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BBQ Bus Smokehouse from owners of BBQ Bus food truck coming to Brightwood this May!!

by Prince Of Petworth March 13, 2017 at 11:30 am 14 Comments


From an email:

“BRIGHTWOOD – Get ready Georgia Avenue, here comes something meatier!

The BBQ Bus food truck is hanging its own brick-and-mortar shingle at 5830 Georgia Avenue NW in the Brightwood neighborhood of Washington, DC.

ribs 8
courtesy BBQ Bus

The BBQ Bus Smokehouse will feature the well-loved smoky sandwiches and picnic plates served from the food truck since 2011 plus original additions created in honor of the surrounding Brightwood community, including a new Georgia Avenue Gold slow-smoked pulled pork sandwich.

courtesy BBQ Bus

Other dishes include soy and brown sugar brined chicken wings, baby back ribs, Angus brisket, choriozo mac and cheese, and bacon mashed potatoes.

BBQ Bus Smokehouse opens in May.

  • Anonamom

    Is this in the old Brightwood Bistro spot? Great news for my old neighborhood! Can’t wait to check the wings out on a visit back.

  • Fancypants

    I believe that this is taking the space of Salt and Pepper Grill III. While I’m said that they closed, I’m not too sad because I can still get deliveries from Salt and Pepper Grill II. I’m really excited for this place as well as the new Thai restaurant. This is tough area for businesses due to the terribleness of the Georgia/Missouri/Military intersection and the lack of side streets for parking.

    • Anonamom

      I didn’t realize Salt & Pepper III had closed (#outoftouch). I agree though, this is a tough spot. When I lived in Brughtwood, I exclusively walked to Simple and only hit carry out from S&P. Hopefully this place does well – I’m rooting for them!

      • samanda_bynes

        oh shid, they closed? that explains why I had to order from II a bunch recently. assumed rennovations. BUT, having this, and a Thai place come in, as well as Simple currently, is really exciting.

      • Quincy dude

        NO! When did this happen?

    • Longfellow

      This intersection is a mess. A crosswalk across Georgia Avenue on the south side of the intersection would improve things dramatically. Extending the parking along Georgia Avenue would also make the sidewalk feel more protected from speeding traffic and would give these businesses additional parking spots for customers.

    • Anonymous

      Off topic, but 2 things about Salt and Pepper:
      1) Agreed, we always wanted to try Salt and Pepper III but there is never anywhere to park there (we don’t live within walking distance).
      2) What’s the deal with Salt and Pepper II? I had wanted to try it for a while and we finally got takeout a few months ago, and it was straight-up bad. Definitely the worst Indian food I’ve had in DC, and worse than the faux-Indian food we make at home. Did we just get a bad batch?

  • Tim

    I just realized that these are the guys that have been parked and serving at Denizen’s in Silver Spring for a couple of years. I hope they can pull it off in this spot, seeing that the last two tenants only lasted a year-or-so each at 5830 Ga Ave.

    • Ampersand

      Unfortunately they haven’t been at Denizen’s for several months now. I haven’t been back since they left, since they were 80% of the reason I went and I heard the post-BBQ Bus food was, uh, not as good.

  • JRL

    Will they deliver?

  • Che

    Thanks for the love guys! We’ll be open in May and looking forward to meeting all the friends in the neighborhood.

  • Federico

    I love BBQ Bus! I’m so happy they are opening a brick and mortar. I can’t wait to check it out.

  • Jim Doherty

    I love BBQ Bus! They are going to do great business in Brightwood.. I live in Chevy Chase MD and it’s just a short drive over to the bus. They told me they will take my order out to my car.


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