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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • This is neither here nor there, but I saw an ad for City Center on tv this weekend. Super weird. I’ve never seen a development in DC advertise on TV,

  • Rant: The poor flowers!
    Rave: Snow day?
    Rant: Telecommuting and daily newsletter—there are no snow days. There is only Zuul.

  • Rave: Tail Up Goat. I hadn’t thought it would live up to the hype, but it was really excellent. Wish I still lived around the corner.

    • Clueless

      +1 to Tail Up Goat

      • And I didn’t even get what I understand is their signature dish, the lamb ribs. We (OK, I) overordered, and by the time we were approaching the main course, we were stuffed. Normally, I’d just take it, have a few bites and bring it home, but I really don’t like reheated lamb, and it would have been a real waste of a pricey dish. Thankfully, we were able to cancel it before it was fired. The most difficult thing, when we return, will be to forego some of the really delicious things we’ve already tried to leave room for that!

        • Clueless

          I recall ordering some type of lasagna dish (kale lasagna?) and it was mindbogglingly good.

        • I’ve been meaning to check it out – any can’t miss items you’d recommend?

          • Well, you should definitely have the lamb ribs and report back! Beyond that, we loved the chip ‘n dip, which might have been my dark horse favorite dish, the brown rice bread, which was not really bread but a separate course, and the Stracciatella. The pork ragu was also excellent, but not as unique as the other dishes. The salt cod fritters were merely very good, as opposed to outstanding.

        • Not being snarky – genuinely interested. Lamb rib chops are one of the easiest things in the world to cook (and relatively inexpensive – $1.00 each at Costco, more at Whole Foods, though their website doesn’t actually tell.) You can grill, pan sear or broil them – 2 minutes each side and you’re good to go. Slap on some garlic, seasonings or a sauce.

    • Good to know! I live right there but haven’t been yet – I’ll check it out!

      • We didn’t have reservations, and ended up waiting a little under 90 minutes for a seat at the bar (which we expected).

    • We’ve eaten at both Tail Up Goat and Rose’s Luxury recently and the general consensus was that Tail Up was better, which kind of surprised me. Rose’s is really good, and fun, but the cooking at Tail Up was amazing. You have to try the lamb ribs – they are the best thing I have eaten in recent memory. Maybe ever. And the ambiance and service are both nice without being formal.

  • maxwell smart

    REVEAL: Would really like tomorrow to be a snow day! There has not been 1 snow day this winter and I could really use a Daylight Savings recovery day.
    RANT: Bus driver this morning only knew how to slam the brakes… I guess I got my arm workout for the day.
    RAVE: Cold weather = Soup weather. Got all the goods to make some Potato Leek Soup tonight in prep for snow day tomorrow!?

    • skj84

      ooh, that is a good idea on the potato leek. Whats your recipe?

      • maxwell smart

        Ina Garten. It’s the easiest, fool-proof recipe. I’ve even subbed the potato and/or leeks for whatever veggies I had around and it came out just as good.

        • That one is delicious! I love Ina Garten recipes. Her “weekday bolognese” and squash risotto are family favorites.

          • maxwell smart

            I have yet to have one of her recipes I didn’t enjoy. I like they are fairly fool-proof and also don’t require a bunch of unusual ingredients.

  • Revel: Puppy kisses!
    Rant: Puppy potty breaks every 3 hours.
    Rant/Rave: I can’t decide if I want this snow or not, but it’s coming whether I like it or not.

    • You got a puppy?? Excellent! I hope to see pics on Afternoon Animal Fix!

    • yay for puppies!!!!!

    • puppies in the snow are the cutest things. have fun!

    • I just looked up “chessie puppy” and wow. I can’t imagine you’re getting ANYTHING done with that level of cuteness at your house. I would want to roll around on the floor with it all day.

      • I have been getting photo updates from my SO today. He stopped at home to pick her up and take her to the office, and now they are on their way to PetSmart for new toys lol…. I don’t think he is getting much done at all! She is just the sweetest, cuddliest puppy I have ever seen, and is extremely chill.

        • A chill puppy? Who knew there was such a thing! She sounds delightful, though.

