody else might, though. I suppose it is further mitigated by the venue, i.e., a message board on which a large majority of posters are white collar professionals posting from work (myself included!). It was mainly that I found the replies to anon to be needlessly condescending. Just call anon a no-fun killjoy and be done with it…

        • I just remembered what this whole exchange reminds me of: way back, when I used to frequent DC Urban Moms. Someone posted about how her chatty three-year-old was driving her nuts, about how she didn’t get a single moment of silence from the time he got up to the time he went to sleep, etc etc. Many of us have been there.
          And THEN someone comes along with “My child is autistic and non-verbal and I think it’s really tacky/ hurtful/ selfish for you to complain about something that the rest of us would give anything to have” or words to that effect.
          That was about the time I stopped visiting that site. Although I did appreciate the mother who said “so I can’t be annoyed at my kid for jumping on the furniture, because some kids don’t have LEGS”

          • HaileUnlikely

            I articulated my point poorly above. My main objection was with “I’ve paid my dues kid.” Even if that is true, and I’m not questioning that it is, that’s unequivocally condescending and in my opinion out of line pretty much regardless of what it is in response to.

          • Hahahaha, DCUM is the absolute worst! I used to frequent it when I was looking for babysitting/nanny gigs in college and those boards were terrible too.

          • Haile, that’s not at all what you SAID, though. You said “I figure if I flaunt the fact that I enjoy a perk that I know others don’t similarly enjoy, I have tacitly accepted the possibility that somebody might call me out on it.”
            Anon said something juvenile, so I called him/her a kid. Take issue with that if you will, I stand by it.
            But don’t change horses in the middle of the race! I’m arguing that insulting someone for their small pleasures is super tacky. You said it was ok, because they don’t enjoy the same perks. Do you stand by that?

          • Thanks, btw, for the opportunity to exercise my pedantry muscles. I usually try to refrain. 🙂

          • Well, Haile then did say he articulated his point poorly. IMO, both sides come off as condescending. It’s the internet in a nutshell these days. WDC is basically humble bragging and then Anon gets on his/her high horse to scold. Wash, rinse, repeat.

          • HaileUnlikely

            If you want to say I changed horses, I’m not going to argue with you. I could attempt to rationalize the shift, but I won’t bother. I changed horses, and you caught me.
            Anyway, when I first said that “I find this whole line of commentary to be in rather poor taste,” I really meant both the flaunting of the snow day and the condescending “I’ve paid my dues kid,” but the part that impelled me to bother to say anything at all was definitely the latter.

          • I took wdc’s comment to be half joking but even if that weren’t the case there’s no reason to point out that not everyone can telework because their circumstances are different. Isn’t that a given?
            I disagree that wdc was humble bragging

          • Agreed with Anons here. Look, is there really anything wrong with a person having a kvectch from time to time? There is always going to be someone else somewhere else who would give anything to have the problems that we have. Do we constantly need to be reminded that its sucks for someone else somewhere else?

    • my colleagues took today to begin working at the time they would normally begin commuting… meanwhile I tried to sleep in until JUST before I would normally get into the office. But I was bombarded by emails and up and working earlier than normal….

  • Rant: At work today b/c I am “essential”. BS, I am anything BUT essential.
    Rave: Husband is a Fed so had 3 hour delay – we both slept late and he drove me to the metro. So while I couldn’t miss a whole day, at least I could be late.
    Rant: Had a new bus driver who missed her turn out of a traffic circle, thus making our trip about twice as long.
    Rave: Last night we had our first (and possibly only) fire of the season! It was so wonderful. It was also our four month wedding anniversary, so we sat in front of the fire and ate a piece of wedding cake. 🙂
    Rave: After not running for over a month, a friend pushed me to 3.3 miles last night at a good pace. I’m proud of myself!

