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Today in Hawks around Town

by Prince Of Petworth January 25, 2017 at 11:25 am 5 Comments


“Quincy Pl NE Alley. Watching like a hawk.”


“We took this pic out of our kitchen window on capitol hill on Sunday morning.”

If you spot a hawk or other bird of prey around town, lunching or otherwise, please send a photo and an email where you spotted it to [email protected] Hawks around Town is made possible by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.

  • wdc

    Sneak peak of Popville 2019:
    “Dear Popville: Who can I contact about the raptor problem? My neighbor’s cat got out in February, and a bird snatched it off the back porch. Ever since the hawks ate the last of the rats, I have to carry a large umbrella everywhere just in case we’re attacked. There were two days last week I couldn’t walk my malti-cocka-poo-hau at all because there were like 30 hawks were watching my door like … well, hawks. I tried 311 my they closed my request without doing anything about these bloodthirsty birds of prey. We’re living in fear, here. Has anyone had any luck getting rid of this menace??”

  • MsSunshine

    We didn’t get a good photo, but our little juvenile hawk was out back yesterday (southern Petworth) screeching for a mate!

    • Christine

      A hawk flew over Deal Middle today.

  • Pahbs

    This guy appears to be a sharp-shinned hawk. Usually you see the larger Red Tailed Hawks around the city. The sharp-shinned dudes are more agile but the Red Taileds can catch the big rats.

    More hawks please.


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