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King Cake Kolache Returns Saturday at Hill Country!

by Prince Of Petworth February 9, 2017 at 12:55 pm 6 Comments

courtesy Republic Kolache

From an email:

“This Saturday Republic Kolache will be bringing back the King Cake Kolache (our collaboration with Chef David Guas) for the Mardi Gras season. Last year this ended up being a fairly massive hit (both weekends we sold them were record sales days– & the second weekend we ran through over 1100 kolaches at American Ice in a couple hours!)

We’ll be selling them at our Hill Country popup this Sat & Sun (8-11a), then each Fri-Sun after that up through Mardi Gras weekend (i.e. last day 2/26).

They’ll go for $4/ea. Given the mayhem last year we’re recommending that folks pre-order to make sure we don’t sell out!”

410 7th Street, NW

  • ET

    As someone from NOLA I don’t understand this. King Cakes (the bready part at least) have various styles/flavors so I don’t guess this is a taste thing (though I do miss McKenzies). Must be a themed around Mardi Gras name/marketing thing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I miss McKenzies, too, particularly their buttermilk drops. These Kolache don’t sound like they would have flavor in the bread part.

  • Michael Pierce

    Will some of these contain a tiny plastic baby? It’s a New Orleans tradition. If you choke on it and don’t die, you’re in for a year of good luck!

    • MsSunshine

      Actually, if you get the baby in NOLA, you have to provide king cake the next year. If you get it in Mexico, you have to make tamales for everyone.

      • ajr

        In NOLA tradition, it’s both. It symbolizes good luck and you’re on call to bring the king cake to the next party (not year, as parties are throughout Carnival season, unless you receive the baby at the last Carnival party of that year).

      • NOLA native

        In NOLA, everybody has King Cake every day from King’s Day through Mardi Gras. Parties every weekend. Cakes at every office. If you get the baby, you’re supposed to bring the King Cake for the next day or host the party for the next weekend.
        Mama used to tell us as we headed off to weekend King Cake parties to swallow or hide the baby if we got it because we couldn’t “have the party next weekend.”


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