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  • Blithe

    Nice! This is a wonderful tribute to Mary Church Terrell — and a poignant reminder that many of the civil rights gains that some take for granted are relatively recent. My mother and Mrs. Terrell attended the same church, and my mother’s descriptions of Mrs. Terrell’s efforts to fight segregation in DC — and, indeed, her own efforts — have made me feel very conscious of some of the personal struggles that helped to bring about significant political change.

  • aknomad

    Glad to see that Rosa Mexicano is embracing this on their corner (or at least not trying to get rid of it). People often forget that at lot of these restaurants in DC have years of history in prior forms. Glad to see this and hopefully it reminds people that there are still levels of discrimination in restaurants/bars today. A lot has changed, but more can still be done.

    • Anon

      The owner of the building did it, not Rosa Mexicano. The building was named Terrell Place years ago as a tribute to her and they used to have an exhibit in the lobby before renovating it – I believe parts of that went to NMAAHC.

  • stacksp

    1953 is not that long ago at all. My mom was born in 1956 and is still very youthful and active.

  • ET

    I have always loved this building (and not just because she and I share the same last name) and was so glad when it was fixed up with all the old details kept.


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