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I won’t apologize for being an Adams Morgan booster!! I told you not to sleep on Adams Morgan!! OK, I’ll calm down but I’m very, very happy. A reader reports:

“Oppa Dak coming to the old Meskerem in Adams Morgan. Signage is up.”

We’ve heard tons about Korean Fried Chicken but this is the first I’m hearing about Korean Baked Chicken. A website called Zen Kimchi writes about a spot in Korea:

“Oppadak – which translates to the cute Korean saying “Big brother chicken” (the full name actually translates to “The chicken that fell out of the oven”). This chain of chicken restaurants are all over Seoul and after eating their chicken, I understand completely why. The chicken is that good!”

It’s not clear if there is any relation to the chain at this point, but presumably the style of chicken will be the same. Stay tuned for updates!!

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