  • Blithe

    Rave: I fell asleep in a cool room, under a warm quilt, listening to the patter of sleet spattering on the windows. This was the most peaceful that I have felt in months! I woke up feeling so calm.
    Rave-ish: Pizza. For breakfast. Yes, this was part of my blizzard-plan.
    Rant-ish: I really don’t want to check to see if the meeting I’m planning to attend at 7 tonight is still on. As long as I don’t check, I can enjoy the blissful ignorance of believing that Of Course it’s cancelled.
    Query: Someone told me that they keep their house horribly (by my standards) cold. But they have cats. Is a warm cat a reasonable substitute for cranking up the heat?
    Nostalgia: My query reminded me of two sets of childhood friends: One family had a samoyed, who would sit on our feet. The other had a St. Bernard, who would sit in our laps. Much much better than space heaters!
    Rave: Friends with pets. And porches. Who share!

    • binntp

      Hey, it’s pi day, so totally acceptable to have pizza pie for breakfast!
      Re: your query. Cats are totally unreliable when it comes to providing body warmth. We had a power outage once for 3 days during an ice storm when I was a kid, and tried to get our cats to snuggle with us; they refused. But guess who came climbing back into our laps once the heat was back on?

    • I’m cheap, and a firm believer that a warm cat (or dog) is usually an adequate substitute. My one cat (the short haired grey one) crawls UNDER the covers with me and sleeps on/around my feet and legs, and then the furry long-haired one curls up on/around my stomach, keeping me snug as a bug. If and when I make a fire in the fireplace, they lounge on me in front of the fire. It’s pretty cosy, really, but I can’t imagine the freezing cold without an animal of some kind to keep you warm.

      • Blithe

        Nice! So, I’m getting that in the end, it probably depends on the individual cats — and possibly on the moment. This does sound wonderfully cosy!

        • dcgator

          I’m totally all in for this spelling of cosy, by the way. My favorite. It just looks so much cosier than its cousin, cozy.

    • Your friend also might think that the temp is only slightly cold, and the cats keep her warm. I know I once was staying with someone who asked me if 68 was warm enough. I nearly gasped because I tend to think around 60-62 is too warm in the winter – I just don’t like artificial heat. So, it could be a combo of different temperature thresholds and the cats giving off heat 🙂

      • Blithe

        I think you’re probably right about the combination. My preference is about 72 during the day, and 68 at night. He’d probably view that as being broiling hot. At 60 – 62 — which my friend would probably view as a smidgen too warm — at least with the cats variable included — I would be reaching for the polartec.

  • Rant: Came into work. My usual 20 minute commute took 1.5 hrs, complete with not one, not two, but three empty metro trains rolling through the station passed a packed platform.
    Rant: The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure – has been since the season with the whiny wine guy from CA. Last night, as the Bachelor was starting his proposal speech, my antenna gave out. I am more frustrated than I should be that I invested so much of my time and didn’t get to see the culmination of this season live! And I missed ATFR! #basicbitchprobs
    Rave: Heading to CA on Saturday for a week. Farewell, slush and ice and indecisive weather! Onto sunshine and friends and hikes in forests and mountains and beaches!
    Rave: Signed a photographer for the wedding! All I really want is my partner and I, a good meal, and someone to photograph the day for us, and we’ve checked all those boxes. It’s exciting!

    • Please, please, please make sure that you talk to the photographer about what shots you want. There are some super basic shots missing from my wedding – like a formal shot of husband and I on the altar, or a formal shot w/my mom – and we are super disappointed. Tell them what you want/expect!!

      • I’ll definitely be doing this – I’ve heard similar stories from others who assumed their photographer would “have a good eye” but never communicated which shots. We’ll be doing this for sure. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Rant: I am way too productive when I work from home. Goddamn work ethic.
    Rave: After a brief period of “wtf is this?” the puppy has discovered that snow is REALLY fun.
    Rant: I have discovered after two consecutive nights that said puppy is only not chill between the hours of 4:45am and 6:00am. At this ungodly hour, she wants to PLAY NOW, give lots of kisses, and test her bark out. I am tired.