          • I certainly didn’t know they existed! Or, it could be that I am used to having so many kids around that my version of ‘chill’ has gotten out of whack. Apparently Chessies are incredibly high energy dogs (higher than Labs and other similar breeds) and she will require a lot of exercise as she gets older, so I look forward to that. But in general, she was not phased at all by any of the kids and their associated noise, she rode in the car like a champ, she did not think the mini dachshund was a squirrel and/or chew toy, and the only time she has barked was when the dachshund was begging for turkey this morning and gave her customary “hey mom, down here!” yelp.

          • Yes – there are many “chill” puppies! The advantage of adopting a rescue dog from a foster is that you really know what you’re getting – temperament, sociability, barking etc. (I don’t actually know if this was a rescue, or from a puppy mill, backyard breeder etc. – just posting some general info.)

  • Rant: Somewhat bad morning. Got up late, took forever to find phone prior to leaving, forgot my gloves.
    Rave: Getting back into March Madness after several years of getting away from it. My dad taught me the game and between his death and my depression, I hadn’t had the desire to watch a college game in years . I watched a couple of games last weekend and was hooked again. After watching selection Sunday, I decided to get an app to make some picks.
    Rant: Read the Washington Post article this morning about Trump’s proposed budget that will essentially cut money to agencies devoted to research like the agency where I work. The comments section was horrible with comments about how we’re leeches on taxpayers and need to lose our jobs.

  • Rave: Awesome work trip to Kenya – super exhausted though and buried under massive to-do list
    Rave: TJ’s Vanilla/Cinnamon Black Tea.
    Rave: Stocked fridge so have great options for second breakfast, lunch, etc.
    Rant: Grandfather not doing well and his kids not getting along to do what’s right for him.
    Rant: Mom needs surgery. I’m hoping I can be with her to support her through it.

  • binntp

    Rave: Set a new PR in the half marathon this weekend!
    Rave: Likely snow day tomorrow. If it’s gonna be cold, I prefer there to be some benefit to it.
    Rant: Will still likely have to work from home even if we do officially get off.

    • congrats on your PR! I was a minute slower than last year (last year was my 1/2 marathon PR), which is super disappointing because I was actually ahead of my last year pace up until the 10 mile split. My last 5K was a full 2 minutes slower than last year. I’m not sure I can even blame the cold weather for that. Oh well, guess that means I have to sign up for next year!

      • binntp

        Yeah, you gain some, you lose some. I think cold really helps me speed up–I’m miserable at late spring/summer races when there’s any iota of humidity. All in all, though, I was just happy it was sunny. I would not have liked Friday’s weather to race in.

  • skj84

    Rant: Daylight Savings has me dragging. I was out late Saturday and somehow woke up early Sunday which probably didn’t help. Spent most of yesterday in a fog, still felt groggy this morning. I had to use my happy light to get going.
    Rave: despite the feeling of malaise, I managed to be productive yesterday. Did a tour of the new Whole Foods on H Street, got laundry done and cooked. I made chicken salad and chicken and dumplings for the first time! I’m really impressed with the Whole Foods, i’ve never been the biggest fan, but the new location won me over.
    Rant: I am not here for the snow. I have stuff I need to do tomorrow. I’m hoping everything should be clear by the evening, but I’m not holding my breath. At least I can work from home.

  • Clueless

    Rave: “My Favorite Murder” podcast episodes with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
    Rave(?): Called DPW this morning and asked if they typically proceed with street cleaning/sweeping on snow days; answer is no… which better hold true because I’m currently parked on a Tuesday street and would rather not move it tomorrow.

  • Rant: Daylight savings time. Baby Artie was not a happy camper this morning.
    Rave: Just had a wonderful conversation with my MIL. I really did win the in-law lottery.
    Rave: Baby Artie is one, which means I get to do the slow process of weaning myself from pumping at work. I want to smash that thing into a thousand pieces when I’m finally done.
    Rant: The weather report is so vague. I can’t decide if I should stay home tomorrow or come in to the office. I may be making a game time decision in the morning.

    • Yay! Congrats on your raves–making it through the first year is huge. And a bit shout-out for weaning off the pump. So liberating. Though don’t be surprised if you get a little anxious/weepy about it–there’s a lot of random hormonal crap there. Doesn’t happen to everyone, but kind of did to me. But man was I happy to get that time back!

