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Today’s Rental is “near many bars, restaurants, and shops”

by Prince Of Petworth February 28, 2017 at 2:15 pm 7 Comments


This rental is located at 1845 Summit Place, NW. The Craigslist ad says:


Park East is located in the heart of Adams Morgan; one of the most coveted neighborhoods in DC. We are near many bars, restaurants, and shops. Columbia Heights (green line) and Woodley Park –Zoo (red line) Metro stations are less than a mile away. The National Zoo is at our doorstep. The options are endless in this location. You will not find a better location for this price.

The building has luxurious amenities; Secured entry, 24 hour Fitness center and brand new Resident Lounge!

The apartment homes at Park East have been newly renovated with central heat and air conditioning, new modern Kitchens and Baths, Off street secured parking available, Zip- Car Service on site, amazing hardwood flooring, and spectacular natural light make this spacious Studio Apartment, the perfect choice for anyone looking for that perfect urban DC lifestyle

All utilities included!
12 month lease which rolls over to month to month.
Pet friendly, breed restrictions do apply!
Off Street Parking Available!”

  • Leeran

    This seems reasonable for the area.

  • anon

    I live in this building. Let’s start off with the negative: staff are the WORST. It always takes three emails to get one response, even in serious repair situations. This building was built in the 1950s, and an investment firm (CIM group) came in to renovate about two years ago. They did mostly a cosmetic job so everything that can possibly break has broken for me. The water and heat systems also have chronic problems. Otherwise, I see a cockroach about once a month and also think I hear mice crawling in the walls but have’t actually seen any. I’ve been told the management issues stem from the fact that the company is traditionally an investor and new to property management.
    As for the area, it’s about a seven minute walk to the main parts of Adams Morgan or Mt Pleasant. It’s very secluded and quiet, which seems nice at first, but from my window which faces onto Clydesdale St, I’ve seen two people mugged in the last year because criminals see it, rightly, as a target.
    So why do I still live here? $1500 including all utilities is a reasonable price for a 450 sq foot studio that at least looks nice, even if stuff breaks all the time and it’s annoying to get it fixed. That’s the bottom line – it sucks but I’m not willing to pay more.

    • BRP

      did you move in before or after the renovations?

    • Brian

      Oh wow, don’t know what to say about anon’s entry here it seems pretty prolific if nothing else. That really should be a popville topic; What is the REAL reason that you live where you live and the real reason for the length of stay…hmm

    • dunning-kruger

      I’m not exactly trying to malign anon but I think it bears mentioning that this attitude is why there isn’t more mid-priced housing in the city.
      Anon is unwilling to pay more but also unhappy with their current situation. I manage and develop properties in the city and see this all the time. Everyone seems to think they are entitled to a new construction apt in a great neighborhood for below market rate. This is one of many reasons why when I’m giving development advice it is always to go upscale. No one seems to appreciate the money they save, only recognizing they are missing x,y, or z that their friend has in a new building (paying 50% more rent). The money is better and tenants are happier, you build cheaper or renovate without gutting to keep rents down and people say your building sucks.
      For the record I have nothing to do with this building I just don’t understand how people can simultaneously have this attitude and the attitude that ‘rent is too high’ when they aren’t satisfied living in more modest housing stock.
      Anon’s complaints mirror almost identically the ones I had about my last apt. But the rent was low so I would never have said that it sucked because I was getting what I paid for and saving to buy a house, no one put a gun to my head it was my choice.

      • logandude

        Umm, anon was not complaining about the lack of amenities that you get in a luxury building. He was complaining about the lack of responsiveness of a management company that will not respond to simple maintenance requests. There are a couple of reputable management companies in town (Bernstein and Keener) that are well-known for being responsive and pleasant to rent from in non-luxury buildings. We don’t necessarily all want gyms and pools and resident lounges – but we do want heat and A/C and water that actually works and is fixed quickly when it doesn’t.

        • dunning-kruger

          I was gonna mention that but didn’t want to go too long. You’re right, this particular complaint isn’t about amenities (though I think you can argue a good management team is an amenity probably the most important one) but it is still a good representation of the attitudes of about half the tenant population.
          Older less expensive buildings are more likely to have issues with water/heat, or have mediocre management and the rents are discounted because of it. I’ve rented to people just like anon, who seem to have a problem with every aspect of the building and my management but who stay for years because the price is great. I think they should take issue should be with their employers not their housing providers since they seem completely aware that there are not better options in their price ranges.
          I doubt I’d be as critical if anon’s criticism had been solicited, remember this is a post on a rental listing.


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