  • Rant: My work called for a 2 hour delay instead of 3 hour since they don’t follow OPM. I really just wanted a snow day… 🙁
    Rant: Messy, unpleasant walk into work.
    Rant: Work is getting very, very stressful and busy.
    Today is not my favorite of days 🙁

  • Rant: Mtpbaby’s cold is so bad. He was up for awhile last night, needing his nose cleaned out and ibuprofen.
    Rave: Since his daycare was closed, we figured we’d take him in to get checked out in case he has an ear infection or something. And with the snow, we were even able to get a same-day appointment!
    Rave: Shuttle between Columbia Heights and Washington Hospital Center–so convenient!
    Rave: Two hour delay + aftercare canceled = perfect excuse to take mtpkiddo out to play in the snow this afternoon instead of working : )
    Rave: Flexibility at work that allows me to take a mix of unscheduled leave and telecommuting to handle the craziness of the day.
    Rave: Mtpwife stayed home today too so we can tag team on the kids and take turns working.

  • Rant: I would have to say that dating in DC is the absolute worst… I’ve gotten pushed to the side for meetings, and I just feel like there is not a very good work-life balance in this city. It’s constantly work, with the joys of life passing by..
    Rave: Nice to have a snow day, but in the back of my mind I am really concerned about global warming…. how are we getting these temperatures this late into March?

    • FWIW, I don’t think that’s unique to DC. It’s reflected in many cities across the US. The work-life balance thing is a huge issue in many cities.

    • Warming oceans give more energy to coastal storms and the Gulf Stream current is experiencing off the charts/record warmth right now. This leads to Nor’Easters and more extreme weather.

  • Revel: Finally snow
    Rant: Snow blower clearing the parking lot for the condo building at the corner of 14th and Arkansas at 4:30 this morning. Un-effing-believable. Plus, it was still snowing/sleeting so the lot needs to be cleared again. Hopefully, it disturbed the condo people as well, and they will tell the guy he can’t come at that hour.

  • Rave: It’s happening!!! Both husband and I accepted jobs in DC last week. WHAT DID I MISS? we’ve been gone for almost 4 years.

    Rant: seattle kinda grew on me…or rather the great outdoors that lay outside the city limits grew on me.

    Rave/Rant: braving the waters of DCUM forums for nanny shares. 🙂


    • Congrats! And soon-to-be welcome back! What part of DC are you planning on relocating to? A lot of neighborhoods have parent list serves that are also great for coordinating nanny share stuff.

      • For now thinking Lanier Heights. So that no man’s land between adams morgan and mt. pleasant. I’ve been google-walking to playgrounds all week, the most important item for apartment location. 😉

        • Lol. Mt Pleasant definitely has a parent’s list serve–and Adams Morgan may as well. Walter Pierce is one of our favorite playgrounds, and you’ll likely be right there! Kalorama isn’t far off either.

        • I love Lanier Heights! (I’m a bit further south in Adams Morgan) They recently finished an improvement project on the playground in Kalorama Park, worth checking out. It makes me want to borrow a friend’s kid so I can have fun there too.

        • Check out the MountPleasantDC yahoo group ~

    • Emmaleigh504

      Welcome back!

    • Congratulations – I hope your transition back to DC goes smoothly!!

  • A friend told me that a neighbor’s roof caved in with all the wet snow. The neighbor is sort of a recluse, so she doesn’t think hes going to do anything about it. Is there someone my friend can call to get the authorities to do a welfare check on the neighbor?

    • DCFD can do a welfare check and initial assessment for any structural collapse. They’ve also helped in the past with contacting family members or Red Cross to provide emergency shelter if needed. Probably best to have the neighbor call 911 to get this process started before the next few sub-freezing nights.

  • maxwell smart

    Oh sure… now it’s snowing.

  • Revel: I just remembered to turn off my pipes (again) to the outside taps so they don’t freeze. If you haven’t done this – go do it now!

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