      • Oh, I am pretty sure I will cry. My hormonal swings are quite impressive even this far into the postpartum period. And watching the baby grow up is bittersweet, so the combination definitely leads to tears some days!

        • Glad to hear you’re expecting it so it shouldn’t freak you out. Hormones are so weird! And indeed on watching them grow up being bittersweet–though it’s easy to forget that sometimes because they can do so much cooler stuff as they get bigger that it keeps changing and getting more fun in different ways. Big transitions can hit everyone hard, though.

  • Rave: Thanks to everyone that commented on Friday on Stitch Fix/Trunk Club/MM LaFleur etc. I went to Trunk Club Saturday and had a GREAT experience. It was so fun and I could drink wine while trying on clothes. It wasn’t cheap and I feel lucky to have gotten out of there for under $1K, but it was very high quality brands and I got several nice pieces. My stylist was also great. I”m petite and found several pieces that fit. If anyone wants a referral let me know.

    Rant: Finding someone to rent my apt has turned out to be way harder than I thought. *FIngers crossed – just got an email from someone I think may be applying! * I also have a work trip to Seattle on Friday for a week so won’t be around to show during that time which is adding to stress.

    Rant: Moving – ugh I HATE packing. I also keep too much stuff. Yesterday while packing I found my SAT scores and high school transcripts. I am sure glad I kept those they are certain to be super useful in the future!

    Rave: I am part of a trust which does not pay very much money, but is administered by my very old great uncle. For the first time in forever I got my K-1 in time to file my taxes in April! Usually I get this is September.

    • Andie302

      Question: Do you think this would be fun for a (non-traditional) wedding dress purchase? This is what I was thinking of doing with very limited parameters on the dress. I was going to take the mom’s and go get something a few weeks beforehand. (I’ve been touching base with a stylist already, I’m wondering if it’s the same person!)

      • I wonder if you might want to give yourself a bit more time in case you want to have alterations done.

      • just curious, what are you looking for in a wedding dress?

        • Andie302

          I have no parameters except that I want to feel like it looks nice on me and it’s not too fancy. Color, length, style, cut, etc. are all up in the air until I start trying some things on.

          • I really like the stylists at Nordstrom for finding dresses and I love the selection at Lord & Taylor. I’ve had both great and meh experiences with the stylists at BHLDN in Georgetown but also like their options. The Lucky Knot in Old Town also has a really nice dress selection upstairs (we found my MOH’s dress there but actually ordered it online for a lot less).

      • I went with a “reception dress” (cocktail length) from BHLDN for my wedding dress. You might want to look there as well.

      • Yes, I do! But I would message with your stylist to be sure they have what you are looking for. I was trying on work and casual clothes so I have no idea what they might have in terms of a wedding dress.

    • Good to know about the Trunk Club experience. My wardrobe is in serious need of an overhaul and I hate shopping, so I might be interested sometime down the road.

    • I have a hard time getting out of trunk club for under $500, so I totally get it. But on the plus side, my stylist (Sam) has recommended things to me that I know for sure I would’ve never bought on my own, but I ended up loving. This has been especially helpful during wedding season – previously for weddngs I had just rotated through my collection of LBDs, but now I have a couple of fun, colorful dresses that I have gotten tons of compliments on.

  • That One Guy

    In a time before weather forecasts what would people think of the sudden change in fortune??? (For whatever reason the Gods Must Be Crazy comes to mind.)
    Out of nowhere this character came popped into my mind: an OCD person whose compulsion is to chop onions. He would go see a psychologist but fears would be laughed at because whose heard of such a thing so he just weep at the cutting board.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Hiking Saturday morning was not nearly as frigidly miserable as I’d anticipated. Layering FTW.
    Rave: Tomorrow’s early morning dentist appointment has been rescheduled, so if we do get a snow day, I can sleep in.

  • Rave: Fever-free for 48+ hours now!
    Rant: I feel so out of it. I’m sure the time change didn’t help, but I pretty much just slept and drank tea/ meds for like 3 days, had to reschedule a whole trip and a specialist’s appointment. I feel sooooo out of the loop. I’ll have to figure out what I missed, but meanwhile I have an inbox full to bursting with $hit to take care of.

