Amazon Prime Members can now “enjoy delivery from 150 popular restaurants, including Maketto, Ben’s Next Door, Hill Country Barbecue Market, Kapnos, b DC Penn Quarter, and many more”

by Prince Of Petworth February 28, 2017 at 11:00 am 55 Comments

forever ahead of their time

From a press release:

“Amazon.com today announced that Prime members in the greater Washington, D.C. area can now enjoy delivery from 150 popular restaurants, including Maketto, Ben’s Next Door, Hill Country Barbecue Market, Kapnos, b DC Penn Quarter, and many more. Amazon Restaurants is expanding its delivery territory from Northern Virginia to customers in the Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Adams Morgan, H Street, Shaw, and Downtown neighborhoods, to name a few.

“The hustle and bustle in the nation’s capital can make it difficult to try all the amazing restaurants around town,” said Gus Lopez, general manager of Amazon Restaurants. “Now, Amazon Restaurants makes it easy to skip traffic and get delicious meals from top restaurants conveniently delivered to your office or home in an hour or less.”

Using the Amazon or Prime Now mobile apps or by visiting www.amazon.com/restaurants, Prime members in D.C. can order from participating restaurants, browse menus, track the status of their delivery, and watch as their delivery driver travels from the restaurant to the delivery address in real time.

Once an order is placed, the food will be delivered in one hour or less. Amazon Restaurants offers customers transparent pricing—there are no menu markups. If a customer finds a restaurant item on Amazon Restaurants that is priced higher than the regularly priced item on the restaurant’s current online menu within 24 hours of placing the order, Amazon will refund that customer the price of the item.

“Who doesn’t love being a Prime member and all the benefits that come with it?” said Jesse Hiney, general manager of Osteria Morini DC. “Now my customers will be able to get our delicious pasta delivered right to their doors. Sounds dangerous in a delicious way!”

New Participating Restaurants in Washington, D.C. include:

Absolute Noodle
Acacia Bistro
Addis Ethiopian Restaurants
Al Volo DC
Amsterdam Falafelshop
Appioo African Bar & Grill
Arepa Zone
b DC Penn Quarter
Banana Leaves Asian Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Bangkok Joes
Bar Deco
Bolt Burgers
Cafe of India
Coppi’s Organic Restaurant
Das Ethiopian
DC Pizza
DC Wisey’s
DCity Smokehouse
District Doughnut and Coffee
Duffy’s Irish Restaurant and Pub
Dupont Pizza
Espita Mezcaleria
Hill Country Barbecue Market
I-Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Johnny Pistola’s
Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar
Kogod Liquors & Deli
Le Caprice DC Cafe Bakery
Lore Lounge
Masala Art
Mayur Kabob House
Moe’s Southwest Grill
Nazca Mochica
Nerds & Nibblers
New Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
New Heights Restaurant
Osteria Morini
Panda Gourmet
Pasha’s Kitchen
Pizza Mart
Pow Pow
Prescription Chicken
Quara Ethiopian Fusion Restaurant
Rasoi Indian Kitchen
Rice Bar
Rito Loco
San Antonio Bar & Grill
Shanghai Tokyo Cafe
Simply Banh Mi
Sloppy Mamas
Thai Chili
The Chickery
The Deli
Toku Japanese and Asian Cuisine
Tono Sushi
Uni Bistro
Uprising Muffin Company
Ventnor Sports
West Wing Cafe
Zorba’s Cafe

Prime members can download the Amazon or Prime Now apps or visit www.amazon.com/restaurants to enter their ZIP code and see if the service is available in their area. In ZIP codes where restaurant delivery is available, customers will see Restaurants on the home page.”

But how are they going to fit all that food from Maketto in these tiny robots? Kidding, it’ll probably soon arrive by flying drones…

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe Flood

  • cpt12

    I’ve always wanted to, but never tried delivery from some of the non-traditional types of places – I usually only order pizza or chinese or thai because I know the food holds up most of the time.

    Do these places pack up things like burgers and sandwiches, etc so they dont get soggy or mushy?

    • bents

      It’s case by case, but generally I’ve found these services to be a disappointment. Food usually arrives, cold, soggy, or both.

