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  • Hill Denizen

    That’s giving me heart palpitations just looking at it.

  • hiphop anonymous


  • CapHillKate

    Can anyone tell me why it is taking them so long to tear down that building? They’ve been working on it daily for almost 6 months and it is still largely intact.

  • Steve Parsons

    Props for a major safety violation? There needs to be some sort of guardrail or restraint system when working at heights.

    I don’t blame the worker. Chances are he is following orders from the subcontractor who could care less about safety and the guy isn’t going to risk his job by making noise (even though, in theory, his is protected by the OSHA whistle-blower law).

    Its a shortcut. One they’ve done a thousand times. Which are exactly the things that get workers killed.

    In fact, there was a incident at a gravel pit in Maryland a few years back in which an equipment operator was killed when he accidentally backed his equipment off of an unprotected ledge and fell to his death.

    • Gerry

      I completely agree that the worker must be protected. No one can make an assumption that this is or is not a safety violation based off of this picture. It is likely that there are wheel stops installed on the slab so the equipment cannot roll off the edge.


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