  • Rant: My apartment building is making me cranky. Between the bugs, lobby closure, and half the washing machines being broken this weekend…I may be moving.
    Rave: Excellent weekend visiting friends, and visiting Texas to see family later this week. Going from snow to 80 degrees will be an excellent idea.
    Rave: I ate fried cheese this weekend. That’s always a rave.

  • Rave: Cook-a-thon and book-a-thon weekend (practicing for a possible snow day tomorrow) plus a wee bit of vegetable seed starting
    Rant: But no clean-a-thon which is really needed
    Rave: Mushroom soup with Middle Eastern spices (Marsha Clark recipe) was excellent, excellent – a definite do-over.
    Rave: Soup will be even better when I have home-grown mushrooms
    Rant: But so far my experimentation in mushroom growing is resulting in lessons learned and needing to start over

  • Rave: Last week of training!
    Rant: Possible snow day messing up our schedule…
    Rave: But honestly it’s okay because it will only be messed up for 2-3 days.
    Unknown: Wanted snacks from the store tonight. Still thinking of braving it but looking at the line, and then walking right out if it’s really bad.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Jogged six miles yesterday. I am thrilled I was able to get that far, and confident that I’ll be ready for the 10 miler in time,
    Rant: but just barely! I am the worst procrastinator.
    Rave: Friend is having a boy (revealed yesterday), best friend seems to be doing very well after her 2nd IVF transfer (7 weeks so far, keeping fingers crossed) – there are going to be babies everywhere!
    Rave: Great visit with my family this weekend for my brother’s birthday

    • Cherry blossom? I’m running too! I love that race but have not had any motivation to run beyond about 6 miles due to this cold snap.

      • Andie302

        Yes! I’ve done the Army 10-miler, but not the Cherry Blossom one. The last two times I’ve run I had so many layers it was ridiculous. It looks like I might be doing that at least one more time this coming weekend. Ugh! I think I’m going to try to get to 8.5 or so and then just wing that last bit the day-of.

        • I’ve done that and it works totally fine! I’m a fairweather runner (i.e. run in 60-80 degree temps, nothing more nothing less) so I only own one long sleeve running top that I bought for last year’s freeeezing 10 miler…may be time to invest in some more layers. 🙂

          • Andie302

            I’ve been wearing cuddle duds (they’re available at Marshalls) and they are supposed to be pajamas or an extra layer but they are fitted and very warm and so they go under a down vest really well. I had to add a sweatshirt this past weekend though…not enough heft!

  • Rave: My husband raised $8800 (plus day-of cash) for St. Baldrick’s head shaving event at Boundary Stone yesterday! Such a fun event (great job to you too, PoP!)
    Rant: He looks like a naked mole rat.

  • I’m hoping for a snow day so so so so badly.
    Revel: the 11 year old I was babysitting for (along with her toddler brother) on Friday night tucked me in when I dozed off for a few minutes on their couch (she was watching a movie). I woke up with a blanket on top of me!
    Rant: I sleep like crap so I took a nap yesterday and woke up late and it messed me up again. I really should take advantage of waking up at 4:30 am and work out.

  • Rant: Mtbaby hates the car, and we had two trips deep into NoVA this weekend. Cue two puking episodes from crying & extra congestion triggering his gag reflex.
    Rave: At least the fabric comes off of the car seat and can go into the washing machine.
    Rave: Fabulous visit with friends on Saturday & fun at the Purim carnival on Sunday at our synagogue–and we even had an extra costume for mtpkiddo to change into!
    Rave: Made hamentashen with a new recipe and they are delicious–and so much easier because they don’t require a rolling pin!
    Rave: Got kids to sleep on time last night despite the time change.
    Rant: Neither of them wanted to get up this morning. Both had varying levels of sleep difficulties overnight, so I’m sure that didn’t help.
    Rave: Breaking all the rules and bringing snack food upstairs was successful and I got both kids up and dressed and out of the house by myself in thirty minutes. So we left a few minutes earlier than usual even though I let them sleep in later!
    Rave: Thoughtful conversation over the weekend with Blithe & HaileUnlikely. Thanks, guys.

    • Are you feeding mtbaby right before you head out? My dog (I know not a human but still) used to get incredibly car sick. He still cries the whole ride, but giving him a break after feeding him has eliminated the puking.

