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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth — November 11, 2016 at 9:10 am 86 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

We’ll be back to our normal posting schedule on Monday.

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  • Rave: Had so much fun last night at the anniversary party. Big thanks to Boundary Stone, Aztec Sun and all the folks who came out to say hi and celebrate even when it still felt a little premature to be celebrating anything this week. I’m hurting this morning but it was well worth it – thanks again everyone!

    • CatieCat

      Thank you for organizing last night, dan! I had a great time! And thanks for the last 10 years. I’ve been a casual reader for about 5, and finally created a screen name about 2 years ago! Popville is the first place I go to get my DC news, keep up the good work

    • anon

      Really enjoyed the music of Aztec Sun last night – they were terrific! Just what I needed after the election results. Thanks for organizing.

  • skj84

    Rave: Fantastic time at yesterdays happy hour! Seeing everyone and talking things out really lifted my spirits. Also loved the band, I left pretty early into their set, but what I did hear was dope. Great energy. Thanks Dan for hosting and being you!
    Rave: Focusing on positive things like hosting Thanksgiving for the time being. Its all I can do, focus on the next few weeks. Speaking of Thanksgiving, does anyone have suggestions for what to offer my vegan brother?

    • jumpingjack

      I usually make a vegan entree option for Thanksgiving. Two of my very successful ones were:
      Sides are much easier to make vegan. And it shouldn’t be hard to make at least one vegan pie.

    • Ke

      Washington post has a vegetarian mushroom Wellington that I made last year for Christmas. It was a nice main for the vegetarian and side for the omnivores. Sorry don’t have the link handy at the moment but you should be able to find it on the Post site.

    • Gumball

      re: vegan brother try this recipe and others on this really cool vegan channel:


      easy and you can totally sub out stuff or just use whatcha got

    • anon


      I love this pumpkin risotto recipe. It’s especially good if you use the vegetarian “chicken” better than bullion (whole foods on p street has it) in place of the vegetable broth. It’s good with field roast or tofurkey Italian sausages for protein.


      Also this veggie pot pie recipe can be made with giant brand frozen puff pastry which is vegan and it is SO good. I highly recommend using “Rapunzel” brand veggie stock cubes (also at whole foods on p street). I omit the tofu, celery, and mushrooms and this is always a huge crowd pleaser among vegans and non vegans alike.

      Also field roast and gardein brands have roasts available in the frozen section of whole foods and often other stores too that are excellent.

      Good luck!

  • Brendan

    Only have Raves:
    – It’s a beautiful fall day!
    – Thank you to all those currently or have served
    – Three day weekend!

    So drown those sorrows with a nice weekend activity!

  • Rave: Great party last night, congratulations again Dan! I’ve been away for a while and it was great to see so many good friends and share our thoughts and feelings about recent events. It was also great to meet new friends.
    Rave: I’m working on my personal plan to resist any backward social changes that may occur because of the policies of the new government; it was great to get feedback from friends.
    Rave: No more Yuengling for me, so I’ve been having other kinds of beers at social events; I haven’t still decided which one I’ll go with. I used to only drink Yuengling because I’m lazy at choosing beers.

    • eggs

      Here are some suggestions of great alternatives to Yuengling that you should like if you like it (I’m with you, I miss it already):
      – Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager
      – Dos Equis Amber Lager
      – Lost Rhino RhinO’fest (seasonal, obviously)
      – South Street Virginia Lager
      – Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager
      – Great Lakes Eliot Ness
      – Brooklyn Lager

      • HaileUnlikely

        Thanks for this list. I am disappointed with Dick Yuengling too, as his product is in my opinion superior to other widely-available beers at that price point. Thank for the recommendation for Dos Equis Amber Lager – that is more or less in the same category. I wish Genesee Cream Ale were more widely available here (I mean in stores not at bars – good low-cost standby to have in fridge).

        • eggs

          Yeah Dos Equis Amber is (in my opinion) greatly underrated. If you like Yuengling you’ll absolutely like it and it’s definitely on the cheaper end.
          I just miss Harris Teeter’s deals on Yuengling…I’d get a case of 24 cans for $16 all the time. Last time I went and was trying to pick out a cheaper option of at least 12 beers to split with Mr. Eggs, I ended up with a Saranac mixed 12 pack for $15 and counted myself lucky. May be time to start stocking up on Dos Equis Amber, I forgot about it until I tried to make this list.

