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  • textdoc

    CVS business in the front, Target party in the back.

    • textdoc

      (It weirds me out that Target pharmacies are now all “CVS Pharmacy at Target.”)

    • ZetteZelle


  • Kelly

    Looks like the new Series 8000 Yellow Line cars have arrived. They don’t cross the river.

    • bern


  • Brandon

    Ain’t no future in your frontin’

  • zandunga

    It’s a DC thing! Outsiders can’t appreciate all of the laws that were designed to indicate how store dollies are to be stacked and labeled to ensure they are not to leave the city. These were found at a bodega in NYC.

  • Ben

    Not to be outdone by the six pages of Trumpcare is dedicated to letting states dis-enroll high-dollar lottery winners, a new amendment wastes seven pages on pharmacy dolly stacking

  • metsfan

    DC CVS’s best kept secret: the subtle difference between the front and back of a dolly.

  • PetworthGuy

    Sean Spicer’s daily gum delivery sponsored by CVS

  • t-digs

    “Oh, I see this location has the new convenience carts for transporting our CVS receipts to the car!”

    • Truxton Thomas


  • After “Taxation Without Representation” failed to get DC its proper voting rights, a new, more vigilant slogan was born: “DC Use Only.”

  • DC

    Because they can’t drive carts in MD or VA either!

  • Mug of Glop

    They see me rollin’;
    We cratin’;
    Patrolling they catch me stockin’ in Crystal City.

  • Anong

    CVS will now be single tracking and bypassing all locations in the District of Columbia.

  • AMDCer

    “DC Use Only” – not if Chaffetz has anything to say about it…


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