      • Not usually. He did eat right before we left on Sunday (though not much). Then again, he also ate right before we left Saturday morning and had more time between lunch and driving home, and it was the trip back that was problematic in that case. He doesn’t usually get actively sick in the car–though I was wondering about motion sickness, which is why we switched him to facing forward Sunday. I’ll continue to keep an eye on that correlation, though I do think that the crying+congestion was at least part of the problem.

    • I don’t know if this will work. But I find that doling out one puff at a time helps to reduce Baby Artie’s crying in the car.

      • I think we’ll be able to entertain & engage him better now that he’s forward facing–and giving him snacks will be easier too. With two car seats, neither one of us can fit in the back seat, so handing him food in that fashion was nearly impossible before.

    • Blithe

      Thank YOU! I learned a lot, and, thanks to you, have even begun to recalibrate some of my more opinionated opinions.

  • Rant: Bureaucratic writing. I’m going to give Bowser’s snow press release to my interns and see how many unnecessary words they can eliminate.

  • topscallop

    Rant: both my fiancé and I had friends experience unexpected friendship and/or relationship drama this weekend. A very eventful 48 hours with high highs and low lows.
    Rave: none of it had anything to do with either of us -we are tangential to the drama and therefore witnessed or heard all about it but were not involved at all. We just feel bad for our buds
    Rave: the prospect of a snow day, I could really use another day to adjust
    Rant: I have nothing in my fridge at home, as we’ve been dog-sitting
    Rant: DOG not feeling well this morning, poor boy
    Rave: caught up on two shows over the weekend and finished my book
    Rant: work

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Stupid time change. It will take forever for me to adjust. Why can’t we just leave time alone?
    Rave: Had an enjoyable weekend.

  • Revel: marathon was great on Saturday. Thanks to all the spectators, musicians, volunteers, and workers who braved the cold. I know it’s not such a popular event among readers here but there were a lot of people having a good time out there including me.

    • totally agree! I was shocked at how many spectators still made it out in the cold weather. thanks to everyone, it was a great time!

      • justinbc

        I had a blast this year, took my Bluetooth boombox outside on the curb in my lawn and blasted running tunes for all the participants towards the last leg. Several stopped by to chat / stretch / etc especially during the half portion. Next year I’ll try to have a giant jug of Gatorade for runners and coffee for the cops, might as well embrace it if it’s going to be in my front yard anyway.

        • If you are who I think you are and live where I think you live, you weren’t out there when I ran by! (not a stalker, all information gathered by reading this website.)

          • justinbc

            If you were in the early part of the marathon then I probably missed it. My neighbors with the cowbells woke me up around 9 so I was out there around 930-1230, or thereabouts. Sorry I missed ya!

          • justinbc

            (If you saw the lady with the “Feel like shit? You’re running better than our government.” sign in Capitol Hill, that’s my hood.)

          • Yeah I was in the early part of the marathon. I did see that lady with the sign, I told her I liked it!

      • maxwell smart

        I have a friend who runs every run, so I always go with some friends and cheer at the top of Calvert Hill – at the 10k mark. This year, we decided to stay until the last runner came by and cheered as loud as possible as each person crossed the 10k mark. We might have annoyed some people who were clearly not enthusiastic about running up that hill.

  • Rave: Praying to the almighty ULLR for some snow!
    Rant: Closest area mountains are all closed. I know WISP is reopening, but that’s not worth the drive.

    • Question: Anyone have an AWD vehicle with decent snow tires? I’ll cover gas to drive to/from Timberline.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Feeling dreary. I love the switch to DST, but the transition is rough. Not a good day to be a night owl.
    Rant-ish: I think my baking binge has finally ended. It was sort of fun while it lasted though.
    Rant-ish: I had planned to try making cookies with browned butter as a blizzard project, but Whole Foods was out of Kerrygold butter, and I didn’t want to spend more on a larger package of unsalted butter that I doubt I’ll use. Not sure if I’m motivated enough to see if they’ve restocked.
    Rave: Finally taking care of some business things that need to be taken care of. Tiny steps of progress.
    Rave: The patient teachers in my life. Yay! I love the idea of guardian angels whispering: “Grow! Grow!”

    • If it helps, you can freeze butter (and margarine)–so if you have to get more than you’d use, just put the other sticks into the freezer for next time.

