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  • Halfsmoke

    That is awesome. Props to the developer.

  • ehdc

    I cannot wait to see what they do with that!

  • dave

    sooooooo curious to see the design of this building! A barrel for the front entrance, and 7! stories. It’s gotta be a major popup needle. It’s a very narrow space (at least in front). Just seems crazy. The large building across the street is 6 stories (I think).

    • paulcotton

      My guess is that the 7-story building will be on that entire corner — old Barrel House and parking lot behind it/to the side of it and the Lustine Realty building on the corner.

  • Florista


  • AS

    God bless the barrel!

  • MadMax

    I’m picturing a Manhattan style bellhop opening the barrel door for people on their way up to $4,000 efficiencies.

  • JQH3

    Better than getting rid of it but miss the old store, which will never come back.

  • edgycoolness

    Will the liquor store move back in? If not, its awfully strange to keep that.


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