        • eggs

          Also, just ask your preferred beer store if they could start ordering the Geneseee for you – if they know someone will be buying it weekly or biweekly I bet they’ll do it for you.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Good call. Will try. I’m a good customer at my local store.

        • If you aren’t one of those people who are terrified of ever venturing outside the boundaries of the District, Total Wine in Alexandria has it in stock presently. I’ve also seen it at the Shopper’s down at Potomac Yards.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I’m not terrified of ever venturing outside the boundaries of the District (I do a lot of my shopping in Silver Spring MD), but I do not have a car, and paying for transportation (Uber or rental) to travel to Alexandria or Potomac Yards to purchase good but cheap beer would sort of defeat the purpose of seeking out budget-friendly beer. (Unless of course I were to buy so many cases of Genesee Cream Ale that the cost savings of it relative to, say, my preferred Dogfish Head or whatever at my usual corner store, entirely made up for the cost of the transportation. My guess is that I’d have to buy about 4 or 5 cases to make the trip cost-efficient relative to alternatives that involve higher prices but zero personal transportation cost. I guess I could do that…but I wish they just had it at my corner store.

          • eggs

            There’s now a Total Wine in Ballston!

          • JohnH

            UberX from Logan Circle to Reagan usually is $9-12 . Potomac Yards isnt much further. And you can justify it with a trip to Target as well. Or you can Metro to Crystal City and Uber from there.

      • Thank you!

      • HaileUnlikely

        On a comical note, I posted something above that appears to be in moderation because I wrote Mr. Yuengling’s first name.

    • danielle

      No more yuengling for me either. i’d toured the factory and bought a cookbook and even a set of glasses there, but I’m tossing them out tomorrow.

      • FridayGirl

        Ah, at least donate them somewhere!!! I don’t like them either but perhaps someone could use them (it’s not like it would be profitting yuengling at this point).

  • logandude

    Query: Any recommendations on the best way for an old Anglo dude to pick up conversational Spanish? I took French and Latin way back when in high school, and grew up speaking German, but have never had Spanish lessons. Are there any courses out there that are recommended, or online tutorials? THanks!

    • BeverlyS

      Have you checked out the Duolingo app? Helped me pick up some Spanish and I’m conversing better with coworkers (definitely still a beginner, but it’s been very helpful).

      • logandude

        Thanks, that looks interesting (and there’s a browser version too for smartphone-less geezers like me).

      • sg7

        +1 for DuoLingo. I do it on the bus in the mornings, or for a minute on the computer when I can. It’s really basic, but I’m a beginner too. I’ve also taken classes at Carlos Rosario that I really enjoyed. Again, super basic, but affordable.

  • eggs

    Rant: Still have to work today, my company doesn’t give these kinds of federal holidays off (MLK Day, Veteran’s Day, Columbus Day, etc.) but the agency I contract at does…so I’m here today, with no one here to support.
    Rave: It’s SO QUIET in the office. I actually do have things I’ve been putting off that I can catch up on with no one here.
    Question/Recommendation Request: Mr. Eggs and I have decided to begin a monthly donation to two charities/nonprofits/etc. that work in areas that are important to us and may be affected by this upcoming administration change. We’d like to keep this local in some way (DC, VA, or MD) instead of donating to a large organization, if possible (since the smaller ones likely will be hardest hit). Does anyone have any specific suggestions of local groups that work in either of these two areas: women’s health/reproductive rights and technological advocacy (specifically net neutrality, but not necessarily)? I’ll likely re-post this question Monday for more visibility.

    • logandude

      DC Abortion Fund

      • Cleveland Park

        *High five*

        • bruno


    • Cleveland Park

      If abortion access is something you specifically care about, I recommend the DC Abortion Fund @dcabortionfund dot org

    • Beth

      Planned Parenthood is a very good start.

      • eggs

        That’s what I originally thought but I wanted something smaller and closer to home.
        I *am* considering making a small donation to PP in everyone’s name for Christmas/Hannukah this year and including the printout with holiday cards. Just trying to decide if that would completely ruin our relationships with family…

        • kittycatbob

          Gifts should be what the receiver wants, not what the giver wants. Don’t foist your opinions on others in the form of a “gift” – it’s really obnoxious.