    • Harris Teeter – at least the one on Kalorama – has Amish butter that is really good. It is a huge chunk – 2-3 pounds? But of course you can freeze some.

  • Rave: Heading to Europe next week for the first time in a few years. Can’t wait.
    Rant: Spent entirely too long looking at rescue greyhounds online last night. I really really want one.
    Rant: Fiance out of town all week. I never feel secure in this (ground floor) apartment alone at night. A greyhound would help!
    Rant: Having a hell of a time finding a NYC sublet for the summer since we have to be on the UWS.

  • Rant: Infinity Mirror pass system unable to process my request at 12:00:30 (30 seconds!!!) God damn it!

    • Now at 12:03 it’s saying it’s not on sale. FAIL, Hirshorn, fail.

      • I give up. Now they’re sold out. I literally loaded the page exactly at noon, to the second, and kept trying for a good 5 minutes. Jerks.

        • I think the demand is just too intense and/or there’s something not quite right with the ticket-purchasing online infrastructure. If anyone should be faulted, it’s tickets.com, not the Hirshhorn.

        • I’m 2 for 2 for ticket requests – the trick is to start refreshing the page at 11:59. Yes, it’s dumb to sit clicking the mouse for a minute, but it works.

          • This. Get on 5 min. before and keep refreshing. Also, don’t put in for “first available” – but enter an afternoon time slot (I got lucky with 1:30, later might be a better bet.) Then you have only 6 minutes to set up an account to finalize purchase.

          • Ahhh. I tried for “first available”; will try for a specific afternoon timeslot next time.

          • I actually did that. Still no luck. (I was actually on refreshing from 11:58 because I was so worried I’d miss it.) And I went straight for the “any time” tickets.

          • I’m 2 for 2 as well and also started refreshing at 11:59. I also chose 2 tickets on a weekday and put in for first available. This week, once I got in, I got sent back to the # of tickets and time screen 4 times and kept entering 2 and first available and got tix. I was trying for next Friday and got 12:15, which is perfect.

    • I started trying promptly at noon, and got various “This event is not yet on sale” or “We could not process your request” messages… until finally the main page showed all dates as having sold out.
      Grrrr!! I guess I’ll have to try for same-day walkup tickets some morning.

      • Exactly.
        I’m not going to do walk-up tickets. A colleague got in line about an hour early this past weekend, waited another hour in line while they processed everyone and they still didn’t get in after 2 hours of waiting. So if you stand in line, be prepared to get there by like, 8:30.

        • Blithe

          I share your Rant! Do you know how the walk-up tickets work? Are the tickets timed? So I could get there at 8:30, and end up getting tickets for late afternoon? I read that they’re planning to add later evening hours, so I hope that helps.

          • The website says:
            “Each day, a limited number of free same-day Walk-Up Timed Passes will be available at the Museum. A line will start forming at 9:30 am, on the Museum Plaza near the fountain, and the passes will be distributed starting at 10:00 am on a first-come, first-served basis.”

          • Blithe

            Thanks textdoc! I did — hastily — read that, but somehow my inner Diva couldn’t accept the idea that I might have to get up early, stand in line, get tickets, then have to come back several hours later to actually see the exhibit. Maybe I’ll try it on a warmer day.

          • Yeah, they say 9:30 for the line, but trust me, you’ll need to get there earlier. That’s one of the reasons I’m not going to bother at this point. Ridiculous. I know we live in a city but it’s not like we’re in LA or NY — even they don’t seem to have to stand in line for hours or be online at noon to get timed passes…. -_-

        • I’d love to see this exhibit; even if I could get a ticket I can’t stand in lines for hours. See “How to survive the Yayoi Kusama show at the Hirshhorn Museum” (March 7th WPost article)
          And “The Hirshhorn limits how much time you can spend inside each installation. On Sunday afternoon, that time was limited to 20 to 30 seconds”

          • Actually, thank you for sharing this. It makes me want to go even less than I wanted to go after I got pissed off about the tickets earlier.

          • The Broad in LA had a similar limit on its Infinity Mirrored Room. It’s not ideal, but it allows more people to experience the installation.

          • JS – my best friend lives down the street from the Broad and I know several people who were able to go to that with no issue, which is why I don’t understand why this seems to be so difficult.