      • MadMax

        +1, it’s a terrible disservice to decent food, which inevitably leads people to blame the restaurant rather than the delivery method (or their own laziness / incompatible schedule).

    • JohnH

      You gotta order right in most instances. I had a sizable promo code and ordered Taqueria on 14th and T – the tacos arrived basically all separated out so I had to build my tacos. Smart, but a little annoying (I had to figure out what went with what). Also, the delivery fees + service fees can be VERY significant – can add around $10 to your order. So you get the product, usually delivered not that warm and not as good – and you pay significantly more. These places all do carryout, so it’s often easier and cheaper just to go pick it up yourself.
      That being said, Amazon doesn’t appear to have fees (at least no delivery fees right now) and relies on a straight up tip it appears. However, looks like there is a $20 minimum.

      • Anon

        No fees, just tip. We’ve had this service in Arlington for a few months now, so I’ve tried it a couple of times. I think the key is order from somewhere that is not too far and agree with ordering food that won’t be a horrible soggy mess.

    • KenyonDweller

      I’ve gotten burgers from Busboys & Poets through Door Dash, and they arrive just fine. I was kind of amazed the first time.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Caviar plus Kochix = dangerous to one’s health. They come steaming hot! I am sure it really depends on how close you live to a restaurant and what you buy. If you are far away, there may be 2-3 drop-offs before you so your food may be not as fresh.

  • HKW

    I miss Kozmo!

  • Elkhaert

    I never knew I wanted this until I got it.

  • AD

    Not available in 20012 yet, according to Amazon’s site

  • Giddy Foodie

    Best news ever: Le Diplomate delivers their full menu! Seafood tower in the comfort of my PJs!!

    • JohnH

      Where do you see Le Diplomate? I live a few blocks from there and don’t see it (and I looked at the restaurants that aren’t open yet too).

  • Mandy

    Placed an order, then was told 15 minutes later that my order was cancelled, without an explanation. Oh well.

    • Elkhaert

      I’m pretty sure they are getting slammed by the announcement, I’d give it a day or two to settle down.

  • west_egg

    I have mixed feelings about these services. While convenient, they’re usually not representative of any kind of partnership or even consent on the part of the restaurant. (I can’t speak to the specifics of Amazon’s arrangement but I know it’s true of Postmates.) The result is often a subpar experience that reflects poorly on the restaurant, through no fault of their own.

    • Elkhaert

      Given the fact that all the food images look consistent on the marketing end (so, like Amazon got a photographer to do it for all the restaurants), I am guessing Amazon is working directly with the restaurants (and not just acting as a middleman like postmates will.)

      • Elkhaert

        But I might just be an Amazon addict/apologist.

        • west_egg

          Nice try, Bezos! (j/k)
          Okay so I looked into it a little more and an article from Eater-dot-com in 2015 makes it sound like this is indeed a partnership that the restaurants opt into; so that’s a point in favor.

          • Elkhaert is correct – it’s a partnership between amazon and the restaurants. They’ve been doing restaurant delivery for about a year (I think) in Baltimore and my best friend’s restaurant was one of the first ones to enroll, and there was quite a bit of work involved in setting up the terms of the agreement and whatnot. I am not going to attempt to explain the minutia of it because I don’t want to give misinformation, but the gist of it is that the restaurant charges menu price while still giving amazon a small % as a fee, but it’s ultimately worth it for the restaurant because even with paying the fee, the end result is an increase in profits.

  • Jeremy

    Restaurant need to sign up and pay a 25-30% commission to Amazon. The current delivery model in under an hour help keep the food fresh.

  • dcd

    You mean I can get Panda Gourmet DELIVERED? No more waiting until I have a layover at an airport with crappy food options, or carving out some time on my next trip to Target? Must be my lucky day!

    • kd21

      That’s panda express, dude.

    • northeazy

      My friend, Panda Gourmet is the best Chinese in the District. You are thinking of Panda Express.

      • MadMax

        Eh, it’s good but not that great. And easily some of the worst service (so delivery is actually a bonus there).

        • Tsar of Truxton

          I have only ever done takeout, but the staff always seems super friendly. What is wrong with the sit down service? Just slow?

