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65 Year Old Woman Struck and Killed by Driver Under the Influence – Arrest Made

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2017 at 9:25 am 14 Comments

via google maps

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) Major Crash Unit are investigating a fatal traffic accident that occurred on Monday, February 6, 2017 at approximately 10:44 pm.

The pedestrian was on the south side of U Street and 10th Street Northwest, walking north across the westbound traffic lanes in a controlled crosswalk. A black 2016 Nissan Versa was travelling westbound in the 900 block of U Street, Northwest, at a high rate of speed, when they struck the pedestrian. DC Fire and EMS transported the pedestrian to an area hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The decedent has been identified as 65-year-old Carolyn Ellis of Clinton, MD.

The vehicle had sustained damage to the front bumper, front windshield, and both side view mirrors. Detectives from MPD’s Major Crash Unit canvassed the surrounding area for the driver and arrested 36-year-old David Jones of Bowie, Maryland for Involuntary Manslaughter, Leaving after Colliding, and Driving Under the Influence.”

  • dcgator

    Jeez—what a tragedy. 10:44 pm, ugh. RIP

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Ugh that intersection is the absolute worst.

    • Michael

      +1. But I find the crosswalk/intersection between 9th/V even worse. Who designs this crap?
      Also still no lines painted on V st, it’s been months.

      • DC Denizen

        Someone who drives and never walks designs this crap. That’s who.

  • Anon
  • Shaw

    “David Jones of Bowie, Maryland.” That’s a remarkable coincidence. Too bad about the pedestrian, though.

    • Jay

      I couldn’t help but wonder if his middle name was Robert…

    • Anon

      Quite astute of you. Here, have a prize.

    • Ben

      Sad – this guy has millions of tickets (such as driving close to 100mph on a suspended license) and two previous DUIs (from 2012 served no time, 2015, still under trial).

      How are people like this able to own/purchase cars? Or at least avoid jail?

      • JoDa

        Because we consider driving a right rather than a privilege in this country. We go out of our way to first provide this “right” through easy tests and then to maintain it even when certain people have repeatedly shown that they don’t care about the laws that govern motor vehicle operation and will continue their reckless behavior.
        Many, many years ago, I had to go to court over a minor violation (my front plate was missing from my car…that was all!), and while waiting for my case to be heard, listened to a man talk about how he *intentionally* crashed into an oncoming tractor-trailer on the highway because he was trying to kill himself. Because he had undergone in-patient treatment since he *intentionally* caused a major collision, he only had to pay a fine, some restitution, and have his license suspended for an additional 4 months. He was also allowed an exception from his license suspension so that he could drive to and from work! As far as I could tell from his story, he was driving home from work when he *intentionally* drove across 2 lanes of oncoming traffic the FIRST time. But, but, he’d lose his job and be even more depressed if he couldn’t drive!
        Sorry, not sorry, there are a lot of people driving around this country who should NEVER have been given a license, and many more who should have had theirs yanked years ago. Yes, I’m in the “delicious tears” group when people complain about speed cameras, red light cameras, stop sign cameras in some places. The speed limit/red light/stop sign was posted…are you blind, or just stupid?

        • Tom

          Good God, that story is absolutely mindblowing.

          • JoDa

            But it’s not unusual. In another incident, I woke up to flashing lights outside of my home, to find the neighbor across the street being pulled over for his *fifth* DUI. The police hauled him off to jail…he was backing out of his driveway behind the wheel the next afternoon. It was so bad with him that I actually stopped my car at the end of our dead-end street when I came home from work late and looked carefully for oncoming headlights, since I didn’t want to encounter him on the road.

  • So i was the guy who tried to stabilize her and please know she seemed like a beautiful lady. I won’t describe the events but we got her heart going but there was a carotid rupture that occurred suddenly.

    Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and minimize the snarky comments that go on here generally.

    • JoDa

      No one deserves to die like that. I saw the video on the news, and it would be easy for any of us to suffer the same fate when faced with those circumstances (I’m basically saying this was 100% not her fault). I’m sure her family appreciates your efforts. To do as much damage as noted above to the car…that was a HARD hit. The driver knew, he just didn’t care. My sister is an ER nurse…I keep my first aid and CPR current because she tells me how important it is to have someone on the scene immediately who can help in those ways. I know you did all you could…sometimes your best just isn’t enough, and 100% of the blame lies on the driver here (with 90% of that on the “system” for not keeping someone like him from driving given his record!).


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