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Big Changes Coming to 14th Street between V and W

by Prince Of Petworth March 8, 2017 at 10:22 pm 24 Comments


Thanks to Ken for sending from the Washington Business Journal:

“Martha’s Table selling longtime headquarters on 14th Street NW

The nonprofit will operate out of Anacostia and Columbia Heights beginning in 2018. Meanwhile, here’s an opportunity for a buyer in the U Street Corridor.”

For those not familiar with Martha’s Table:

“Martha’s Table works to support stronger children, stronger families, and stronger communities by increasing access to healthy food, quality education, and family supports in the District of Columbia.”


Looking north on 14th Street towards W:


  • anoNE

    I don’t have a Washington Biz Journal subscription, but I hope they are cashing in on prime real estate prices that will help fund their great work. Renting or buying across the river isn’t free, but I could see this being a thoughtfully timed move.. Hopefully it’s a fiscal decision they are making because they want to, not because they have to. (And if anyone wants to provide more context from WBJ, it would be appreciated!)

    • [rrrrr]

      Agreed. They have a video on their homepage which gives a little more context. I guess there was a major gift associated with the move too, which bodes well for sure. I just hope they really are able to keep a presence in Columbia Heights. There are still plenty of folks in our neighborhood who could use support.
      At the same time, how soon do we get to kick off the wishlist for what goes in?

    • textdoc

      +1 to “I hope they are cashing in on prime real estate prices that will help fund their great work.”

  • FridayGirl

    Aw, I liked having them there. I hope someone good moves into that space (and not another luxury condo building… like really, how many can there be in a few-block stretch).

    • wdc

      Yeah, me too. I wonder if they’ll get the same volume of donations and volunteers elsewhere. I volunteered my time there because it was within my community. Not sure I’d drive to Anacostia to chop vegetables.
      And what about the daycare? That’s very valuable to the neighborhood.

    • The Other Jason

      But you KNOW it’s going to be another luxury RENTAL building with a “Solid Flex, Ab Core, Divergent” gym or some such BS, in the retail space. Or maybe a super hip coffee shop from Kansas City that we can all pretend we’ve had more than just the one time we visited KC, so now we rave about it like it was our home away from home.

      • FridayGirl

        Ha. Seriously.

      • anon

        How do you propose we constructively and thoughtfully override whatever market forces are making it lucrative to keep churning out the buildings you describe?
        New things are new and expensive. The best way to assure we have useful old things in the future is to build them now. You could pass a law forcing this address to be a single-story retail location or reserved for community caretaking groups or whatever in perpetuity, but I highly doubt it’ll accomplish whatever you want it to accomplish. You’d just be making the neighboring luxury apartments more expensive because there’d be fewer of them.

        • FridayGirl

          I mean, I’m curious to know how strong the market forces actually are when there are a not-insignificant number of units available at all times in the existing luxury buildings at the same price point. At some point (relatively soon, I would guess), the market is going to be oversaturated and we’re either going to end up with a lot of expensive unrented apartments or the buildings are going to have to lower their prices.

      • Timshel

        Have you even had the East of Eden inspired Thou Mayest cold brew in KC? Can’t get anything like that on the coasts.

  • mark

    Sad. End of an epoch.

    • Anon

      Is that different from era?

      • Bubble Brains

        What are you talking about? This is a great victory!

        Martha’s table has visibly kicked poverty in the teeth in this neighborhood and is now moving on to other DC neighborhoods that need their help! If you don’t believe it, look around – this part of 14th street was as poor and disadvantaged as you could get about 15 years ago – and now Martha’s has worked themselves out of business. Isn’t that the point?

        Now I’ll get back to reading this here copy of 1984…

        • Anon

          While I have nothing but love for Martha’s Table (seriously – they are amazing!), your assertion that they’re responsible for the gentrification on 14/U st is laughable at best.

          • Jonathan

            yeah because all those luxury condominiums and rentals are filled with long time dc residents who were able to lift themselves out of poverty and can now afford 750,000 for a 2 bedroom. make no mistake, martha’s table does amazing work for those in need but that just isn’t how re-urbanization is going down in our country.

          • textdoc

            +1 to Anon.

          • Blithe

            Another +1 to Anon and to Jonathan.

        • carol

          are you joking? I am glad Martha’s is going to neighborhoods that need their services more right now but i am pretty sure Martha”s first customers were simply displaced out of the 14th street area not living in high head properties hsopping at whole foods…

  • kapitolhill

    Big Change$ Coming to 14th $treet between V and W

    Here, I fixed the title for you.

  • TakomaNick

    Smart move. Hopefully they do keep a presence west of the river.

  • Whit

    Where is the CH location? It doesn’t come up on Google maps and I don’t see it on their website.

    • Anonymous

      “and Columbia Heights beginning in 2018”
      You probably can’t find it because it’s not there yet.

  • Donny

    I found this on Martha’s Table’s website: http://marthastable.org/jubilee-housing-and-marthas-table-partner-to-provide-affordable-homes-and-critical-services-in-columbia-heights-for-d-c-s-lowest-income-families/

    Looks like they’re moving to 1474 Columbia Road N.W. in Columbia Heights.

    It’s good they’re staying in the neighborhood.

    • bruno

      Thanks. This is helpful. I get used book there.


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