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The Early Word on the Federalist Pig plus Beer and Wine Coming Soon Too

by Prince Of Petworth January 25, 2017 at 10:22 pm 10 Comments

1654 Columbia Rd, NW

And the early word from Justin is:

Federalist Pig passes with flying colors. It’s even better than when Souderman was at DCity, and frankly better than a lot of places I visit when I go back to NC. They were sold out of a good bit by 7, but we ordered most of the rest of the menu and every single item was so perfectly cooked, even the sides. Thank God it’s not near my house or I would gain some serious weight.”

And they’ve posted their liquor license too!

“A Retailer’s Class “D” Restaurant that will be serving barbeque and offering beer and wine only. Total Occupancy Load of 50 inside premises. Sidewalk Café with seating for 12 patrons.”


  • FridayGirl

    I know it’s only 8:30am but I want this right now. That looks so delicious.

  • DenisDowner

    Not to start the day too negative, but I’ve had this place twice , most recently Saturday. Everything I had was overcooked – the chicken wings were as tough as jerky. I think they’ll get it together but they’ve definitely got some quality control issues to work on. They also have some customer service issues – greeting me with “How’s it going old man?” didn’t amuse me.

    • AdmoDan

      I’ve also eaten there twice and was very happy both times. The wings were actually my favorite part!

    • JM

      Heh… that means you are over the age of 30, am I correct?

  • hihihithere

    Their brussels sprouts are to die for. Their unwillingness to give you tap water is not.

    • anon&confused

      YES, to both points.

      • Alex

        re:tap water — there’s a tap in the back with free water cups, and it’s self-serve. Maybe that wasn’t the case when you were there, but as of this past Sunday, that was the system!

  • DC

    I’ve been twice now. I think the meat is the best in the city. I especially like the chopped pork sandwich (though it is pretty vinegar-y if that bothers you). Turkey is good too. I think the sides need some work, but that seems easier to fix than the meat itself. Get the brussel sprouts.

  • Mt P resident

    I thought the food was pretty good, but not as over the moon amazing as I had been expecting with all the hype… that being said, I thought the staff was very nice and helpful and the sides were good (agreeing with the above that brussel sprouts are awesome). However, I was surprised that I haven’t been craving to go back.

  • Jakendc

    AMAZING.. so well received by the residents in the HOOD


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