• thor

    I wonder why businesses can’t stick there. Seems like a good location and the neighborhood looks like needs a cafe/coffee shop type of place.

    • CBASSinLogan

      The original Compass Coffee location is about a block away.

    • Rich

      Azi’s was there for at least 8 years.

      • saf

        A lot longer than that.

  • pb1

    It’s not the location. Convivial, All-Purpose, The Dabney, etc..are all there and the area is getting more foot traffic than ever. The problem here was the food. The woman working inside was plenty nice but the food was absolutely sub-par in a city known for good Ethiopian food. The storefront and outside space seemed great. Maybe the rent really is too damn high.

    • logandude

      And Chercher is right next door, so sub-par Ethiopian simply won’t cut it here.
      The door of this place squarely faces the new Cambria Suites and Hotel, so whoever opens here needs to figure out what might trigger an impulse outing from the guests staying there

      • siz

        yup i was gonna say the same thing, chercher is right next door and it’s fantastic, so you’re gonna have to step up

  • Rich

    I’ve seen groups of decidedly non-Ethiopian “guys in ties” going in and out of the place. I assume they must be parties interested in the space.


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