          • Anonamom

            That’s funny, because what you say actually the exact opposite of what I was taught and what I have taught my children. Gifts are the choice of the person giving; you don’t get to be ungrateful because it’s not what you want. No one has to give you a gift, they do so because they want to. While I might agree that donating in the person’s name to PP might be distasteful if they were ardently anti-choice – the same as it would be distasteful to donate in someone’s name to the NRA if they were pro-gun control, or something like that – making a donation in someone’s name as an alternative to gift giving is not at all obnoxious. However, complaining about the gift that one receives absolutely is and smacks of entitlement.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I agree with this. I understand the motivation, but in all seriousness, making a donation to Planned Parenthood in the name of a family member who you know opposes them has all the merit of said family member making a donation in your name to the Family Research Council or similar (and please note that a debate about the merits of one organization or the other is wholly irrelevant to my point).

          • Brendan

            Concur – make donations if the donation is to a cause/charity near & dear to the receiver. Otherwise, the gift isn’t a gift and might just cause more issues than you want

          • HaileUnlikely

            Anonamom – I basically agree with you provided that the gift is given to the recipient in a spirit of generosity toward the recipient. When the point of the gift is to make a provocative statement or teach the recipient a lesson, that’s a totally different thing, as you seem to acknowledge. Do you actually believe that if I were to complain if my gun-loving stepdad gave a large donation to the NRA in my name, or an NRA sweatshirt, basically for the express purpose of giving me a big middle finger, my complaint would “smack of entitlement?” (If you do, ok then, but I couldn’t disagree more.)

          • HaileUnlikely

            To clarify my post a little bit more, what I intend to differentiate here is mainly giving a gift that unbeknownst to the giver the recipient did not want versus giving somebody something with full knowledge and understanding that it will offend them.

          • dcd

            I agree with Haile on this one. Giving a gift that you know will, and for the express purpose of, infuriating the recipient is passive aggressive, discourteous in the extreme, and not at all in the spirit of gift-giving (at least as I was taught). Anonamom, there apparently is a wall in Trump Tower where “supporters” are recognized – it costs $50 to get up there. Would you be OK with your brother making a donation and putting your name up there?
            (Full disclosure, I’ve thought about doing that, as a joke, on behalf of about a half dozen people, but it would either legitimately infuriate them, or would be detrimental to their careers (Republican and Democrats alike). It’s

          • Anonamom

            I’m sorry, did not I not say that it would be distasteful to donate to PP if people would be offended by it? My comments were largely relating to the first part of the statement “Gifts should be what the receiver wants, not what the giver wants.” I took kittycatbob’s statement to mean that he/she did not agree with donations in lieu of presents at all, which is obnoxious.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Anonamom – Sorry, I interpreted kittycatbob’s post more narrowly as a response to the notion of giving a donation to somewhere specific that eggs acknowledged would likely offend the recipient, not just donation in lieu of gift in the abstract, and your broader reading of it did not occur to me. Not having that broader reading in mind, I couldn’t figure out what you meant. The interpretation I ultimately arrived at, which I now admit was not what you intended, was that giving such a gift is distasteful but that complaining about receiving it is still entitled nonetheless. I recognize now that that is not what you meant, but it’s what I thought you meant at the time when I was writing my response.

          • eggs

            Sorry I guess I wasn’t clear enough here – none of our family would be upset at the donation, but I suspect would be VERY upset at the lack of material things. Gift giving is a big display with one of our families, and it’s always frustrated me. We’re extremely broke this year (I mentioned last week about our dog passing away, we spent thousands over the past few months trying to get to the bottom of what was wrong) and we’d already established that Christmas gifts would be very small this year. My internal debate is whether it would upset them to not get the material things, because I’d prefer just donating that small amount of money instead of buying some kind of useless junk.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Oh, ok, totally misunderstood. Most of the people to whom I usually give gifts would be fine with donations in lieu of gifts generally, but a lot of them would be offended if one were to donate in their name to Planned Parenthood.

          • eggs

            But this was a really interesting debate/discussion regardless! I agree with Anonamom about the gift not necessarily needing to be what the receiver wants – if that were true, we’d never have gotten clothes given to us as children right? haha

          • kittycatbob

            To clarify my comment, unless you know for sure the recipient would appreciate a donation made in their name to an organization that they support, doing otherwise is obnoxious. If you feel strongly about an organization, then make a donation. But don’t try to pass it off as a gift when you honestly know it’s not.

            I once spent a whole summer cross-stitching and framing a beautiful piece for my twin sister on birthday. You know what she gave me? A sermon on a cassette tape about how I was going to burn in hell. I was pissed as hell and threw it in the trash as soon as I could.

        • Ke

          Ha, just read your follow up/clarification. Can you get the gift lovers something inexpensive but more personal, like nice frames with a family picture or something? Or make something?