  • Rant: Discouraged that I couldn’t land Yayoi Kusama tickets despite clicking on the passes screen precisely at 12 noon and continuing to try for seven minutes thereafter.
    Rant: Missed the PoPville/St. Baldrick’s event yesterday at Boundary Stone because I couldn’t find parking.
    Sour-grapes compensatory rave: I really needed to get home (I had another social event earlier in the afternoon) and clean frantically prior to houseguest arrival.
    Rave: Finished washing the dishes mere minutes before my houseguest arrived.

  • What do we think the bus lines are going to look like tomorrow? Snow emergency? Normal schedule? If I was a betting person, I’d say…well, I have no idea, I stink at gambling. What do you think?

    • I’d check WMATA’s website later this evening — they usually say if they’re going to start operations at reduced capacity the night before. My guess for tomorrow would be snow emergency in the morning working their way back to fully functional towards evening.

  • Rant: I had a last-minute cancellation for my vacation rental apartment starting tomorrow. I can keep the deposit of course, but I hate to do that. If anyone has family or friends who want to come see the cherry blossoms (and not sleep on your futon or crowd your space) please get in touch and make me an offer. (Homeaway.com #141712.)

    Revel: The people who adopted my last pair of foster kittens sent me flowers to thank me! Seriously, getting flowers delivered is such the most wonderful thing. (Especially since I don’t have to worry about the foster kittens eating them!)

    • Assuming it’s because of the snow, I wouldn’t keep the deposit. That just feels wrong.

      • It wasn’t due to snow. They booked four months ago, with full knowledge of the cancellation policy, which is pretty generous (30 days out you get a full refund. Less than that I refund if I can re-book the dates.) They called a week ago to cancel. Vacation rentals are not the same as hotels with 30 rooms to rent. Do you judge all businesses by what “feels wrong” to you?

        Again – I’m trying to help these people out and offer someone/friends/neighbors a great opportunity to stay in DC at a very affordable price- not actually a bad thing!

  • Additional Rant: Does anyone know how to get DC to stop calling me about volunteer stuff? I didn’t realize when I signed up for the snow shoveling team that they’d start calling me a few times a month about all these other random things too…. Grrr….

  • Question: Can anyone help me decide whether or not to buy property in DC? My other half and I are currently wrestling with the rent vs. buy question. We are approved for a mortgage that will get us a small house or good-sized apartment. We have no kids. We are mostly struggling with whether this is a good investment for our hard-earned money when the alternative is continuing to rent, save money, and invest in index funds at good returns.

    • Andie302

      This is pretty comprehensive and covers the financial aspects, but if you’re hearts/heads aren’t into owning, I wouldn’t do it. (I say this as someone that loves owning…I know it’s not for everyone!)


      • Thanks. I’ve run that calculator a bunch. We like the idea of owning and it’s something we want, but we want to be sure it’s a smart financial decision given the alternatives and the crazy market that is DC, and impending rising interest rates for mortgages.

        • Rising interest rates shouldn’t matter as long as you 1) buy soon and 2) get a fixed-rate mortgage.
          If interest rates become REALLY high, it could affect the real-estate market in the future… but as long as you’re thinking you’ll be in D.C. for a good long while, I don’t think that should stop you.

          • We don’t know how long we’ll be in DC. At least another year or two, maybe forever? We plan to rent out any place we buy if/when we moved away.

          • If you think you might want to leave in a year or two, it’s probably not worthwhile to buy. If you think you might live in a place for 5 or more years, then it’s probably wortwhile.
            The mortgage calculator might have some numbers on this — like, if you buy at x amount and the property appreciates y amount per year, and you sell after z years, you can expect to get the difference in prices minus 4-6% realtor commission minus stuff like transfer/recordation taxes and fees.

          • While of course you _can_ rent a place out if you were to move away, being a landlord involves certain headaches, and if you were to move someplace out of the immediate area, you might want to have a property manager locally. And that comes with a cost.

    • Note also that the amount a lender will approve you for often comes out to be a good bit higher than the amount per month you might actually feel comfortable paying.
      I would try to stay away from the upper limits of the loan amount you’re approved for. If you can’t find a place you like without going into that upper-limit territory, then it might make sense to continue renting for the time being.

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