    • cam

      No, no, no! You’re thinking of Panda Express (the crappy stuff at the airport and mall). Panda GOURMET is an entirely different thing, and it’s the best Chinese food I’ve had in DC.

    • jeff
    • Anon H St

      Joining the pile on…PANDA GOURMET RULES and is not panda express. Pretty excited to get Ma Po Tofu and Dan Dan Noodles delivered to my house

      • CapitalDame

        Also, panda gourmet is already on Ubereats and its AMAZING.

        • DF

          Yep, the Dan Dan is amazing. Also, those burgers are pretty good too. :)

    • QueenofToast

      UberEats currently delivers Panda Gourmet if you don’t have Amazon delivery available yet. I may or may not have ordered delivery from here 4 times in the past 2 weeks….. There is the markup of the delivery fee but Panda Gourmet is a wee bit inconvenient to get to so sometimes worth it when you’re craving Dan Dan Noodles.

      • CapitalDame

        +1 great minds!

    • dcd

      Oops. To quote The Sports Guy, “The lesson, as always, is that I’m an idiot.”

  • siz

    here’s my question: how the hell is that robot getting anywhere from panda gourmet. rough terrain! poor guy.

    • Elkhaert

      Don’t think Amazon uses the robots.

      • Elkhaert


  • Truxton Thomas

    I saw one of the robots for the first time this morning on 17th. Neat!

  • Petworth?

    Does this include Petworth?!

    • Elkhaert

      Just put in your address and see. I get 40 something restaurants in Petworth, for the record.

  • JR

    Is there an additional delivery fee? Every other service like Caviar, Postmates has fees that jack up the cost. No fee would be a game changer.

    • siz

      no fee but there is a $20 minimum. doesn’t seem worth it for one person, but two+, great.

      • JohnH

        I don’t mind the minimum as if it’s just for me, I’ll order re-heatable-friendly things for another meal. You’re at least paying for something you can eat – unlike fees which is just cash down a drain.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          This. When I order takeout (which is pretty frequently), I almost always order two meals for myself. One for that night and one for a different meal later in the week.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I wonder what “Greater Washington DC area” means? I have not seen a coverage map, but found quickly enough that they don’t deliver to my hood. I don’t hold it against an individual restaurant when they define their own delivery area as they wish (gotta draw the line somewhere), but when a major national or global player like Amazon rolls out a new service, I would greatly prefer for it to be done at the city or county level rather than by zip code.

    • dcd

      They don’t deliver to my zip code yet, just across Western Avenue in Bethesda. My office in Georgetown has a decent number of options, though – many of which are in Arlington.

      • Anon

        They’ve been delivering in Arlington for months now so that may be why most of the listings are in Arlington.

  • MadMax

    About 40 or so options that will delivery to me but less than a handful that I would actually order from, blah.

  • anonymous

    So are those robot things constantly recording video? as in recording everyone that walks/ride/drive by it? And what’s been done with that data?

    • dcd

      I have it on good authority that if you wear a tin foil hat, they can’t record you.

  • navyard

    I miss Kozmo too! I wonder if Amazon Restaurant will stop by a redbox and deliver with a DVD the way Kozmo used to? My favorite thing to order was a DVD and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Ah, the memories. I still have my Kozmo.com bottle opener/keychain!

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Since Redbox is a competitor to Amazon, I would highly doubt that. You can just use the Amazon Video app and rent a movie from Amazon (though it will be more than Redbox).

  • hotandnumbing

    Do they deliver across the river? I live in NW DC and would kill for Amazon Prime delivery from Peter Chang.

  • CM123

    This is pretty much just the same list of restaurants as UberEats

    • AJSE

      But no delivery fee (or surging fee)

  • ChenChen

    I ordered yesterday when I got the email from Amazon. was craving salads so I used the filter system for that without paying attention to the name/location of the restaurant.

    After I ordered, I looked on the gps food tracking system and realized that it was coming from Ballston and I work near Farragut North.

    The food came pretty quickly and I tipped him well but I felt bad that he drove 2 salads from that far away (tracking him on GPS, it didn’t seem like he made any stops anywhere else). I was a delivery driver for years in my younger years and that’s a pretty big radius for delivery!


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