          One charity I like for the holidays is Heifer International. You can “buy” someone a flock of ducks or a water buffalo as a “gift”, but it really goes to helping needy families find ways to support themselves. Typically small scale agriculture. But the people I’ve gotten this for get a kick out of “their” water buffalo.

          • eggs

            Yeah I’ve def done Heifer International gifts before too. It’s just the material things…it bothers me a lot anyway, my family didn’t do a lot of gift giving in general when I was growing up so this is very different. Just giving 1 or 2 gifts is really unacceptable in this family, it was a major surprise for me the first year. We usually end up spending anywhere from $100-300 per person just to “keep up” with everyone else. We don’t even go anyway, but we have to Skype and open gifts together. It’s frustrating, to me. I was thinking a donation included in each card would 1) make me feel better about my spending this year and 2) be a nice gesture without giving some kind of crap. Realistically it’s just a dream, I can’t handle the backlash lol.

    • eggs

      Wow that was fast! Thank you I will look into them.

    • I’ve been a longtime supporter of La Clinica del Pueblo. They do great local work that really impacts the lives of many women, immigrants, and transgender individuals.

      • SinSA

        Oh this is good — I’ll look into them. Thank you for this suggestion!!

    • AliceInDC

      RAINN – its a national organization but based in D.C.

    • dcd

      I’m at work today too. It’s funny looking at the generally sparse RRR posts on federal pseudo-holidays – you can always tell who’s a Fed and who isn’t.

      • LedroitTigah

        a lot of non fed offices also have flexi-Friday workdays (esp for those offices that work crazy hours the rest of the week)

    • bruno

      For an office project, I recommend The DC Books to Prisons Project http://www.bookstoprisons.org They need help to pay postage on parcels of books sent in response to inmates books requests from across the U.S. Books, supplies, labor, and space all donated (they run a tight ship). Money goes primarily to postage and is tax deductible http://www.bookstoprisons.org There was also a write-up about them in The Washington Post recently.

    • lizcolleena

      I’d also like to make a plug for you to support the national parks! There are a lot locally besides the Mall if you’re looking for something that has critical need and serves underprivileged communities, and the parks have been in a backlog for years that could very well suffer with the Administration change.

  • wdc

    Leonard Cohen died.
    I’m making the kids listen to all my old favorites. They aren’t old enough to get the content, but they like his meter and rhyme.

    • We sing to our toddler every night to help her go to sleep, and for the last 6 months, every night the song she has wanted is Cohen’s Hallelujah. It’s her favorite song in the entire world.

      • wdc

        Whoa, you must have some great pipes. I can only do about two thirds of that song.
        My kids loved Dream a Little Dream back in the lullaby days, and I loved it cause I could hit all the notes. 🙂

        • Ha, thanks, but I’m not that good. I can sing higher and better when I sing quieter for some reason, so my lullaby game is strong.

          • bruno

            There’s an excellent bio piece on him in a recent issue of The New Yorker. I recommend it.

  • Expat

    Rant: neighbor won’t stop talking about Trump and sexual assault. It’s a punch to the gut every time we talk. I know he means well, but you don’t know what others are suffering with. Shut the hell up.
    Rave: loving boyfriend who is even more enraged than I am about my pain right now.

  • FridayGirl

    Rave: Day off today, slept way later than I thought. Just got up.
    Rave: It was SO NICE to see/meet so many people at the happy hour last night – textdoc, skj, lbp, littlen, pablo, MPinDC, and the other’s who read and don’t comment as often! I really look forward to seeing you all again soon.
    Rave: “We’re gonna have a good day.” youtube.com/watch?v=2CmlTino4RE

  • Rant: This week. Oof. The election results are bad enough on their own, and I’m definitely still processing my feelings about the outcome and about the fact that I have family who voted for him. But on top of that, I broke my toe last weekend, I have carpel tunnel in both hands, and I seem to be developing tarsal tunnel in the same foot that has the broken toe. I’m 37 weeks pregnant, swollen, tired, hormonal, and over it. We still have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for this baby and I’m spent.
    Mixed rant/rave: Spent most of the day Wednesday with my sister and nephew at the pediatric neurologist’s office. Her diagnosis was clear cut – he definitely has PANDAS, and his symptoms have been misdiagnosed as other things for probably three years. She said he probably has the record for most strep infections in one child – at least 14 cases that are documented, and he’s only 6 (and he had his tonsils and adenoids out 2-3 years ago with no improvement). So basically his immune system is fried and it’s causing everything else to go haywire. The good news is that it’s treatable, and she believes that within 4-6 months they should see all symptoms disappear. I think my sister has been operating in crisis mode for so long that when the doctor told her that a) she wasn’t crazy, and b) this is fixable, she just completely broke down. It was a tough day, but I’m so glad they’re finally getting some answers and have a treatment plan. I’m not at all religious, but I am praying so hard that the treatment works – they’ve been through enough.
    Rave: Finally got on the same page with my husband and signed a contract for our renovations. We’re right at the top of our budget, but will get an extra bathroom, a good sized walk in closet, and a small but usable 4th bedroom – all of which are sorely needed in our old house.

