9th Street, Not Dead Yet, Seylou Bakery & Mill (and lots more) Coming Late Summer

by Prince Of Petworth February 15, 2017 at 10:10 am 11 Comments

seylou bakery
926 N Street, NW

Despite the recent demise of Chao Ku, Piassa, Table, Shaw Bistro and A&D in April – all is not lost for 9th Street. A reader reports this great update:

“The Union Kitchen Market (SE corner of 9/N) is now open, the place that’s going into the old Rogue 24 location (next to La Colombe) looks like it’s close to being done Ed. Note: Monkey King and there’s the bakery (pictured above) at 926 N.”

Seylou Bakery & Mill’s website says:

“opening late Summer 2017

A Whole grain bakery
We specialize in
100% whole grain
freshly milled artisan breads
made in a wood fired oven
as well as
healthy and nutritious
pastries, teas and coffees.

We hope to delight your senses and nourish your body.

Seylou means “eagle” in the Mandinka language of West Africa.

Several years ago, Jonathan ventured on an unforgettable journey to Senegal. While there he studied West African drumming. The following year he returned and immersed himself in the village life for several weeks. He made a deep connection with the people and creatures there. Oftentimes when he gazed into the sky he would see a majestic bird flying overhead. When he asked the chief what the name of the bird was, he was told it was called “say-loo-kun-O.

Jonathan made a promise that someday, not knowing how, he would return and give back to the community. Once he reconnected with his commitment to the village in Senegal the realm of baking opportunities opened up for him. After training and baking in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years he landed a job at Washington State University’s Bread Lab and worked alongside Dr. Stephen Jones to bring together the art and science of baking and breeding. This undertaking introduced him to world class chefs, farmers, bakers and millers throughout the country.

Jonathan and Jessica felt the desire to collaborate together to bring the art of whole grain baking to the nations capital. They will be offering a unique experience at SEYLOU. Their process will start with the farmers and lead to the seed, which will then be milled on site and baked into 100% whole grain bread in a wood fired oven. They also will offer eclectic and nutritious specialty items, pastries, coffees and teas.”


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