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  • jzdc

    I’d like to see that guy come and steal these stairs again now!

    • ExDCer


  • metsfan

    The quintessential urban hammock.

  • Joshua

    Today’s Rental – Christian Grey’s basement unit (electricity included)

  • AnonG

    They still forgot to put the lock through the bike frame

    • AE


    • textdoc

      I like this one.

  • AnonG

    Wake me when it’s time to vote in 2020

  • bv1837

    The Ghost of Unlicensed Rentals Past

  • Ghjjj

    The lawyer told the landlord about changing locks but nothing about new locks

  • Mug of Glop

    That’s a chain gang if I’ve ever seen one!

  • aknomad

    Mexico finally decided to pay, what they thought was fair, for the wall….

  • dcd

    The newest remake of The Thomas Crown Affair was really hit hard by budget cuts.

  • CB

    Another well thought out Muslim ban

  • timmyp

    There is a monster at the end of those stairs and every time you turn the page we get closer to the bottom and monster.

    • mersadaisy

      ^^ :)

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Taking self-help evictions to another level

  • maxwell smart

    GDoN: Looking for “roommate” to share English Basement Apartment, recently renovated. Includes outdoor BDSM area. Rent negotiated based on… willingness to try new things. Respond via Craigslist.

    • HAH! That’s good.

    • eggs

      Only if the roommate agrees to sleep in the same bed.

    • Blithe

      Good one!

  • anon

    Damn it! Has anyone seen Alice?

  • Scott

    The neighborhood was so much better before it chainged

  • Idontgetit

    Last place finish: “The PoP Peep Project.”

  • b

    New pop-up bar.

  • Fairmont

    Go ahead, Washington Gas, Try to read my meter now!

  • DAVE

    Looking to make a little money, Mr. Reeves misunderstood the Bitcoin term “block chains”

  • loco

    Spiders in this neighborhood don’t F*** around.

  • andy2

    Coming soon: Unchained Melody

  • MARM

    Indiana Jones and the English Basement Rental of Doom*

    *$1400/month not including utilities

  • Anon

    Thanks Obama!

  • Jobe


  • apers

    OK now put the box out….is the Nest set up? POP will HAVE to post our package thief video now!

  • Bloomy

    The home of someone who didn’t flinch when Trump said “bad hombres” on live TV.

  • Hookdntx

    “That’s not what I meant when I said we got locked into the mortgage, Dan”

  • BobK

    With the Social Security deficit looming in 12 years, Al Gore commissions local artist to do a mock up of his lock box.

  • andy

    hey, where’s my bike?

  • Blake

    Exclusive look at President Trump’s chain of command

    • textdocc

      I like this one.

    • Cam


  • Anon

    “Challenge accepted” -package thieves

  • John

    2024: President Chaffetz, restless after moving all federal agencies out of the district, starts on his next pet project.

  • Lola

    Sunny Garden Apartment: Very cozy with loads of character

  • Blithe

    “Chain, chain, chain! Chain of fools…..!”

  • Charles

    “David Attenborough was right–spider silk really is as strong as steel!”

  • McFly

    My wife won’t escape from the kitchen now!


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