Washington, DC


From a press release:

All In Service DC is a new initiative to celebrate DC’s diversity by giving back to local organizations that keep the community thriving. As the nation’s capital hosts another presidential inauguration this January, DC’s restaurants and businesses are showing their commitment to offering excellent service and to supporting the DC community by donating to local organizations. So far, over a dozen establishments including Tryst, Room 11, Chez Billy Sud and Beuchert’s Saloon have signed up to donate a percent or portion of their profits from inauguration weekend. More business owners are signing up daily.

All In Service DC is the brainchild of two local service industry workers inspired to give more to the community.

“The events of the inauguration present a vital opportunity to serve our nation’s capital by creating inclusive spaces, in service not only to our guests, but also to our community,” says Amanda Carpenter, co-creator of All In Service DC. “We want to show the world what DC’s food scene is about. We care about our greater community,” says Carpenter.

Inauguration weekend will host tens of thousands of visitors in DC. When customers see the All In Service DC logo, they will know they are supporting local businesses committed to the greater community. Service workers will know that their dedication will help create financial contributions to support those in need in DC.

“All In Service DC makes a statement of inclusion and love for community. As a service industry, like a gracious host, we welcome all,” says Alaina Dyne, co-creator of All In Service DC.

Participating business:

Beuchert’s Saloon, Bourbon, Chez Billy Sud, The Gibson, Mandu, Room 11, The Coupe, The Diner, Open City, Open City At The National Cathedral, Tryst, Tryst At The Phillips, Suns Cinema, Maple, Thip Khao”


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