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  • Ben


  • Linc Park SE

    WTF?!? Do they not know that story was Fake News?!? What a bunch of morons.

    • DCbyDay

      Don’t you know “fake news” is a phrase liberals made up just because they don’t want to face the truth?
      (I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice) *Giant facepalm*

  • Liz in VA


    i feel like i saw less of this stuff while obama was in office….but yay, it’s coming back!

    party on, guys! *sigh*

  • JD

    Love the girl at the end about 35 seconds in.

    • Kate

      She is really winning at life.

    • Gerry

      That’s the real story here.

    • Truxton Thomas

      She’s da real MVP.

    • T in DC

      Love her. We’re all gonna need to voraciously eat dessert to get through the next 24 hours.

  • MsSunshine

    To dismiss them as morons is to ignore how really dangerous they are.

    • Matrim

      These same guys were walking down Connecticut Ave, between Farragut and Dupont, blaring their vile with a megaphone.

      Being 6 stories up, it still sounded like they were in the office next to me. Not sure it isnt against some sort of noise ordinance to be that loud.

      • MsSunshine

        Yup — they just took a turn down 18th Street.

    • Liz

      I do tend to dismiss the Jesus megaphone people – specifically, not engage with them. I guess that is different than ‘dismiss them as morons’ but is there a better response? I’m curious as I’ll probably see a lot of them this weekend.

  • John

    There’s a bunch of these people downtown, too.

  • jenster8dc

    Man. I want the events this weekend to be peaceful. But these are the people that just might make me lose my temper.

  • Michael Pierce

    Considering that neighborhood’s militant opposition to leaf blowers, I’m surprised they’re tolerating this.

    • Glover Park

      It’s okay: The megaphone is electric, not gas-powered.

      • Michael Pierce

        Oh, good. Gas-powered megaphones are doubly annoying.

        • Glover Park

          I outright giggled aloud at that. I REALLY DO LOVE THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!

  • Truxton Thomas

    I’ve seen these people before. “Stop smiling you wicked pervert–there’s nothing to smile about!” God bless you too, sir.

  • Late day rant: antibiotics are kicking my ass- making me forget words and feel nauseous, I have a very stressful meeting in half an hour, and I *just* got a call from my dog walker that my dog has diarrhea and had some before she got there. Aaaarghghghghghg!

    • FridayGirl

      Wrong thread but really, jeslett, we should just move the RRRR over here.
      (I also just had an antibiotic annoyance — my doctor wouldn’t call in the full 10 days so I had to go back and get the last 3 and they still charged me, of course. Grrr……….) [/end tangent]
      Also these people are totally crazy. I hope they don’t end up outside the All In Service places as well.

      • I kinda thought DOG’s sudden onset of diarrhea was itself a comment on these events unfolding… ;)

  • katemc

    God also hates people who spell “judgment” with an E.

    • jaybird

      We have something in common.

    • textdoc

      It’s an acceptable variant.

      • Truxtoner

        Not to God.

      • wdc

        In the same way that “literally” is an acceptable substitute for “figuratively”?

        • textdoc


    • navyard

      I do this. Don’t judg me.

  • helena

    well, those homosexuals can be annoying…. the glitter. oh, the glitter. ya know how hard that shit can be to get off?


    • You Street

      +1. You win the internet today.

    • Art D.

      It’s the herpes of the craft world

  • Anon

    Those protesters are now out front of the mosque on Mass. Ave. near Rock Creek Park. :(


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