Yard House, “American Restaurant & Brew House” coming to Chinatown

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2017 at 10:22 pm 43 Comments

812 7th Street, NW

This is the former Goethe-Institut that moved to K Street a year ago.

The liquor license placard says:

“An American Restaurant & Brew House that serves lunch and dinner, including a large variety of local draft beers. Seating Capacity of 338, Total Occupancy Load of 538, and a Sidewalk Cafe with 40 seats. Dancing and Entertainment.”

Yard House’s website says:

“If you’ve been to a Yard House, you know there’s an unmistakable energy to the place – an excitement that you feel the moment you walk in the door. So we turned our cameras loose to try to capture that spirit. Check out the experience that define us – because more than beer, more than classic rock, more than delicious food, even more than a brand – We are Yard House!

You can see their Springfield, VA menus here.

Updates as they get closer to opening.

7th Street looking north towards Mount Vernon Square

  • Bob Sacamento

    Ive been to yard house before. I like the place but not sure there is an “unmistakable energy to the place”. That seems a bit much. Its not like a Final Four Game or a rock concert. They serve booze and burgers. Though I appreciate the garlic fries thing they have (or had) =)

  • Theo

    Is this a metaphor for the times? Goethe-Institut, home of great refinement and culture, yields to crummy American restaurant blaring classic rock?

    • Anon

      Say what you want about golden showers,

      • JohnH

        Rumor on the street our next POTUS is a fan.

  • Stephen

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but a new restaurant with similar concept to RFD which has been in Chinatown for sometime at 810 7th Street NW is opening at 812 7th St NW? One of these is likely to fail and then create another empty retail space to occupy. I wish all well but scratch my head at the wisdom of this location for Yard House.

    • I think they’re taking a page from the gas station/McDonalds/CVS playbook of market saturation. I predict another brewpub serving American food to locate directly across the street within 18 months.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      The wisdom is that 80 days a year there are giant crowds of sports fans in this area. People tend to want to drink beer before, during, and after games. RFD has terrible food, and gets by on the allure of its beer selection, so if this place has better food and a similar beer selection, I don’t see why it can’t do well. It is quite common for numerous sports bars to not only survive but to thrive around venues like Verizon Center.

    • Ally

      Probably enough of a market to support two (or three…don’t forget Fado next door to RFD). Always packed on game days.

    • JohnH

      It’s not just RFD. This is not that dis-similar to RFD, City Tap House and Penn Commons. I think it’s probably more of an issue for City Tap House than RFD (which I think is more drinking-centric and is closer to the Verizon Center/Metro – unlike City Tap House which is a very large restaurant that is further away from the Verizon Center/Metro).

      • JS

        City Tap house seems to be more of draw for the convention crowd that stays at the various Marriotts on 9th.
        I work right here and given the crowd levels at RFD/Fado on game days (seriously, why are people waiting in line to get into Fado before a Caps game?), I think there’s room for another big sports bar.

        • JohnH

          While I agree – there’s not another “casual” restaurant in sight of that area. This will be basically 1 block away now on the corner from City Tap House – as 8th is basically a half block around there. City Tap House definitely capitalizes on convention/hotel crowd – but this location is a lot closer to City Tap House than the RFDs, Clyde’s, etc. of the world. City Tap House also typically has a pretty good VC event crowd.
          I really liked going to City Tap House to go watch a game at first as most of the few sports bars in DC are not great, but their food prices are absurd and have recently even increased (the problem is mainly a lack of reasonably priced options for a ‘beer’ bar). If this place is good, I’d go here over City Tap House as long as they have a good number of TVs.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            This location is literally right next door to RFD. It is on 7th and I. RFD is halfway up the block on 7th between H and I.

          • JohnH

            Yeah it’s the corner of 7th and I, right? Which City Tap House is on 9th and I. And quite frankly, 8th street is basically a half a block – so it’s 1 block away from another ‘nice’ sports bar – City Tap House. There’s not a lot of competitors within an eye shot of City Tap House right now. That’s all I was trying to say.

  • Khris

    Oh wow, I was wondering where I could guzzle a yard of ale in Chinatown.

  • timmyp

    I’ve been to the Yard House in Cincinnati and honestly it wasn’t too bad. It is what is says except the unmistakable energy thing but it’s decent. The food is much much better then RFD’s which might actually have the worst food I’ve had in the city so far. Might be a good place to go before a game.

    • Michael Pierce

      The food at RFD has been consistently awful for years and years. There was a time when it was an exciting place to go due to the interesting and unusual brews they carried, but there are dozens and dozens of other bars doing it better than RFD in 2017.

  • n

    YH is great. The one in Springfield is a good spot to watch games. It’s way different than RFD.

    Glad to see more Northern VA spots influencing DC.

