Today’s Rental “comes with beautiful parquet floors”

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2017 at 2:25 pm 9 Comments


This rental is located at 1930 Columbia Road, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

“We have a stunning one bedroom apartment home available for move in immediately! This stunning one bedroom is on the 1st floor, comes with beautiful parquet floors, a large amount of closet space, is bright and very spacious and is going for $1895 per month! Why miss out on such a stunning steal? Inquire today about how to make this apartment home yours!

-ALL Utilities included (excluding internet/cable)!
-735 sq feet
-Parquet flooring
-Amazing view of Washington, D.C
-Abundant amount of closet space
-Ample amount of kitchen storage
-Gas Stove

-On-Site Laundry Facility
-Steps to several forms of public transportation
-Controlled building access
-24-hour Emergency Maintenance Service
-On-site Management Office
-Parking available (at additional cost if available)”


  • Anon

    Beautiful parquet floors is an oxymoron if i’ve every heard of one

    • anon

      Now that’s just plain ignorant – google up photos of any 1890s Brooklyn brownstones that mostly all still ahave lovely original parquet. It is only the mid-century stuff, which is a very different parquet, that looks like s&^%.

      • ehdc

        Um, aka the shi*t most of us encounter in these apartments, which is in fact not beautiful? Let’s maybe hold “ignorant” in reserve for the truly ignorant….

  • Rich

    Interestingly, no shots of the “amazing view”, which might be real if this is in the back of the building. I lived across the street from here back in the early 90s and the building seemed rather neglected then. the pics look like there’s been some investment since then. Parquet floors had their heyday 50 or 60 years ago and the difficulty in replacing them (affixed to concrete floors) is the only thing that keeps them in place. It’s a great location and good square footage for the price, although I’d worry about the age of those HVAC units–if they’re not part of a central system then I’ll bet they are old, noisy and inefficient.

    • anon

      Yeah, I looked at a place 5 or 6 years ago in that building and there were a dead roaches sprinkled around.

  • B

    This looks like a perfectly decent one-bedroom apartment, and the rent seems appropriate. But the use of the word “stunning” – not once, but three times – is definitely not warranted.

    • anon

      The location is great – I used to live nearby. Otherwise, kinda worn, plain.

    • JoDa

      This seems like a good size (even if the kitchen is a bit cramped for the overall size), and for everything including cable and internet to be baked in, a decent deal. Above comments about the building being a bit run down and roach problems give some pause (I get it…it’s a city and this is an older building, and if you think your home is going to be 100% roach-free 100% of the time in those circumstances, you’re probably kidding yourself; but to see dead ones “sprinkled around” is icky and speaks to a major infestation), but other comment about apparent renovations in the last few years balances those out a little.
      I agree stunning is overselling it. “Sunny” would *actually* apply based on the pictures, so they could get their trite listing jargon quota in. :)

  • cwils

    I lived in this building from 2010-2012, and would advise others to stay away. Roaches and a leak from the hvac unit above me that lasted (not kidding) for 6 months made me get outta there. Management did not care that my walls were covered in mold from the leak .. or about anything else.


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