    • DCbyDay

      glad that your sister finally has answers — i know they’re not out of the woods, but this much be a huge relief.

    • eggs

      I’m so, so, so glad to hear the news about your nephew!! Please keep us updated on his progress, I feel invested now. Sending all the positive thoughts that this will improve, and quickly!

  • rfff924

    Rant: Up at 3am spontaneously crying about the future of our country. Ugh it’s going to be a rough time for a while.
    Rave: Thanks for all the kind comments yesterday! I only checked back later in the evening and it was so wonderful getting so much positive support from the community.
    Rave: Off to purchase some remaining important items for baby (uhh…like the car seat) just in case we do end up with a somewhat early arrival. At least getting some things in order today gives me something to focus on and will make me feel slightly more prepared (ha!!) than we were a few days ago when we had the labor scare.
    Rave: Thanks to all who have served and currently serve!

  • DCbyDay

    Rant: At work with a hangover and a busy day
    Rave: Wonderful weekend ahead 🙂

  • jonah

    Rave: Some great new ANC Commissioners will be starting new terms in January. 4C (Petworth) shows some promise and possible civility. 4D has a new Commissioner around Sherman Circle and 4A has a new Commissioner up at the northern point to name a few. Thanks to everyone who ran and for the voters who took the time to research your ANC candidates. (I serve in 4C10 southeast of Grant Circle)

  • CapitalDame

    Rant: The closer Thanksgiving in a red state gets the more anxious I become. Compounded by being stressed about both my partner and I being unemployed soon. Hoping by then I can be calm in the face off “I’M GLAD WERE NOT PAYING FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS” by then (yes they have literally said this before.)
    Rave: The trees have finally turned in DC proper and they are beautiful! Also, I finally tried Panda Gourmet and I have delicious leftovers waiting for me when I get home tonight!

    • eggs

      I don’t think I’ll have to deal with quite the same level of awfulness but I’m equally nervous/anxious about Thanksgiving for similar reasons.

      • CapitalDame

        I hope it goes a lot easier on both us than we fear :/

    • We stopped spending Thanksgiving with family years ago and now volunteer instead. It makes the holiday so, so much better.

      • eggs

        This will be the first Thanksgiving spent traveling to any family for us since 2010. We usually don’t, but couldn’t make any other time work to go visit my in-laws before the end of the year, so Thanksgiving it is. We’re DEFINITELY staying home over Christmas.

    • anoNE

      Re: your rant … I don’t know how you do it, but immense kudos to being a more patient human being than I am.

      • CapitalDame

        thanks :/ its important to my partner, so I try my best. Obviously its hard, this year I think it will be harder because I’m extra on edge and tired. I think I’ll try and busy myself in the kitchen to avoid it lol

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave/Rant: Michael Moore’s 44 minute rave/rant on “Morning Joe” today. I need to rewatch since I was multi-tasking the first time.

  • bruno

    Rave: Stocks at record levels!

  • lulu

    rave: moved to mexico

  • That One Guy

    Rant: hate having to attend meaningless meeting where people talk just to he heard, and have no substance or point to what is said. Ugh…
    Rave: only a few more hours before I can be done with this place for a few days.

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: Plans for the weekend that will not involve politics, news, media, etc. It will be refreshing to spend the weekend away from DC with friends, outdoors. Refocus.
    RAVE: Also made plans to be out of town for Inauguration. It’s only been 2 days and the wave of rioting and destruction (from both sides unfortunately) leaves no question that January 20th in DC is going to be a mess.
    REVEAL: Had to block a number of people on social media who clearly don’t understand this is bigger than she lost, he won. I don’t need anymore additional drama. Political discourse is good. Blatant racism is not.

  • Question: it’s late, but how early should I get to the Birchmere for a general admission show?
    Rave: Paula Poundstone is going to be just what I need to feel better this week.


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