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by blankslate February 15, 2017 at 5:09 pm 0

2023 Park Rd NW



This week we did a “Stunning” edition of the GDoN featuring a house located at 2023 Park Road NW. According to the OP “this is the stuff of my dreams (taking into account location, design, curb appeal, and layout”.

Check out some of the best comments that brought out some interesting conversations for this listing.


[customquote user=”Formerly ParkViewRes” quote=”Yeah, I like it A LOT. I love almost all the finishes–not a fan of those “window” cabinets in the kitchen. What is on the fridge, touch screen? I’ll also never need this much house, but for someone who does I think it’s a good deal.”]

[customquote user=”NorthByNE” quote=”I went to the open house on Sunday. The renovation was good, but the pictures are more impressive than the reality, IMHO.
That said, it is a good sized house on the family-friendly side of Mt. P, so I’d expect them to get at least asking price for it.”]

[customquote user=”soozles” quote=”Too bad Mt. Pleasant’s historic district requirements don’t apply to interior spaces to prevent the ghastly remuddling that was done to this house. This is a huge house, and thus, there is no reason to rip out the walls and soul of the first floor leaving, among other detritus, that dreadful dead space between the kitchen and living room that can be called a “dining area.” What a shame also that they replaced the classic Mt. Pleasant-style trim (which is in many other areas of the city as well) with this generic boring substitute and chose to use non-traditional replacement windows. I have come to accept that developers will gut average size houses to create these soul-less spaces, but I would expect better in these larger homes. I guess I’m just a traditionalist, but I’m sure this house will sell for more than that price.”]




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