    • lizcolleena

      -1 Nova can keep its chain restaurants, thanks

      • n

        Time to shutter up all the Five Guys in DC, I guess?

      • n

        and bonchon i suppose

        • Kingman Park It

          Yes. Shutter up both of those. Thanks.

          • Anon

            Hey buddy you’re in luck and I’m surprised that nobody has told you this before, but if you don’t like these chains you actually don’t have to go to them! You’re welcome

          • Kingman Park It

            I don’t! It still means there are less independent restaurants available in D.C.

            Yes, there are tons of independent options. But in response to a sarcastic comment touting two chains I don’t like, I’ll reserve my right to speak on that.

    • Truxton Thomas

      Yes, what D.C. needs is bars with locations at the King of Prussia Mall.

      • n

        I think you mean decent sports bars with good food and booze, right? Because yes, DC does need that.

        • Truxton Thomas

          That’s exactly what I meant.

        • JohnH

          Not a huge fan of chains, but agree – DC is seriously lacking in that department, so I’ll take it.

        • stacksp

          Virtually no solid sports bars in DC period. I have usually ended up watching the NCAA Tournament on my long lunch days at either hooters or clydes and both are concessions to be honest….

          Ive walked past RFD a million times but never tried it out…

          • JohnH

            RFD is more of a beer bar than a sports bar. They have TVs – and I haven’t been in a while – but I’ve had trouble with getting a spot with certain games on (i.e. a traditional sports bar usually has a schedule of what games are on what TVs, seats you accordingly, etc).

          • stacksp

            Another good point. Some of these so called sports bars seem to never understand the right games to have on. BWW has games assigned to TVs games but some of these other places I’m always perplexed when a sports bar has on a trivial game or even the news over say an important MNF game.

          • MadMax

            Redline actually handled the sports part of a sports bar very well, they just had that problem of terrible beer options and a blatantly racist owner.

          • stacksp

            Redline did. I actually met coworkers their a few times as well. Thanks for reminding me. They had decent beer specials and discounted apps. Plenty of TVs

      • Commentator

        You need a balance. Not every place is going to be a mom-and-pop shop or newly opened by the latest Top Chef contestant from DC. There’s a market for Olive Garden in NYC and I believe there’s a market for Yard House in DC. It’s going to be in an area with many tourists and a lot of people in from outside the city looking to hang out before and after Verizon games/events, and this should fit the bill well.

  • Ally

    I like that the menu is extremely vegetarian friendly (they even have veggie wings; kinda fantastic).

    • Abby

      Second! Love that my only option isn’t a terrible veggie burger and limp salad. Their vegetarian stuff is great bar food.

  • JohnH

    It would take me an hour just to read the menu. But there’s a big variety on the menu – in quantity and price. Could be an issue more-so for City Tap House as that’s creeping into their territory a bit.

  • Bob Sacramento

    Despite the overhyping with the whole unmistakable energy thing yardhouse is actually pretty good. I lived near one and they are a sports bar that does a good job of being just that. They are def much better than like a green turtle, looneys, or many other sports bars. They actually feel a lot more like meridian pint (at least the basement of mp). The food is pretty good, they usually have a very long list of craft beers, and yes they have ridiculously large beers (i.e yard house).

  • Dave O

    It is easy to mock the concept and the chain nature of the place, but in my experience it does deliver above average bar food. There are no shortage of poorly executed places doing similar things in the area (Bar Louie, Green Turtle, Hooters, RFD, etc…). Be nice to have somewhwere other than Clydes to get some decent bar food and a beer before a game.

  • MadMax

    I’ve only been to one of the San Diego locations, and it wasn’t bad. They have a big list of beers but it’s basically the typical grocery store level of “craft beer” spread that you can find just about anywhere that’s trying to offer something better than Bud / Miller. Very few, if any, really hard to find beers, which I think City Tap House and RFD will still beat them on (for he audience who actually cares about that sort of thing).

    • JohnH

      City Tap House’s beer selection has seemed to dwindle since they opened. They have some unique stuff – but it’s not terribly outside of a DC grocery store selection anymore (referring to their draft beers).

  • eggs

    Honestly, Yard House is really solid and will be a great addition to this area. They have a good selection of beer, good cocktails, and their food is definitely above average for sports bars. Looking forward to it!

  • Commentator

    The one in Vegas is good for drinks and snacks. I think the Chinatown/Verizon Center location is a solid spot for this.

  • Detroit Jayhawk

    I’m looking forward to this place. Personally any place that has good food and a large beer selection is always good in my book. And seconded about RFD; My Fiance and I went there for a Michigan game watch party once and the food is inedible (but at least they have a good beer selection, but since more places are doing this it really is no longer a big deal.)


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